It just hasn’t been a great experience so far. Our apartment is very lackluster and not very well kept. Our dryer was broken even before we moved in

The unit I got is great because it came with an extra room. The amenities have room for improvement, but you can't really complain because it's so much cheaper here. The furniture it comes with is also pretty trash, but you don't have to pay extra for it so that's nice. The only real complaint I have is that the maintenance does not get to you in as timely a manner as I would like.

Just arrived and found a couple of issues, however maintenance helped clear most of them up. Had issues finding roommates because they kept switching us, but we love the roommates we have now. The lodge is beautiful i love it!

I’ve been here all summer and so far it’s been great there’s nothing to complain about. The pool is nice and fun when they host parties I also enjoy the gym.

I move in later this week but so far I love my community. The staff has been very helpful with all of my questions and concerns. I can't wait to see what else they have to offer.

I am so excited to live here. I have heard nothing but great things about the lodge. It’s nice affordable and the staff and community are very involved.

Very solid apartment community, I have been here a couple of years now and the wonderful staff has helped me all the way to this point. All new appliances and great amenities.

Love the place. Great people, great community. Always have something to look forward to and always kept in the loop regarding anything that happens.

The staff has been very helpful and understanding during my time living here. The amenities in my apartment and the complex are great! I can’t wait to see all the new renovations once they are done!

The Lodge was okay, it served its purpose. It was affordable but could have been better for the price. The location was far from retail ad restaurants but quiet.

Great way to earn deals! I felt like this was an easy to use app and that I was able to use it according to my current needs as a Texas state univeristy student and as a resident at the lodge in San Marcos

I haven't moved in yet but I've been visiting and calling constantly. Customer support has been excellent so far. They always answer my questions and solve any problems I have.

When I first signed my lease in 2017, the management was horrible, they made many promises that were not kept and nothing was done on time. When the last group came in they turned everything around and made residents happy to be there and I have loved every moment since.

It’s great can’t wait to move in and join the lodge community. The experience that I have had with calls and when I would go to visit them regarding information was wonderful

It's been a nice place nice neighborhood haven't had to many problems everyone is always friendly and open to having a good time so everything works well

Very excited about living at the Lodge! I had a very pleasant experience when signing my new lease. The staff was super friendly and welcoming!

I believe that the lodge is top of the line apartments. I think that the staff is on top of there stuff and are quick to help you in need. Top notch

Place is lovely. Perfect apartment that is affordable especially for a 2 bedroom. Also the promotions are awesome and seems to be a great community with getting the people staying to be involved through fun events.

Haven’t had any bad experiences since I’ve signed my lease. Signing went smoothly and I heard many good things from my current roommate with apartments staff

Love my random roommates so far Great place I love the pets my roommates have they are so sweet. I’m glad I live with them because my parents won’t let me have pets

The renovations they have made to the units made a big difference! The staff in the office is friendly. The pool area and volley ball court are really nice too

The staff had been super friendly and helpful. The apartments have improved all around since the new management took over. I love the pet friendly atmosphere, but poop bags could get refilled a little sooner.

The staff is extremely helpful over the phone and in person! The apartments are affordable, spacious, and in great condition! I would recommend The Lodge to any college students in San Marcos!

Complex is exceptionally clean. Staff is quick about answering phone calls and taking care of maintenance requests. Always really friendly. Fun events planned that cater to residents. Cool contest and prizes.

Living here was okay. I moved in to a broken sink. I lived right by the pool so any parties that the apartment held were also annoying with loud music