I love the lofts. It has always been a wonderful experience living here. The community is clean, the living spaces are up to date and very functional and the staff is very helpful

I have no complaints about the lofts. Very convenient and cozy apartments! Living here for the past two years has made my college experience much more enjoyable. The pool and gym are amazing and I would recommend this apartment complex to all of my friends.

I've liked living here the last few semesters. Given that a bunch of college kids live here, the apartments are still pretty nice. The pool and gym are a plus

Great location and great environment to live in. The gym is very convenient but it doesn’t have a lot of variety of machines to use. The pool is the best part.

I enjoy living at the lofts for many reasons. I do not have a car here so having access to the bus shuttle is a great amenity. Its near all the shops and the management is very nice.

I've lived at the lofts for 3 years now. I only have a few complaints. My first complaint is that maintenance takes forever to show up when you request them. That's if they show up at all. The hallways are also disgusting sometimes. Other than that everything's been fine.

Took a while to get things in order, but it's amazing other than that. The lofts has a lot of great amenities that I really enjoy. It was a good choice.

So far the apartment Is nice I really like the loaction however the walls are very thin and you can constantly here the people walking above you. Also the bugs are ridiculous and don't go away even after you have the bug guy come multiple times.

Nice place and lots of space at a fair price witj amazing interet, but people are loud sometimes and can be a bit dkstrqcting on game days .

My resident experience has been pretty good. I have not used too many of the amenities yet, but I am going to begin to use them more through out the year.

This is my first year living at the lofts, and I’ve enjoyed it. Every time I have company, they always make a comment on how nice it is. Everyone who works here is super nice!

This is a very good location. Very nice apartments, nice appliances and furniture. The staff is friendly and welcoming. Great place to live.

I have really enjoyed living at the lofts. The rooms are very nice and spacious. The trash situation is a little interesting though considering everyone leaves their trash no where near the trash chute. But other than that it’s a great place to live.

I've lived here for three years now and have a had a great experience. Maintenance has been responsive whenever we need something and the front desk is always helpful. As far as complaints go, the gym could be in better shape and the hallways could be cleaner. But these are small issues that wouldn't make me want to leave.

The lofts is in the ideal location from school, restaurants , and the mall. The staff is nice and I feel comfortable and safe when walking to my apartment

Fantastic amenities and rooms! Maintenance can sometimes be slow but very few complaints otherwise! The pools are fantastic and the workout facility is always clean and available!

Pretty good. Kinda dirty when we arrived. Deck is really small. Package situation needs to be figured out. I never know when I have a package

The apartments themselves are pretty nice. However, the hallways, elevators, and stairwells are disgusting. They always reek, have dog urine, mud, etc. Overall it's not an awful place to live, but I wouldn't choose to live here again.

They are ok at what they do. The staff has gotten better over the years. I would recommend living here for students looking for an easy way to campus. The buses are a life saver.

The location is amazing, but the roommate situation if you don't live with someone you know is sort of terrible. I got matched with girls who were so rude at the beginning and had to move rooms. This room is a little better but one of my roommates brought moldy dishes into our apartment, steals my food, and smokes her hookah in the apartment and cooks the coal straight on the stove which leaves a mark and I've complained to the office but this is allowed. Also the doors on my floor to the parking lot are almost always broken to a point where they are unusable. The halls and the stairs and elevators are very dirty a lot of the times due to irresponsible pet owners and a lack of response from management about the issue. I probably will not be living here next year.

As a resident, I have found the staff to be very accommodating, and helpful in many ways. The only issue i have is the noise at random times, but that is to be expected.

The apartments are nice and the staff is friendly, but one of the main reasons I came here was for the community events, which I have not seen any of. The addition of a 24 hour bus to campus is fantastic though! Overall, just wish for a nicer apartment at the beginning and more community events.

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I have enjoyed living at the lofts! I have recommended living here to my friends and they have enjoyed it too. The only recommendation I have is that there is a hot tub here.

It’s been great living here. The people are so nice and anything you ask for they always have an answer for you and try to help you the best they can !

Love having my own room and bathroom. Can't hear my roommates in their rooms. Hallways are dirty though. Staff isn't always the nicest. Love the pool.