Very nice apartments, great location, sometimes things get broken which is a shame because the amenities are so nice. Management should fix things and assist people quicker.

Great staff and super helpful. Everyone was willing to help whoever help was needed and whenever there was a question that I was concerned about.

This has been the best apartment complex I have stayed in since I moved off of campus 4 years and 4 apartments ago. There is nothing I can really complain about that I feel like the Lofts should change. I like it here and I will be staying until I graduate.

I like living here, but y'all need to be more efficient when it comes to fixing problems!! Maintenance is very slow. Also every month I have to call in and have y'all remove the furniture fee because I don't have it. So just overall efficiency would be nice.

Great location to get to classes and very friendly staff. Biggest downside is the noise from the nearby streets but you learn to tune that out after a short while.

Literally I have had a great first semester here. Nothing has gone wrong at all. Other than maybe dog poop in the hallway, but that's on the residents. Not on management.

The lofts is a great community. You get high quality aparrments at a much more reasonable price than other apartments in town. The amenities are unparalleled and the staff is always there to help.

The online access is a great and modern tool for paying rent and maintenance requests. The 1 1/2 star missing is for cleanliness of hallways and stairwells. The garage needs more cameras and all concrete needs to be cleaned.

I toured the lofts last week and absolutely loved the atmosphere and helpful staff. The amenities are unbelievable and I cannot wait to move in.

i like it here! nice place. the only problem is the gated parking decks a w annoying because i have to stop my car and park to let myself in.

I moved to the lofts because I had been living somewhere that didn’t feel safe and the lofts made me feel so much better! My only complaint is the hallways and that’s the residents fault not the staff- just wish it could be cleaned faster.

The Lofts are everything I could want and more in an apartment. The amenities are modern, clean, & well kept. The staff is attentive, caring, & always helpful. Upon move-in, the apartment was clean and in a wonderful condition, completely move-in ready. The Lofts hired a professional moving service to assist the residents and that was incredibly helpful. The parking garage, hallways, and rooms are all very secure, I've always felt safe. Knowing the staff always has the safety and happiness of the residents in mind makes the living experience stress-free and comfortable.

Overall the lofts is a great place to live . I enjoy the neighbors and bus transportation to and from campus . That really makes all the difference .

My experience with the lofts has been great.The staff is so nice and is very helpful. The apartment was very clean when we first moved in. :)

have had very little problems with living here, the units are great and clean and everything works correctly, if not then the problems are adressed immediately. the office staff is helpful and pleasant and i have really enjoyed living here.

The best ever my experience here at the lofts is wonderful I love it and I love everything and everyone there there the best and the staff 2

I live in the townhouse four bedroom unit in the lofts! It's way more spacious then the four flat one! But the kitchen is tiny and not enough room for four people to share if we all are going to cook!

The community I live in is very welcoming, with the environment surrounding the staff and the residents as well. There could be improvements with the cleanliness of the facility.

Great location and bus service. Floor plan is really nice too. There were minor problems with the apartment but they fixed them quick. Overall, good value.

It is alright but many things came broken. I also wish that we had another big bus in the morning because there is never enough room. Overall its alright considering the price.

my experience has been great. The staff is welcoming and accommodating. I have had issues with other residents playing their music too loud. If its a Friday night, who cares, but blaring music at 10:30 on a Monday night seems a bit ridiculous. Other than that I have had no issues and have loved my Lofts experience!

I really like the apartments. I wish the hallways looked better. Sometimes it can get noisey but that is not the Loft's fault. Halls and elevator can be messy for a while. Also I could never figure out the keypad outside the locked door so I'm not sure if it works.

Overall I like The Lofts but the management is very slow with work orders and the hallways and elevators are very dirty. Other than that the inside of the apartment is beautiful and I like living there.

I love the lofts. It has always been a wonderful experience living here. The community is clean, the living spaces are up to date and very functional and the staff is very helpful

I have no complaints about the lofts. Very convenient and cozy apartments! Living here for the past two years has made my college experience much more enjoyable. The pool and gym are amazing and I would recommend this apartment complex to all of my friends.