The place is nice but it is noisey. There people were people blasting their music and talking loud until 4AM. Me and the pups enjoy the dog park daily. I love how dog friendly it is here.

Everything has been great here since I moved in in July 2019. They work hard on the grounds. They are fast to respond to any concerns that I have had.

Easy move-in; a few minor issues that were taken care of quickly & efficiently.. Parking not an issue, which was a concern at the beginning... So far so good! 👍🏻

This is great place. The staff is very attentive to your needs. They made moving transition easy. I feel welcome here and would recommend this place to anyway who's looking for a good place to stay.

Renewed our lease for yet another year & I am still as happy as I was when I first moved in. I cannot say enough good things about the office staff as well as the maintenance workers. I love the community and hope to stay for many more years!

I have only been here a few days, but no real complaints so far. The location is the biggest plus for me. Other than the normal noise of cars and being next to a busy road it is quiet.

Everyone has been super friendly and helpful since day one! I couldn’t be happier with the location. You are literally 15 minutes from everything. I’m glad I could be a part of this community and my dogs and I really love the dog park.

The management staff were very friendly and helpful to accommodate my needs while i was moving in. All the neighbors are nice and welcoming.

I love Living I’m Laurel Ridge. Everyone in the community is very nice and friendly. They are even pet friendly, which is hard to find. I would recommend them to anyone!

I already feel at home. Moving can be stressful, but for the first time in my adult life, I have more stress deciding my color scheme than I do actually moving into my town house. There is so much storage space within this well laid out floor plan. I love it.

It has been amazing so far! Everyone who works here is extremely kind and I get all my issues resolved really fast. I love the neighbors and the pool are!

This is an amazing place yo live. Anytime I have a maintenance issue they come right away within 24 hours of me making a ticket. They keep the grounds up very well up here. The maintenance staff is very thorough. I would recommend my friends to live here as well.

Love it so far. Very quiet peaceful place to stay at. Every one knows you. Very friendly out going place. Love seeing the different types of animal's.

We just moved in on 09/14/19, however, we used to live here a long tine ago. I see the same excellent service as you did back then and I hope it continues. Glad to be back.

Laurel Ridge has been my home for nearly 6 years now and I have never felt more at home. The office staff and maintenance staff are diligent and courteous and really want to help. I am so happy with my townhome!

Management and maintenance crew are awesome , they stay on top of everything. Totally a great experience! They have a pool and gym free to use also a dark park and car wash station all the commodities are there.

The area is quiet and the workers are pleasant and helpful! I love living at Laurel ridge and would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable yet wonderful area to live in!

We like living here, Community Garden raised beds are rotting away but we like having them. Thanks for access to water there although the hose

Quiet neighborhood leasing staff is nice very easy to talk to hardly ever had a problem maintenance always on time to fix whatever I need fixed

Serene environment and lot of storage space. Adequate parking for renters and their guest. Love everything about Laurel Ridge from nice team and all the they do

Over all staff have been helpful and kind! Neighbors tend to leave you be. Quiet community most of the time. You have the occasional dog barking and loud car, but where won’t you have that? Great high speed service.

Love the community. Great people and great amenities. The pool and fitness center are state of the art and the tennis courts are in great condition.

so far so good, I just moved well currently moving in and the apartment looks clean and in good shape. The neighborhood is quite at night and I like that.

I have not been here long but am loving it so far. The staff is very helpful and polite. Everything is clean and updated. I am excited to explore our community further in the days to come.

I love it! Great community, well located and peaceful. The management team care for this community and this is a plus. Feeling blessed of stay here one more year.