I love that we each have our own rooms, rest rooms, and bathrooms with reasonable sizes too! I love the pool and the gym that we have, and it is awesome living close to campus

I am having a great experience living at the Legends at Kingsville. Legends at Kingsville is great for students or part time students in need for a new place to stay.

The apartment is clean and very nice compared to other apartments in kingsville. The new manager is organized and tries to help the residents with any concerns we may have.

Decent apartment that is close to college campus. Phase II is cleaner and quieter than Phase I. New manager so I expect better things in the Legends apartment.

good place to live. they could do a better job when matching roommates. Otherwise, all residents are friendly and its in close proximity to school

Rooms and bathrooms are nice. Mantience usually gets to room and gets things done in a timely fashion. Close to campus which makes it easy to get to class

It is a great living experience here at the Legends. From friendly staff to friendly neighbors, I have had the best experience here. Highly recommend.

Friendly staff & residents, great value, love the courtyard and covered parking. Cleanliness and maintenance of sidewalks and landscaping could be better.

I love living at the legdends! Always very clean! I just wish they would clean the dog poop it just makes it look nasty. Wish the pools were open

i been at legends over a year i guess im lucky to be there clean nice place best at Kingsville. and ofice and stuff very frindly and helpful

Had a lot of trouble when I first moved here but we’re under new management again and hopefully she’s better. Otherwise it’s about the best place to live near campus

Honestly it's been great living here and I'm having a great experience! You all are always helpful and cheery! My apartment provides everything I need to succeed with school! Thanks guys!

Living at Legends Kingsville is a great way to spend my college years.I enjoy the fitness room and the pool amenities as well as the furnished apartments.

The apartment rooms are a good size, the closet is pretty big and i like that we have our own restrooms. The living space is also nice! The only bad side is that the printers never work. The gym is amazing! The staff is nice too!

I've lived here for a bit over 2 months now and I really have not had any complaints. My roommates are all great and neighbors are as well. So far it's been quiet with no issues.

Comfortable living and a friendly staff. Rent may seem pricey, but all bills are included so you can't beat that anywhere else! Really don't understand why people complain. I guess they are just too spoiled and aren't mature enough yet.

Living at Legends at Kingsville is great. The convenience of how close it is to TAMUK is off the charts. The complex is wonderful, and the staff members are friendly and helpful.

Great community to live in since it is so close to the school. Only bad thing is that all the residences are college students so Thursday-Sunday night get very loud. Besides that, perfect place to live for a college student.

Everything about legends is great! I love unwinding by the pool under the Kingsville sunset, and especially now that they have music playing on their speakers by the pool! It is a great place to hang out with your neighbors! Sometimes I feel like I'm on vacation. But then 8am classes come around. Ugh! But thanks to Legends I forget about my stresses!

It is a great place to stay. I love being in the area it is really close to the school. The pools are very clean and well kept. I wish there was an elevator only because carrying my stuff is hard going up and down the stairs.

So far, living in my apartment at legends has been great. I have a great view and the staff is really friendly. Sometimes there are issues with the AC but maintenance is very good about showing up the day that they're requested. Overall I've had a good experience and look forward to continue leasing with Legends at Kingsville.

Great, on top of everything and come when you need help. Lovely place to reside. As a college student I enjoy the open air and the room for my pet to enjoy too

The apartments are way better than the dorms, namely because I have a lot more room for my stuff, and it's all around the same price. I especially love that all the appliances allow me to cook a lot more often.

I love living at Legends! The staff is friendly and helpful for the most part. I usually get quick service when something needs to be fixed in my apartment. Overall, it's a great place to live.

Legends at Kingsville has been such a great experience so far. I really enjoy all of the amenities they have to offer and I am absolutely in love with my apartment and my roommates.