Very happy here at Landmark at Prescott Woods. They were very quick to reply to the minor things I asked to be fixed and get them repaired.

The Management team has improved its involvement and caring for its residents over the year I've lived here. They have become more aware of issues such as pot holes or the need for visitor parking, additional ground improvements, and resident safety. While you get what you pay for, overall this place I've loved to call home.

The staff strives and achieves good customer service. The maintenance staff is courteous and responds in a timely manner to maintenance request.

This community is very nice quiet community great staff and awesome neighbors if there is an opening for anyone please take the opportunity to take a look very affordable and comfortable stay

Living here has been great! Privacy is nice and the rates are very competitive. Would strongly consider staying here for years to come. Would recommend!

Things weren’t all the was up to my standards when moving in. However the grin office was very quick to take care of the stuff I asked for with out any issues.

Just Moved in in January, enjoying the people in the Community, and the staff! Our dog seems to like the complex as well. A lot seems to be happening to keep making everything better.

So far my experience has been great. Grounds have been kept very clean. My neighbors are very quiet and respectful. The staff are amazing.

Landmark is an awesome place. The front office is always available and matience is always prompt. The apartments are in a great location and love the elementary school down the street!

I recently moved into another apt. at the same complex, which is larger with more windows and much nicer. I am very happy here and the staff is very helpful.

Parking sucks sometimes mostly when the people that don't live in the apartments take all the parking from the people that live in the apartments and also sucks paying 25 bucks to take out the trash myself

I love the place and the area but my appliances are old and out dated. Lot of dog owners who don’t train their pets from barking. And dog feces everywhere. When I do need something fixed maintenance is on time and very nice. Office employees are very nice.

Office is very friendly. Neighborhood is calm and quiet. Neighbors are friendly. Parking situation is great, I love that there isn’t any reserved parking

I can't say that I have any complaints about the place. The office staff and maintenance guys are super friendly and were really quick to fix things for me.

Great location, parking is always open, which is not a common thing at apartments. Always quiet in the area, never anyone making too much noise.

Nice, clean apartments in a nice area. The office staff is always friendly and professional. Maintenance has always been timely and courteous. I'm happy living here

The community is pretty quiet and close to a lot of food and heb! WALKING DISTANCE. There’s great neighbors and it’s very respectful. There’s a great pool area and hot tub. They have a small workout room that has a child room inside the workout area so that you can bring your kid to the gym with you!

Awesome community! I love the location, neighbors, staff and prices! The maintenance team is always on top of maintenance requests and never fail to fix problems! Thanks

I would like to see pot holes in parking lots repaired. Other than that, I am pleased with this apt community. Office staff is very kind and helpful.

I love how quiet the neighborhood is. My downstairs neighbors are pretty loud some times but overall it’s been a good experience. I also wish there was assigned parking and that the washer and dryers didn’t cost money.

I really enjoy living here. My apartment is the perfect size and I LOVE having a fireplace. The area is nice and quiet. The outside area is always kept up with.

Amazing place to live. I've had a few work orders since I have lived here(3 years) they always take care of the situation very quickly and professionally

I like the location. The staff is very helpful and I would recommend this apartment complex to anyone loooking for a place to live. It’s quite.

My overall experience has been good. There have been a few bumps in the road as is the case for any older complex. Joe has been a monumental resource and has solved every single problem we have brought up. Thanks Joe!!

It’s ok but I really do love the neighborhood that it’s in. I wish they could see our neighbors beer and broken beer bottle they leave outside around our buildings. Love that it is dog friendly!