I have lived here for a year and a half and I have never had a problem. The staff is very helpful and gets things solved quickly. The amenities are great.

I love the location and the shuttle is super helpful!! I like the apartment layout and the space. However, management is incredibly unorganized and could use some better communication.

Great experience at the lodge of Athens. Very friendly staff, great community of people at an affordable price. Also close proximity to campus

The Lodge is a good choice for students. It's budget friendly and has good amenities. Mangement was a little unstable at first but is definitely getting better.

The apartment complex is great. I have a renovated apartment and it feels brand new! The community is great. The staff is always putting on events to entertain us and take away the stress from school. Maintenance is top notch. I love the amenities and the overall environment. The Lodge makes my home away from home feel even more comfortable!

The bus and the bus driver make it so easy to get to class, but I do wish the bus ran every 15 minutes instead of every 30 minutes, that way someone is not SOL if they miss the first bus. One of the two members of the staff I have met is very helpful and tries to make sure our needs are met, his name is Shane. Hayley, on the other hand is always very rude and tells us there’s nothing she can do, but if we come back later and Shane’s working he will make sure the issue is fixed.

I enjoy the lodge of athens as the commodities are available for students to use like the bus, lab room, and computer room for student to work.

It’s gray here. The only problem is game day parking. I can’t park near my own apartment because everyone has guests over. There should maybe be a designated area for guest parking.

The Lodge has given me a great place to start living on my own. For the first two years of college, I have lived here and never felt unsafe which has been a huge place for me and my parents. They also have great amenities that I use daily such as the gym, pool, a courtyard area with grills, etc. The management has been helpful whenever there is an issue. However, maintenance has been a bit of an issue for the past two years but everything eventually gets fixed it just takes some time.

Any time I put in a maintenance request it takes for ever to fix. I put a request in June when I moved in. It is October and it still hasn’t been fixed. Every amenity works 50% of the time (there’s a computer room but the printer doesn’t work. There’s a gym but the treadmills don’t work. There’s a basketball court but the lights at the court don’t work. There’s a tanning bed but that doesn’t work.)

Great and safe location. I chose to love here so i was close to DT athens GA. This helps me build a better community with my classmates since I am closer to them!

Easy things are just awful here. Communication number sucks. Number two management doesn't care about the buildings im the back. They look horrible and are falling apart. Three the gym equipment is always broken. Maybe take that out and work with an actual gym to give us a discount. The apartment needs to be totally redone. It's outdated, floors are nasty, beds are garbage.

I feel like for how much we pay for the rent compared to other places, things could be better. I feel like a lot of the furniture and interior is very out of date. Things could be better maintained or managed. I definitely do love the convenience of the bus. Overall it’s a decent place to live.

My unit is alright. Maintenance is slow and you have to harass the office people at least 3 times before anything gets done. The shuttle is really nice though, I save a lot of money on gas and parking.

It is on the bus route and has its own shuttle to campus. The property is clean and well maintained. Maintenance requests could be handled faster. Great internet and tv service.

This community has a lot of perks, and is a fair price. However, there are some drawbacks such as poor management and taking a long time to complete service requests.

Living here is nice because of the location, and the shuttle service to class and downtown is a perk. The appliances in the units could be better quality and the situation with TV channels disappearing from the cable package needs to be addressed.

Management in need of desperate improvement. Move in inspections should be done prior to the residents moving in. Apartments infested in pests should not be permitted to let residents move into.

The lodge this year got off to a very rocky start with all the management changes. Things are slowly improving and stabilizing but there's still a lot of issue's I've heard people having. I haven't run into any problems thankfully which is why I'm rating four stars but there are many that other residents have so I dropped it a star in respect to those having issues still

The apartment was not ready when we moved in. Maintenance did really help us out and now the apartment is pretty okay. The bugs were in a lot but pest control helped fix that

Maintenance is horrible, management doesn't know how to properly communicate. Floorplans and the location are the best part of the place. A lot of things can be improved. Place definitely went downhill compared to last year.

The experience so far is really good and thank god we have individual bathrooms. People are nice here. Management can improve on cleanliness and pest control situation, otherwise so far so good. Also bus service should have been more flexible and easy for students on weekends and game days.

The Lodge definitely has room for improvement. However, the new staff are nice and treat you well. The maintenance staff is extremely nice as well.

I like it here. I’ve seen worse. Has a lot of problems but management keeps a smile on their face despite the hate, i respect that a lot, goes a long way

Not bad! The shuttle saves me money. The pool is nice when it isn't green. Maintenance can be slow. A lot of wasps. Also, they suck at making keys.