the management teams are doing great job so far, but there is still room for improvement. Hopefully, the construction will be done anytime soon.

There have been a few instances with a Legends employee that haven't been the best and according to fellow residents I am not the only one. Legends itself is a beautiful and great environment, however the staff could use a lesson on customer service and professionalism (not all but most).

These apartments are just absolutely awesome. They're so homey and I enjoy the view of the pool. It is close to campus and they are fully furnished. The community is great.

Pretty well. I didn't have AC for the first few days and that took a while to resolve. In addition, my door has trouble locking and I haven't gotten callback on that.

The clubhouse and pool are awesome but my movenin date was pushed back a month so im currently sharing a bedroom with someone and a bathroom with 3 others. Not exactly what I paid for.

I think the residence is still the best. Phase II is a bit rushed so everything is a bit of a mess. I think staff members should do more walk arounds in the phase II buildings already occupied and ensure the finishings are completed. Hopefully, it will look a lot better once the construction is over

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My new apartment has been great since I switched buildings! I can't find any better place than this in Kingsville Texas! Thanks Legends!! #TAMUK

the place is wonderful. Very homey. The problem is they imposed new pool rules. Also the way the pools are built/set up, you won't get as much sunlight.

Their "dog on a leash" policy is not respected by employees or residents. Early payment was given and lost by the staff.. after several emails, calls, and meetings.. the issue was resolved, although it shouldn't be happening because simple mistakes like these interferes with school and takes alot of time away. People also remain in pool after closing hours and it makes it difficult to study for tests or sleep.

So far the only complaint would have to be how dirty the apartment was when I moved in! Other than that it's been wonderful. As for roommate matching thank the lord I got a pretty awesome match!

Overall it's a great place to live but I do always have issues with appliances not working, getting charged when I'm not suppose too and them cancelling my lease accidentally.

I just signed my lease for my apartment and so far I have been getting good service and up to date information. This is very helpful since I am transitioning from the Marine Corps and haven't rented an apartment in over four years. I am very excited to make the move mid-August and see how living here goes.

It takes forever to get anything fixed. The only way I got a new chair and my electricity fixed was by repeatedly asking. It took over 2 months to get a chair. The staff doesnt really seem to care.

I think it's pretty cool that legends offers such an amazing service as this one. Genuinely, I believe that it is incredibly beneficial to provide this for their residents.

Its been ok... Maintainence was not available to fix a problem of not having hot water, i am not being moved into my assigned unit on the first floor, but instead on the third floor. Staff is friendly, still lots of construction going on and a worker walked into my unit unannounced. Hoping it gets better from here.

This place is the best apartment complex to be living at in Kingsville with the really nice pools and the fitness center. I love having my own bathroom and walk in closet. But my actual apartment was suppose to be ready when school started but there was construction delays and it won't be ready until next week. Other than the construction issue, I love living here.

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I love how the front office is so nice and helpful. Somethings take a long to time to be fixed, like my kitchen lights weren't replaced for 2 weeks. Also I paid extra to move in early but needed to clean the apartment myself. If anything I should have gotten money for moving into a dirty apartment. Other than that I love the nice floors, countertops, spacious closets, bathrooms, kitchen, living area. I love the included furniture and the utilities being included into rent.

My Aparment is good. Management has been keeping up. Friendly people nice ambient. Except maybe if my neighbors wouldnt complain about every noise it be better. Overall comfortable place.

Everything is going great living at legends. Only problem I would say is that people still have not come to place in a new light bulb in kitchen

The legends have been very accommodating to my lifestyle. They have perfect placement as it's only a block to campus and an added bonus with access to a pool, dog park, and work out facility.

The staff is friendly and the place is close to the TAMUK campus. The pools are also nice and the rooms are clean. I will recommend these apartments to others.

I'm doing good..took me awhile to move in but the place turned out nice! I like the balcony and the pool is really nice. Hopefully the landscaping is done soon

overall the support and the group get together have made me 10x more exciteded than I already am to to live at legends! I'm excited to meet new people and learn new things in my road in becoming and adult and a successful college student!

Over all great service when I go speak with people in the office. Although one of my lights are still out even though I let them know when I first moved in. But over all it's great at legends

Shoutout to the manager for adding more weights in the gym rooms! Though the second pool in phase 2 doesn't not have a bathroom haha... What are u guys thinking

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