At first when i had moved i, i was infested with roaches. So i had the oest control come every Mon. When that died down, i then had a really bad problem with carpenter ants. Once again, i asked pest control that we had a ant problem to get rid of. Now its not as bad as before, so i feel a lil bit more comfortable..

Love it..! Office staff are great..! Maintenance staff are great as well the property is clean i am happy i decided to live here..! Thank you so much lindsey terrace.!

It's amazing! I feel blessed and will let others know about this experience that's exactly what I was looking for, every resident need to keep the place cleaned and calm

I like it thus far, quiet; my son loves it. Close to his school and to my job. I love the fact lil playground right out in front of our building.

Been here for a month so far so good . It’s very quiet where I am. Ms.Phyliss has been so kind and helpful with my first apartment she’s awesome i hope she stays

Move-in ease. Staff very friendly and quick response when fix is needed. Area kept very clean, safe entry ways and very quiet. Apartment layout a plus

Overall I’ve been pleased with my experience here. The staff has been very kind and professional. My maintenance tickets have for the most part been taken care of promptly. They make efforts to maintain the place.

There is nice affordable rent with very nice staff. Everyone is helpful and patient with you throughout the whole process. Haven’t found anything wrong ..

Great environment. Neighbors are friendly and staff is amazing, plus always willing to help when needed. Glad I chose Lindsey Terrace to call my home.

Decent cant complain . Its a big complex with alot if people and kids dont hear to much noise at night. Kinda spacious the 1 bedroom is perfect

The office staff was very friendly and welcoming. The apartment was in great condition and very suitable. There are a lot of children that live here and at times it can be a little noisy. But overall it is a wonderful place to live so far.

When i first moved in i ahd roach infestation problem. When that settled down, i then had a carpenter qnt problem like crazy, the ants was coming from the edges of the floor in the master bedroom, and living room.

Staff is very friendly an the go above and beyond to help out.Ms philis an ms Tina are amazing they really care for their residents an make sure to support them as well

Apt was not move in ready.I had roaches.Apt not fully cleaned.I trusted someone to take care of it.I haven't seen it taking care of to my liking.I bombed the apt myself. 2times.Hopefully I can officially move in.I feel a little better having done it myself.Seeing it and cleaning it up.None the less its quiet and it's enough space for me and my daughter to live in.And her school is less than 10 minutes away.

I Loved the side of town I’m on I loved the environment I moved my kids in... They loved it out here in Lindsey Terrance... And my neighbors are so Friendly and nice.

I’ve only been living in my unit for 2 weeks. So far it’s been ok. Some residents are pound and play music loud. I’m still waiting for maintenance to come and fix the issues I found during my walk through before moving in.

I have not been a resident very long but I can say that the environment is clean & well manicured. The staff is friendly, professional, & take swift actions to any of issues on this property. Their Modus Operandi is next to Stellar.

Nice community and usually pretty clean. Haven’t had any issues with other tenants. My rent did go up though which I’m not happy about. I am not on HUD housing and I pay over $900 in rent alone which is a little crazy.

We’ve been living here going on two years now, and management has gotten so much better along with the time maintenance responds to your requests.

This place is awesome . The staff is amazing and very Helpful and friendly.The location Is right in the middle of everything. I'm really enjoying my status for

It's ok can be better if they fix things in a timely manner. And are not quickto give you a 3 day notice for nothing. Can't wait to move out

amazing staff great apartments and close to shopping centers. Staff is always available to help when ever Ineed. Maitenance is quik to fix..

Management is awesome and very helpful. They are nice and respectful. When there is a problem they come quickly to get it fixed. Quiet nice neighborhood.

Living here has been a pleasure so far, the staff in the office have always been helpful and kind. the maintenance staff keep the complex nice and always friendly and welling to help. I'm good.

Some of their rules for living here needs to change a little. Feels like a prison/rehabilitation center. So many unnecessary rules that if violated, then you have breached your lease.