Living here has been a pleasure so far, the staff in the office have always been helpful and kind. the maintenance staff keep the complex nice and always friendly and welling to help. I'm good.

Some of their rules for living here needs to change a little. Feels like a prison/rehabilitation center. So many unnecessary rules that if violated, then you have breached your lease.

I love the layout of the apartment and it’s very quiet and cozy. I am surprised by the convenience of being so close to stores, Walmart, everything is within reach.

I’m a new resident but so far i have no issues no loud neighbors nice area i am pleased with my stay so far and i hope to continue being pleased with staying with Lindsey terrace apartments

I love my apartment! The staff and maintenance guys are great!! Just wish the access to the on-site laundry facility and gym was made available to everyone.

Very nice community. Clean apartments. Maintenance always show up ASAP. The office staff very helpful. It would be perfect if the laundry and gym were open 24 hours. Or if we could get a key for them. Other than that great place to live.

I really love Lindsey Terrace!!! Its peaceful and everyone is friendly. The office staff are very helpful and respond quickly when I have any questions

The office staff are always friendly, and helpful. Also, the maintenance crew always respond the same day to any problems or workorders. I would recommend Lindsey to my friends, and family.

The transition to move was smooth the location is great! I asked for black appliances and i received them which was a plus for me. There was a few issues with pest control but overall I’m a happy resident.

The children are loud and disrespectful always playing in the breezeways the property is always dirty cluttered with trash maintenance doesn’t leave any type of notification when they have been in your home

This is my first time in an apartment the staff has been very helpful and the place is very nice I have made lots of friends and my children can stay in the same school

nice community, maintenance is on top of things, if you just work and come home and keep to yourself its the perfect place to be. the rent is priced low so your not struggling too much and the office is amazing!!

So far I like the community the only thing I don’t like is we don’t have a balcony to sit on the experience has been quiet a little noise but live in same hall with kids and a lot of move ins and out from neighbors everything is cool but have meet a few people to just say hi and bye too.

I love living here and I have been living here for almost 9 years. The main problem that I've had recently is that my email has changed. They don't seem to be able to get their software to accept that my email is valid, so I have problems paying the rent.

It have been bad for me in so many ways. My lease is up in July I don’t have to worry about anything after that. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I hope other people get a better feel of the place

These apartments are okay. I really like the floor plan, and I think the price is very reasonable. However, I do not think the outside is kept up as well as it should be. I think there should be a second dumpster because having only one in such a large community causes it to overflow. I have suffered from mold in my apartment twice, but maintenance did take care of it immediately.

The only problem i have os at night, im killing bugs from left to right and its annoying...But other than that, in the daytime its not that bad.

Very wonderful. I love everything about these apartments. It's a wonderful layout , I would take these apartments over any other apartment. Lindsey Terrace is kind of like Courtney Manor and Kendall court. The area is much nicer. It has a pool, community center, work-out room and a play ground. Nice living quarters for a small family.

Very nice area to live in convenient to everything and the new staff members are nice, safe place for kids to play and there is minimal noise.

The people in the office aren’t helpful or efficient. My apartment is nice and maintenance usually comes in a timely manner . I usually don’t have any problems with neighbors.

It has been very peaceful no problems I am definitely going gonna enjoy living here the neighborhood is great the office staff are very friendly and the apartment is very nice

Edward from the office is always very helpful, the rest is rude. I just came home from hospital having neck surgery in July...temperature 97degrees, i had to stay 5 days with no a/c... Then a/c frozed up i went 2 days with no a/c, the appliances are outdated and wore out. Dont expect to cook a Thanksgiving fest for your family.. After losing food twice they finally replaced my fridge, with the size of a RV fridge. The stove is terrible....connections to the burner barely holding on. My food is either over cooked or undercooked. Maintenance staff is awesome..its the residents that trash the hallways. Living next to a 12 foot ditch the grass is over grown and full of snakes that school students walk next to everyday. I could go on & on. With this..i been here going on 3 years and i want to move after the first week i moved in bcz the roaches were so bad.

I truly have been enjoying my stay here thus far. Staff has been helpful from the beginning. It’s quiet and definitely an area for children. And it’s right next to the Publix plaza. The best.

The apartments are okay, just small. We had a horrible roach issue for the first two weeks the apartment was infested. We had to hire our own exterminator to actually kill them. The outside is dirty and some people just throw trash evrywhere and just leave it by the stairs or apartments. There have been numerous fights some nights outside the apartments.

I’ve really enjoyed living here but I’m still having trouble with some pests and access to the gym, but overall it’s been a great experience so far. The pool is always clean and the grounds very well kept. I love my apartments view of the lake and the animals and birds it attracts.