I love it here it’s nice and piece full! Don’t ever have to hear complaints. I love the gym and I go there every time I usually get my alone time so I love it!

Nice location, Lincoln meadows is close to Walmart. You have to pay pet rent if you live here with a pet it's 25$ onto of rent plus a pet deposit.

Nice place to live, close to my family and close to Walmart. There a body of water out in front of the building nice to look at would be cool if fish were added

So far we have loved Lincoln meadows. They have been accommodating and super helpful with maintenance. We love that we have a garage and an on site gym. It’s very small but it’s super convenient.

The people are friendly, can never get ahold of maintenance, even after leaving voicemails. Apartmarts are nice. Rent is affordable for what they are.

This is my third year to stay here in Lincoln Meadows Apartment and my stay has been peaceful and enjoyable. I consider this apartment to be my home away from home.

One of the best apartments I've lived in. Never have any problems with neighbors, staff or maintenance. I would recommend to family and friends.

Pretty good people to rent from just alot of huge dogs in the buildings and people don't know how or are just to lazy to clean up after their pets

Been here 2 1/2 years and love it. I love the “out of town” feel that the property has and that there is a pond to walk your dogs and kids around!

Building smells funny, my garage had trash all over the ground, my dryer hose was unhooked, and my stove didn’t work when I got here either.

I really enjoy living at Lincoln Meadows. The units are clean and spacious with washer and dryer provided. Very comfortable living space. I love that our pets are allowed and our unit came with s two car garage.

Only have had a few breakdowns, were fixed promptly. Very quiet, can only hear noises through the door. The supply of poop bags is nice and helps keep the area clean!

I hate the fact that the apartment has an energy efficient washer. It doesn’t not allow for hot water. You have to use twice as much water and electricity because you have to use double rinse. The snow never gets removed which causes a hazard and then it melts the garages floood. The lighting is horrible by the garages every other one works just on one side.

The apartment is great. I love the in apartment washer and dryer. I really like the dishwasher as well. Not to mention the two car garage that is included in the rent. The staff is nice, but sometimes seems a bit scattered.

Great staff that are always willing to answer any questions that arise. Online payments make it quick and convenient to pay rent. Wonderful, quiet community!

Alot of dog feces everywhere. It did not use to be this bad. Parking is difficult everyday. My upstairs neighbors throw cigarettes down on my patio. The side walks are caked with ice and dangerous in the winter.

It's a apartment living you know what to expect with that, so it's the same with apartments doesn't matter where you go. Are the apartments nice ? yes, though basic. Parking is a issue where I live, but if only have 1 car per bedroom then no issue, do NOT park in a non parking location ! Do not interfere with other peoples movement into their garages !!! Noise not a huge issue, most people living here are not big on " Partying " since most do work 12 hours a day or more. Though there are some tenants that do not fall into that category. Again it's a apartment, & here it's a 24/7 workforce so theres day shift/night shift, something to consider - you might want sleep while upstairs it's awake time for them !

Really good besides the upstairs neighbors being loud at late hours of the night. Stomping around, then theres people that barrel with their dogs down the stairs. But all together it is good.

I have had a good experience living at Lincoln Meadows. It says it is a smoke free community but a lot of people still smoke which is unfortunate. For a while the snow hadn't been removed from the sidewalks, just trampled down, but it finally got removed so that was nice. The building also doesn't get cleaned very often so the carpet is pretty dirty from spilled stuff or dog pee. I do like our slightly lofted ceiling on the third floor and I like living there regardless of all of the "joys" that come with apartment living.

Lincoln Meadows has always been a decent place to live. We feel safe for the most part and enjoy really awesome views of all the incoming storms.

Great neighborhood and and nice apartments and nice staffs! The staff are very good at helping you out on any situation and any questions you have!

I have lives here in the Lincoln Meadows apartment complex since November and really enjoy the community. The only complaint i have is that there is not enough parking space.

We love living here! Our apt. Is wonderful everything has been well ttaken care of! I feel safe when home alone because secure keypad entryway.

Lived here about 6 months. Rent is fair. Maintenance has fulfilled our requests every time an issue occurs. Snow removal has not been stellar this winter though. Also parking is not so great.

Come and visit Lincoln Meadows Apartments in Dickinson ND. Pet friendly, great neighbors, close to stores, schools, restaurants, Awesome places to live.