Its alright nothing special lowkey paying too much in rent and fees and management is pretty Lackadaisical but other than that its cool i guess

I really love it here. The apartment is perfect for my needs and the outside area is super nice. It’s amazing that it’s so close to campus too!

Great for the price and the location. There was a roach problem but I found a way to get rid of them, and if your looking for a modern place to live then this isn't it.

Minor cosmetic problems but for the most part the community of students is a plus. Super convenient to get to class. Management is super helpful and understanding

Convenient location from everything. Only a 5 minute walk to school and a 5 minute walk to stores like Target and Albertsons. Friendly staff.

Living at Lv Legacy has been a blast. I’ve met new people who have become my friends. Being right across the street from campus is a blessing cause then I skip all the traffic so living at Lv Legacy is a huge convenience.

I moved in because I wanted to live with my best friend, Allison. I'd visited her apartment before, and I really like how you get your own room. It's so much affordable from the dorms. Honestly, it's about the same distance from UNLV's South Complex from the center of campus, just in the other direction.

I enjoy living here. The bus is right down the street so I can go to work and school quicker. The space to the store as well as the post office is nice

The experience here was amazing so far. The location is just great especially since I’m engineering. I wish the laundry were in unit and we had a volleyball court or something but it is good all in all.

Everything is great. The only thing that would be great is to have in unit laundry machines. Maybe a volleyball court too! Or even a basketball court. Location is great and everything else.

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Im very appreciative and excited for this semester. Its going well, I have met a couple people in my community and they are awesome. Like minded individuals.

I'm mostly here for the convenient location and price point. The staff are nice; no problems so far. Communication about the ongoing construction around the buildings could be better, but other than that, it's fine.

Chicken in the fridge for you and your family are you doing today and how much is the best way to get a hold of 💓💓💓💓 and I'm not 💯💯💋😂 I have a few more things that I need for my love!

Everything is sufficient. Nothing specially good or bad. The neighborhood is quiet for most of the time. Laundry is convenient. Leasing office would take in packages for me. That is a plus.

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The apartments are wonderful, with a great location, and a decent price for furnished units. They don’t have their own washer/dryer though, which isn’t ideal, but it is manageable.

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I like it here at legacy and wish there were more activities in the community. I feel the community would be connected more if there were events for legacy.

I like living at Legacy Lv due to its location. Walking to class is super easy which means I have more time to sleep in and ect. Apartment does look worse then model. Wifi works good.

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My resident experience is overall very positive. I enjoy living in Legacy because I feel safe in the gated community. I also enjoy how available and quick maintenance is to helping us with our issues with our units. My only small complaint is that the nearest dryer next to my unit is broken. I have to find another dryer in the community to dry my clothes. Other than that, I enjoy living here.

All in all, an alright community with responsive staff and great maintenace team. Unfortunately the area is not safe, my neighbors frequently have their car broken into by thieves.

It's been good so far. The roommate match is close to perfect. We have things in common. I am so enjoying the proximity to my department. The maintenance team is doing great too!

I have been living this apartment since last year. This is pretty close to my school so it’s easy for me to commute every day. Also, I like the price too. I have my own room, and even though I share with my roomie, I am comfortable to have my private room.

I have really enjoyed living at Legacy LV. The staff is always helpful and have helped me with whatever I needed. Despite the buildings being a little old, the place is in really good condition. If you are a UNLV student, I would highly recommend living here.

Honestly, it's pretty great. I with that I had beet sense of what temperature I was setting my oven to, and that the pet fees weren't so high, but it's a perfectly delightful place to live while attending school.

Super convenient to get to campus, not happy about the cockroach problem though. The place was pretty clean and updated. I like that there is wood flooring and that I have my own spacious room.

It’s super cool, legacy staff treat us very well when we have questions, so it's super good. We had some plumbing problems at the beginning but they are about to be fixed, but the apartment is very comfortable and we felt really good here