Apartment space looks pretty good right now. No major problems whatsoever (yet). Hope this continues. Still want to comment on the weird office hours though.

Wonderful community! I love living at legends. The maintenance people get the job done fast. Although, our appliances break often and it is usually the same appliances.

So far it's amazing. Love the pool and the common room facilities. The gym is also very nice and convenient, I just wish that it had a little more to offer but it's great

I like living here! I've had many move ins and outs but they have always helped me with that. I appreciate it. I like the fitness room because it is convenient to get a work out in.

Lengends is easy to apply to prices are presented up front. The online application is easy and the staff were very willing to help. The apartments are nice along with the facilities.

I am new to this application. I hope to really earn some stuff, so good so far. Seems easy to work on. And I see a lot of potential when in this website

Everything seems great so far. It is all really nice and everyone always answers so nicely and they are all helpful. I know I will like living there a lot.

I really enjoy living with my best friend! You guys hav great things to do an I am so close to campus! I really enjoy just walking over to campus

The service is very good, all employees are very helpful and willing to help at any time. Did not need to make an appointment to visit the apartment complex, very convenient location.

Can't wait to find out what more rewards I can get from this! I haven't moved in yet, but I have visited and love the complex! Hopefully the move in goes smooth

Their "dog on a leash" policy is not respected by employees or residents. Early payment was given and lost by the staff.. after several emails, calls, and meetings.. the issue was resolved, although it shouldn't be happening because simple mistakes like these interferes with school and takes alot of time away. People also remain in pool after closing hours and it makes it difficult to study for tests or sleep.

Legends has everything all in one. The additions that have been made in Phase 2 makes that clubhouse my go to study zone and so glad that everything is included all with the convenience of being a short walk away from TAMUK!

This is a fun and easy app that I can see myself using a lot in the future now that I'm joining the community at legends. I'm real excited to start

This is a very friendly apartment complex. They care about their residents and want to make sure everyone has what they need. I am so glad to live here

I have not moved in yet but I am so pleasant with the feedback and help I have received! I am super excited to begin living in this community and to have more experiences with them.

During my stay at the ledgends, I have not experienced any bad experience. Except for the fact that my roommates broke everything then left. But overall, peaceful, may have a few big problems.

I live this community. Anytime there is a problem the manager always makes sure it is addressed. The pool and workout facilities are extremely nice too. This is by far the best place to live in Kingsville.

Staff is very friendly and helpful, are patient to answer any and all my questions I had before move in date, if we're not sure of answer would check with a manager for the answer and not simply "give up". Clean facility, the pool, exercise center, computers, and printers are very convinient and up to date. I just wish the one bedroom apartments would be bigger.

I just signed my lease for my apartment and so far I have been getting good service and up to date information. This is very helpful since I am transitioning from the Marine Corps and haven't rented an apartment in over four years. I am very excited to make the move mid-August and see how living here goes.

very nice apartment complex. apartments are very new and not dirty or broken down. water from shower is extremely hot and does not cool off very well.

Awesome and cozy place to stay as a student. Staff are wonderful and go the extra mile for you too. Not too far from campus at all. Would rate higher if I could.

Good apartments, very comfortable place to live! The personal assistant are very polite and always trying to help you. The pool area is awesome!

It's a wonderful place to make your home, start college life, have fun and sleep. The area is convenient because it is right by the school so not a long walk

Incredible place all around! I am so excited to see what the future brings me while I am living at Legends. Such a beautiful place with a nice homey-feel.

I enjoy the opportunity to be given rewards for living in this community. Although I do not move in until the Fall, I have already been exposed to the ammenities at Legends.