Staff is doing their best. It just seems they were not properly trained and thrown into the job. Repair requests are sometimes ignored/take a long time. Information is not always clear and is changed alot

Homely place with great staff, although there has been altercations in the past I believe that the staff are able to make ammends and surpass the level of functionality that was presented in the past.

Great complex! Great staff! Noise here and there but nothing to drastic and or bothersome. Pet friendly which is great and great environment for students.

The lodge is amazing, the office staff is super sweet, always helpful and the property is beautiful! I cant wait until the renovations are complete, it would make the apartments that much better!

I've lived at The lodge for a year and a half now and have enjoyed the stay. Great customer service that's always ready to help whenever needed. Very nice pool and a fitness center that hits all the necessities.

Love the location of the complex. I never really had any big problems. If there was a problem, the maintenance staff usually came pretty fast. The staff is super nice.

Great place to live, very size-able rooms compared to many other complexes in the neighboring area. Good value for what you're paying for as well as friendly staff.

Good location, and great service for when I neee help in anything. Front office has snacks and complemtaty coffee. Club house is getting upgraded

Maintanence has been super quick and efficient. No issues with the front office staff. Nice and friendly! Good place to live. Would recommend to anyone who hasn’t live in an apt before. This would be a good place to start out. Prices are low and the location compared to campus is unbeatable!

I absolutely love living here. I came from another apartment that had too much space and did not care about its residents in any way. I love when I walk into the office to ask questions or hangout that the staff is responsive, knowledgeable, and knows me by name. I truly feel at home.

I like the community and the area of my apartment but the service is kind of slow and I think maintenance should take care of issues a lot faster then they do right now

Very chill and quiet . People are cool and my neighbors are calm. Basketball court is cool but needs lil work same with the pool. Should have breakfast every morning for us

It’s been a good experience here so far in the 2 months that I have lived here. Plenty of things to do out here and the scenery is by far my favorite.

I love the lodge. The people are nice and inviting. The only thing I would change is to have a faster maintenance response time. Other than that I love it here.

It’s not bad but could be improved probably. I wish y’all would’ve done renovations apartment by apartment so I don’t have to worry about y’all coming into mine anytime

Great community, free coffee at front office, different events every month. Pet friendly. Cool staff. Pool parties. Different types of drawings.

I was having problems with my hot water heater and I put in a maintenance request that afternoon. They came by the next morning and fixed it in just under an hour.

Love this place, but there is a lot of dog pop everywhere. other than that this place is awesome! they have events every week for people and pets

I have had a good experience because when I need help or maintenance it happen fairly quickly. Definitely wish the apartments were finished and updated as promised

I have lived here for about 2 1/2 years and i love it. The staff is always nice and work orders take a while but the get done as well. Events are always fun.

i love this place haha and i like it i love it oh oh oh. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah even tho im gucci yeah yeaah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I enjoy the place overall, I do wish maintenance was faster at completing requests, and we have a lot of bugs near our apartment that get in at night.

Our maintenance requests are not being filled but the office staff is getting better. I am upset about the mani/pedi every month not working out though.

Really nice room space and great maintenance response. It also has internet and cable. Being fully furnished is also a plus and the remodeling was really nice.

A few complications at first but now comfortably living in my new apartment. Staff is understanding and open to listen and willing to help with any questions you have.