The apartment itself is really nice and the application process was simple. Not impressed with the rate work orders get completed. Storage space is nonexistent especially in the kitchen area and bathroom.

Great value for the price. Good proximity to UNLV campus, will not find any other complex cheaper than this. Insulation is old though. f

Prompt maintenance services and friendly towards my dog!! Move in was easy and my apartment is beautiful. The grounds are well maintained and lovely. Love the campus proximity!

Things have been good so far but had minor issues in my apartment from previous renters. The move-in process has run smoothly and I like it so far

The location is very convenient but the apartments need major updating. There is no pantry in the kitchen which makes storage very difficult. There are also no amenities with this apartment complex

I am so glad I renewed my lease when I did. It hasn’t been an absolute pleasure living here for the past year. I can’t wait to see what the next year hasn’t in store.

It’s been pretty good so far. I like how close it is to campus and I like how close I am to stores. I’m not a big fan of the laundry situation, but I like how there is laundry on the premises.

Loved living here for a short time that i did burn the only amenitity is that it is close to campus and it was a little boring. But good for the price..

The staff here has been friendly and whenever I put in a maintenance request it gets completed quickly. The apartment itself has worked well for me and my roommate​ especially since we are both from out of state.

It was peaceful trouble free environment, but the pest issues was pretty bad. I put a lot of work into my apartment to control it . They answer maintenance calls fast, but some of the issues shouldn't have even been an issue to begin with.

I really like living in Legacy because I love living with my best friend. I also love that it’s right on campus. My favorite thing about Legacy LV is that it’s very convenient for me & for where I work. Since I work on campus everything is walking distance.

The application process is very nice and the staff at Legacy are friendly and supportive. I am a new resident and will be joining in August 16. I am excited as it is very close by to UNLV! I am also happy to come back to Mechanical Engineering department for my Ph.D studies. I have selected 3 bedroom two bathroom and hope it will be good one. thanks .

Haven’t moved it just yet, application process was a bit rocky but I was assisted through it. Hoping the stay is less rocky and there are no run in with the bugs I’ve been hearing about.

I love the close proximity to shopping, especially target. It’s an easy walk to class and a super quiet neighborhood. I don’t ever feel like it’s sketchy.

I am in about the last month of my lease and overall living right next to campus was very convenient. I also liked that the apartment has all utilities set up so is very easy to move in. However, they are older building and there is a problem that comes with it. in my case, flooding, plumbing, pest, and maintenance. some apartment and buildings are probably better than others but it is what you pay for.

It is very convenient to live in an apartment across campus and have an own room instead of sharing a dorm with roommates at unlv. it allows for more privacy.

The location is perfect, I don’t feel unsafe and there’s never a need for me to make a noise complaint. It meets all minimum expectations for a first apartment. Will recommend to all other students I know.

I like the convenience of how close it is to unlv and also that occupants have to be afflicted with UNLV. However I hate my roommates and the rooms are small. No space for 3 people's things in this tiny apartment.

Overall Good experience, can't beat the location and the grounds are kept clean. Apartments could use bug treatments since it's the biggest problem.

This apartment has been very nice and fresh coming from UNLV. I can't wait to live another year here at Legacy! There's always reunions for people at Legacy!

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I've lived here for one week and on two separate mornings, including Sunday morning beginning at 6 a.m., a car alarm belonging to a blue Hyundai Elantra has gone off over 1000 separate times. Words cannot describe how upset I am by such developments, especially considering the circumstances that brought me to move to The Legacy in the first place.

May not be as nice as the degree, but super affordable. Felt safe in the gated area. Maintenance was always ready to help, and they were super fast too!

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The front office people are very nice and helpful. I haven’t had many issues so far and I enjoy living here for the most part. More free food events would be nice, especially coffee and bagels!

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My experience has been great. The only downsides has been the roach infestation even after I do a thorough cleaning. Also, my window frames have been broken as well as cabinets. My floor is super squeay

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My roomnate and the apartment is nice. However, since i live on the first floor, you can hear all the creaks happening from the first floor. Some stuff in the apartment feel like theyre going to break soon as i touch them (the doors, the closet, the medicine cabinet). Im a student and just wanted to stay close to UNLV, so this is still fine to me.

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