I love living at Tinner Hill. I wish the elevators were a bit faster. Also, i have been smelling cigarette smoke on the 3rd floor, wish isnt so lovely.

Good people in the community with smiling faces everywhere. Good staff to reach out to any time of the day for any sort of help and an organized place.

Everything is clean and maintained well by the management of lincoln at tinner hill falls church. I like the christmas decorations at the front desk :)

Top Rated! Clean, close, convenient, great parking, great staff, always helpful! I love that I can go to the gym and Target all in my building. I'm thankful to live here.

Amazing ppl are so nice the front office is helpful and knowledgeable Tiffany is a really hard worker she gets the job done the building is so clean inside and outside I love that trash pick up at my foldout it’s such a convenience

Our family has enjoyed living at the Lincoln at Tinner Hill. The amenities are fantastic, the staff is polite and helpful, and the location is very convienent.

We’re new to the community and this has been a great place to call home! The entire staff has been very kind and helpful to make this an amazing experience. The grounds and facilities are kept clean every day by friendly courteous workers. The apartments are beautiful with great views and location couldn’t be better!

We just moved here a week ago very last second and quickly because we were fleeing an apartment building called Skyline Towers in baileys crossroads (DO NOT EVER LIVE THERE IT IS A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SLUM) due to the building being infested with roaches and a whole list of other problems. We couldn’t have picked a better place to move to it’s so clean here and is such a great atmosphere and the lay out is beautiful. The staff is very welcoming and helpful and the location is very continent. We could not be happier!

The building is amazing. It’s location is hard to beat. My nice apartment is facing the courtyard, and it’s mostly empty and quiet. The gym and yoga room are amazing, I’ve taken great use of them for my yoga, stretching and dance practices

This is my second year living here and I love the area! The neighbors are friendly, office staff is very responsive and it has great amenities!

I love it! I moved back in July 2019 and have had no issues. Maintenance comes super quickly and i always professional, and the staff is warm and friendly

Building is new, and well maintained. I see cleaning staff on daily basis, and things get taken care of almost immediately. Management staff are professional as well.

Lincoln at Tinner Hill is a great community of residents. Great amenities and living conditions. Great staff and local restaurants and shops.

The Lincoln at Tinner Hill creates a neighborhood feel in a luxury apartment building. Great staff and friendly residents! It’s made living in Falls Church feel like home.

My car was towed twice the first week of living here. I was not taken on the tour by property management as promised. The amount of the security deposit I was quoted was $99. I had to pay $4k. Still frustrated with the LTC.

Neat! Sweet. Awesome outdoor space, pool (miss it so bad now), grills, gym ... workspace. Love it. Friendly, family environment. Love the staff - they're our neighbors & almost family ;-) Secure for the little ones, kid-friendly. And the Target downstairs! That's a huge dollop of icing on our cake :-) Love!

I love how the site doesn’t allow you to make a honest comment or feedback and tells you it’s spam. This shouldn’t be allowed - you’re not allowing us to freely express ourselves and someone should sue you guys for asking for opinions and then saying it’s spam.

We absolutely love living here. We just moved it and it went smoothly. The new amenities are wonderful and the staff is super helpful. So happy!

The building and the area are great, but the management has been difficult to work with. We needed several copies of our lease printed to fix mistakes, the reservation I made for the loading dock for move in day was given away when I wasn't there for the first couple hours of a five hour reservation, we were charged double rent for the first month. All mistakes have been fixed, but we've need to constantly call and email because no one has ever called us back or proactively emailed to tell us a problem has been fixed. However, everyone is always very friendly and all of our problems have been fixed, the building is clean and updated, we're overall happy with our decision to move in.

We love living here, but we wish management was a little more involved and prompt with handling things. We also wish our neighbors would return their shopping carts to Target...

So far it hasn't been too bad. Just moved in and my water smelled like rotten eggs on all faucets and shower. Have put in a maintenance request to get it repaired but it's also labor day weekend. Unfortunate but not the office or maintenance staff fault. However for a luxury apartment, this should have been something addressed before I moved in. I will likely change the review later on but a 3.5 is the best I can do for now.

Has been good so far. Nice, cleanly and secured apartments in a very good neighborhood with accessible marts around. I like the idea of portal. Great smiling faces everywhere in the apartment.

Apartment is very beautiful except the shower in the bathroom is not good (The pressure of water is very low) and few constant maintenance issues

The process was easy! Looking forward to getting a lot of perks here!!!! It’s always nice to have reward programs for residents. Can’t wait!

I like the inside of our apartment, but the elevators are constantly broken and slow. My neighbors have marital problems that I can hear through through the wall. I got towed and paid 130$ to get my car back because my parking pass fell off into my seat. The bill paying system is awkward. My neighbors had a leak so they had to pull apart our bedroom furniture to inspect things. And so on...it’s like one bad thing a week