It's been great living here so far, I appreciate the common areas and the events organized for residents, for example the bootcamp classes. Wish the area felt safer though.

My apartment community is full of great people, kind families, and adorable dogs. I’ve gotten to know my neighbors by running into them in the gym, rooftop, and even the elevator.

Love everything so far, but wish security could be better. Have seen homeless people hanging out in the elevator which is scary, but overall great.

I have been living here almost 2 years and its been great. The staff is friendly and approachable. Maintanance is quick to respond to and fix issues. The gym is always clean.

Pretty good! Would like to say that the events are not bad and the peiple are pretty good I've had instances of homeless people walking around but I guess that's just SF

There are always dog poops around and at night around 4, there are people outside of the building in the complex make loud noises. I really don't like it, I have to get up early and I need a good night's sleep.

Nice to live this apartment. I dont have a pet. But some other people pets pee in the street. But no any other problem. So clean and undangerous zone i think

We absolutely love living here the spacious apartments, the wonderful amenities, the sponsored events, and the vibrant community. Hopefully rent doesn't go up too much!!

So far so good. Value for $ could be a bit better, but this is SF after all. Otherwise the community is clean, the staff are friendly, and maintenance issues are quickly addressed.

Its pretty good here! nice neighborhood, walkable grocery store and restaurants nearby. Convinient public transportation as well. I would recommend friends to live here!

When on the apartment hunt, L Seven far surpassed the other 9 complexes I viewed in terms of amenities and accessibility. There are certainly many soulless apartment communities in SF, but L Seven isn't one of them. Upon living here, expectations were met or exceeded, as the community is clean, well-maintained, and safe. The staff is courteous, responsive, and dependable. Maintenance requests are quickly addressed. There are many community activities from which to participate, if you desire. Gym, community rooms, beer garden, roof deck - all great!

We just moved into L Seven and it has been an amazing experience! The moving princess was super smooth and the amenities are absolutely awesome!

The cleaning and maintenance Staff is great and friendly! Would like a more if it matched the ones that worked in the office! Thank you again for making sure the people who live here are safe with the awesome security people that you have provided who are consistently patrolling the common areas and not so common areas!

Good community that organizes events and wellness classes. A great way to mingle with fellow residents. Looking forward to more opportunities

I have honestly loved living at L Seven. The amenities are amazing and I constantly feel safe. I also find parking very easy to find. Even though I have lived here a very short time, I really love my apartment, the fact that I can never hear my neighbors (i’m Pretty sure the walls are soundproof) is a HUGE plus

I love here!! I love here!! Although Im moving now, I still remember how nice the office stuffs were. I like the gym! Must go everyday! Recommend here!

Still enjoy living at L Seven very much! Great location, love my unit, and still can’t beat my easy walk to the office when I need to be there.

I think its been great living at l7. much improvements since i first moved in. However, the common areas outside occasionally have too many flies...

Excellent and quick service whenever needed, staff goes above and beyond to create a welcoming community. I couldn't imagine a better resident experience!

A wonderful community with a staff that is responsive and attentive. A great alternative to apartment complexes that have little character and distinction. I’m very happy I chose L7!

Love the apartment, it is very clean and the ameneties are very new. Only thing that I don't like is that there is a lot of dog poop everywhere. Some of the tenants don't pick up after their dogs.

Everything is great, L7 holds events for the residents as well, like comedy show, group workouts with free food etc.. Its a clean community, neighbourhood is also great.

Location is really good for living! Some markets near here and restaurant. But here’s too many homeless around this apartment that I felt uncomfortable.

Absolutely love living here so far. The staff is very responsive. The common living spaces are always clean and available and not crowded. Neighbors are respectful. The amentities are amazing and the location is still in the city but far enough from the business of downtown.

I like the experience here overall. I can access to Gym and Co-working space within L-Seven, which save my time and make my life easier. I also can't wait to use a lovely rooftop. If there is any point that I found missing, it is the coffee cups are always out of stock in the coworking area. That's all:-)