My car was towed twice the first week of living here. I was not taken on the tour by property management as promised. The amount of the security deposit I was quoted was $99. I had to pay $4k. Still frustrated with the LTC.

I love how the site doesn’t allow you to make a honest comment or feedback and tells you it’s spam. This shouldn’t be allowed - you’re not allowing us to freely express ourselves and someone should sue you guys for asking for opinions and then saying it’s spam.

I do not recommend this place to friends who ask, and wish I had done more research before signing a lease. Here's why: 1. Inadequate sound insulation. We hear the upstairs neighbor stomping around at least 16 hours daily. Lee Highway frontage makes the apartment unacceptably noisy, generally also for 16 hours daily. Cheap window coverings provide no insulation whatsoever. 2. Office staff unresponsive to request for assistance with daily newspaper delivery. We have had to cancel our newspapers because this "luxury" property lacks a secure location for delivery. Papers are routinely stolen/missing in the early morning. Note: Your competitor across Maple Ave, Pearson Square, as well as those more centrally located on Broad St, have no such problem. Management among your competitors apparently recognize the value of this amenity to their residents and have facilitated secure delivery of daily papers. 2. Barbecue areas and sinks in the courtyards are not consistently operable. Water is intermittently available making it difficult to clean up after use. Grills are consistently not fully operable. We always search to find one that actually works. 3. Pool and courtyard areas need umbrellas. It's obvious that significant resources have gone into attractive furniture and plantings, but there's an overall lack of functionality to many of the common area "amenities".

I love everything about living at this apartment community except for the poor insulation. It is so bad with the construction. The neighbors are wonderful.

I like the inside of our apartment, but the elevators are constantly broken and slow. My neighbors have marital problems that I can hear through through the wall. I got towed and paid 130$ to get my car back because my parking pass fell off into my seat. The bill paying system is awkward. My neighbors had a leak so they had to pull apart our bedroom furniture to inspect things. And so’s like one bad thing a week

The building looks very nice and the amenities are inspiring when you walk through them. Maintenance does their best to stay up on everything happening here. The floors are horribly thin and you hear your neighbors above you (ours unfortunately seems to start his/her day at night). Some neighbors ignore the non-smoking rule and the smoke (weed, cigarette, etc) fills the hallway and will drift into your apartment. Some neighbors could learn how to park their vehicle in an actual spot, instead of over the lines taking up two spots. Oh, and the elevator is very slow compared to most. So yes, overall, the building is nice -- it's mainly other people who ruin it for the rest.

very disorganized experience prior during and after move in. Wasn’t put down as having the loading dock for move in. Given wrong move in time. Given wrong apartment. Submitted our pay stubs wrong. Charged us double rent. Broken elevator on move in day.

I'm not sure it's worth the effort. But then again I'm starting to believe most things are not. Everyone else is doing everything great...I'm sure it's just me.

Like the rewards for this...Staff is great and very friendly. I wish it was easier to get packages and get stuff done when the staff is not available because when they are working so am I, so then I end up having to wait for the weekends..

Nice staff clean new building NOISE! Circus above me constant thumping! No sleep headaches Street sounds in bathroom Water flowing in wallls

The apartment is smaller than expected but the amenities are nice. The gym is big, they have a pool, parking is unassigned but covered. Anyone can have access to the parked cars

Hi- Took a while to get the elevator fixed. Noticed both coffee makers dont have a lot of flavors. Scanner in the business center doesn't work

Apartment is very beautiful except the shower in the bathroom is not good (The pressure of water is very low) and few constant maintenance issues

Great neighbors and staff. Poor insulation so construction noise (and the expected noise from retail space) is an issue. Plenty of parking. Some not cleaning up after their pets or allowing pets to be without leash on occasion.

There's nothing really to complain about except that you can hear literally hear everything - the walls are so thin and I have 11 more months to go. My neighbors are constantly slamming doors, fighting or my favorite running a marathon above me.

It's a nice looking building with nice looking amenities. People in general are the main reason it's not as nice as it could be. People and their pets, their smoking, and their noise. Don't get me wrong, I like people. Just some people here tend to use and abuse what everyone else is also trying to enjoy. It's nice to see the lower portion of the building starting to get small businesses moving in. Oh also, I recommend living in a floor with no neighbors above you as the floors were not designed to mask noise -- meaning you'll hear your neighbors thumping around, and depending on what hours they keep, this could be at any time of day. Best of luck!

Overall I love the building and amenities. The apartment is beautiful, had some issues with management and communication but they've made an effort to make things better. Love the amazon hub experience too.

The apartment community is okay. Some people with pets need to learn to clean up their pet's puddle of urine (especially in stairwells). Other people need to learn to use the trash chute (when it's clear and working). Overall though, the maintenance crew does a nice job maintaining the place as best they can. Still wish the floors had been designed better -- we hear our neighbor above us a lot. Other than that, I love the space I live in.

The building is nicely designed but quite noisy when you are in the hallways or units. The staff is very professional and helpful. Fun amenities.

PROS: + L@TH is a beautiful building. + Staff is friendly & maintenance is great. + The amenities are visually impressive. + Falls Church is a nice city to live in. + Location is perfect for my commute. CONS: - Floors are thin and you can hear neighbors above you. [My largest complaint. Perhaps the 6th Floor would be okay as no one is above you?] - Some neighbors choose to smoke weed and/or cigarettes in the building (despite the non-smoking policy). - Some neighbors choose to not clean up after their pets (also despite the rules in place for this). - It took a while to get more transparency in the financial / payments end, and there is still more improvement to be desired. - The amenities are not always looked after or in working order.

Overall great experience. Some issues like pet owners leaving urine puddles in the elevator or soaked carpet in the hall for everyone to enjoy ... but those are few.

Everything is going pretty good. The maintenance staff seems to always be quick and friendly. Area of improvement could happen in the way the post is handled. Have not met many people in the community yet

So far it hasn't been too bad. Just moved in and my water smelled like rotten eggs on all faucets and shower. Have put in a maintenance request to get it repaired but it's also labor day weekend. Unfortunate but not the office or maintenance staff fault. However for a luxury apartment, this should have been something addressed before I moved in. I will likely change the review later on but a 3.5 is the best I can do for now.

The building and the area are great, but the management has been difficult to work with. We needed several copies of our lease printed to fix mistakes, the reservation I made for the loading dock for move in day was given away when I wasn't there for the first couple hours of a five hour reservation, we were charged double rent for the first month. All mistakes have been fixed, but we've need to constantly call and email because no one has ever called us back or proactively emailed to tell us a problem has been fixed. However, everyone is always very friendly and all of our problems have been fixed, the building is clean and updated, we're overall happy with our decision to move in.

The amenities here are really nice and the building is always clean. Only complaint would be how slow the elevators are and the frequent fire alarms