I love living here. Nice area in Falls Church to live. The building is clean at all times. It’s very quiet. The apartment are nice,big, the appliances are great. If your looking for a great apartment you should come look here at Lincoln at Tinner Hill.

I love my apartment! All the finishings are so modern. The amenities are really nice- the apartment gym is one of the nicer I've seen. Only negative is the stoneyard nextdoor. It is extremely loud early in the morning (around 6 am) with some frequency. There is also loud construction pretty much constantly- but you can't hear that much if you keep the windows closed.

The community is great; good amenities and great location. Staff is always cheerful and helpful and the residents are very friendly as well!

My experience thus far has been great! The community itself has been great, the neighbors are super friendly! My family when they visited loved the many different amenities it has to offer.

The apartment community is okay. Some people with pets need to learn to clean up their pet's puddle of urine (especially in stairwells). Other people need to learn to use the trash chute (when it's clear and working). Overall though, the maintenance crew does a nice job maintaining the place as best they can. Still wish the floors had been designed better -- we hear our neighbor above us a lot. Other than that, I love the space I live in.

The amenities are outstanding, the neighbors are friendly although noisy at times but within reasonable hours, and the maintenance staff are quick to respond. The front desk staff always appear annoyed when approached and the price is a little high for rent and parking especially because people take advantage of parking in the target parking lot. Overall, it is a great neighborhood near great stores, restaurants, and events.

Is a very wonderful, clean, updated apartment. Office staff are wonderful, attentive, they get things done right away. The building is away clean. They outside of building is kept up nicely

I could not be happier with my apartment! All the finishings are very modern, and you can tell it is a newer building. They definitely took the time and effort to make the interior look very modern/luxurious. The leasing staff is very nice! Would recommend to a friend.

Tiffany was great in helping to navigate the process. She stayed in touch followed up and was pleasant the whole time. I would recommend licoln hill to anyone


Lincoln at Tinner Hill is a great community. The staff are great and the residents are great as well. I have no issues and renewed my lease due to this.

Just renewed our lease as it is a great deal for us! Our work is close by and perfectly located. We love the amenities, especially the gym. It is an awesome place!

I moved here a month ago and I enjoyed every minute so far , all the staff are super friendly , every where is clean, great neighborhood, I really enjoy it

Besides a few hiccups along the way, the management is delightful. The facilities are amazing, the residents are seemingly polite though some can be standoffish. I'm happy with my new home.

Beautiful place to live in! Great staff and quality neighbors, Great location with wonderful amenities. Super clean, quiet, safe. In fact everything I could ask for.

The apartment is in a great location and is gorgeous! Everything inside and outside of the apartment is stunning and makes me feel at home. There are five elevators in the complex between the apartment and Target, and I hope there will soon be more maps to help residents and customers get around. I, and a couple of people I have run into, have gotten very lost during our first few days here. The Target is also a lot smaller than expected, but thats okay. I only knocked off a star for the need for more maps for residents, but the apartment complex is beyond what I was expecting. The amenities are nice and more than I was looking for, which is perfect to make this place feel luxury and at home at the same time.

I haven’t moved in yet, however, the ladies in the office were very helpful and sweet. I’m excited about all the Ammenities and Target right below!

Everyone has been very welcoming. The apartment was very clean and ready on time for our arrival. Having Target so close is great for all of the move-in needs.

PROS: + L@TH is a beautiful building. + Staff is friendly & maintenance is great. + The amenities are visually impressive. + Falls Church is a nice city to live in. + Location is perfect for my commute. CONS: - Floors are thin and you can hear neighbors above you. [My largest complaint. Perhaps the 6th Floor would be okay as no one is above you?] - Some neighbors choose to smoke weed and/or cigarettes in the building (despite the non-smoking policy). - Some neighbors choose to not clean up after their pets (also despite the rules in place for this). - It took a while to get more transparency in the financial / payments end, and there is still more improvement to be desired. - The amenities are not always looked after or in working order.

This community has been such a lovely living environment since the day I moved in. A real sense of community. I recommend to any young professional looking for a safe and conveniently located complex.

This Apartment complex has Beautiful amenities,especially the pool and the gym are amazing! very friendly staff except one, and it has a Target!

Besides the delay in my apartment being ready, everything has gone smoothly so far. I can't comment too much though since I've only been here for less than a week lol

As new residences, we have so far enjoyed our experience with te Lincoln at Tinner Hill. The property managers are very helpful, the facilities are clean and the signing process was relatively easy.

This is a wonderful community to live in. The community is quiet, clean. The staff are very friendly and willing to help in anyway. If your looking for new home come by and look here, your won’t be looking anymore right.

Overall great experience. Some issues like pet owners leaving urine puddles in the elevator or soaked carpet in the hall for everyone to enjoy ... but those are few.