The staff are always friendly and professional. Whenever I have a question or need help, the staff especially management are always quick to respond and help the best they can. The cleaning crew are always friendly and professional as well and do an excellent job at cleaning the complex. I love the location and the resources the complex has available, this is especially helpful for students and professionals who want to work and play while in the convenience of being in their own home. Parking has been an issue though and it is expensive. I've had both vehicles towed during separate occasions, one occasion was my fault and the other I feel can be disputable and was an error since I was told that I could park where I did. Problem was eventually solved. However, since then I have had no further issues. Having secured entrances to the buildings and amenities offers residents a peace of mind. Having security patrol the apartment complex is also a plus, however, I believe a better ID system should be created if possible. The apartments are very comfortable and come with everything you basically need and they make it easy to include all utilities in the rent. There are some things I feel can improve but overall, I am pleased with this beautiful apartment complex and the staff.

I love this place alot, i just wish i could get the same deal as last year so i can stay. The pool is very nice and so is the clubhouse. I just think that the outside tv should be fixed because the quality of it isnt very good

Other than problems with units & high pricing for next year , pretty good. Building b was totally rushed to get finished building which was not fair

I have only been here for about 4 days, but I absolutely love it! Had a maintence issue that was addressed quickly, the staff in the leasing office are very friendly and professional.

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Great community! Very welcoming and warm office. So many things are provided for residents with unique services. For example, when I requested for maintenance work, a guy came in very next day to solve the issue.

I really like this apartment, good appearance, friendly and cool. The staff is great and building is very new and all amenities are open. Good place to live.

Good in all amenities and close to university. Love the pool here. well maintained and responsible staff. some what noisy in weekends and holidays. A bit expensive other than that, its good in here

A little too expensive, but a nice place close to engineering campus. The construction is a quite sloppy and the walls do not block noise at all. Those are the main negatives. Rooftop amenities are pretty sweet.

Thus far my experience has gone smoothly. The management staff has been in contact with me consistently throughout the period of time since I signed my lease.

The property is new but has not been cares for in an ideal way. I can't count how many times I've had to walk around vomit that had been on the lobby floor for hours.

I love this apartment complex and the amenities that come included. There is so much that Latitude has to offer and the units are big and spacious. The employees are really nice and caring however when it comes to maintenance requests it takes a good amount of time to have whatever you need fixed. There are still some minor things and details that needed to fixed and what not throughout the building which makes it seem like the owner or employees do not care or wish to fix. Also the Clubhouse is a mess some if not most of the time due to not enforcing and making sure that things aren't broken or being misplaced.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time living at latitude so far. Now that it is summer, hanging out in the pool area has been awesome. However, there is some room for improvement. Some parts of the complex (trash room, dog park) tend to not be kept clean. Also the TV tends to go out when there is a storm.

I have loved living at Latitude this year! The staff is very friendly and always glad to help you with any problems you may have. I have especially loved the pool. The only downside is the building is very expensive considering the fact that it is pretty far from the center of campus. Other than that it's great!

Latitude is a fantastic place to stay at! They have great community events and awesome facilities. The maintenance staff is super friendly and quick. I love living at Latitude!

This is an amazing to live. It is conveniently located, close to almost everything you can think of. The staff is amazing and super friendly. I've been very pleased

Smooth process, other than parking. Going well with helpful staff to help with the process. Community is great looking with plenty of things to do.

Great place, with friendly neighbors and friendly staff! The atmosphere at Latitude is welcoming, and the leasing office workers are understanding and flexible with whatever you need!

I like the urban feel of my Latitude apartment, and the easy access both to campus and to fitness facilities within my building. The Hammerhead Coffee shop is a great place to meet people coming to see me, and I have a safe and easy place to lock up my bicycle. I am thinking about getting a cat next year, and am happy that a pet is allowed. The only things I find less than ideal right at the moment are some of the mess associated with the restaurant construction, and the fact that sometimes residents don;t clean up after their dogs promptly.

I have yet to move in, but I am so excited! We don't move in until August, but I can already tell by the simplicity of signing the lease that the staff is going to be very helpful!

I love the amenities, comfort and the accessiblity to campus. The place is pet friendly. I love the security of the building. Also, the closets are to die for! Luxury apartment for a reasonable price.

Things could have been more organized and staff could have been more helpful during this entire year. A lot of things were unknown and hard to get answers

Awesome to live in latitude. People are nice and professional. Equipments are good and convenient to use . Amazing experience ~by the way, everything is clean

The apartment community is a very nice community. It is very clean with very helpful staff around. I really like what is included in the apartment. I look forward to living in the apartment.

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