It's a student apartment. The people living here are not the best and alot of the policies are dumb. The package room and the amenities wrist bands are the worst of them, since all they do is inconvenience everyone.

It’s dope. I love how convenient the shuttle bus is and how it come ever 15 minutes or so. I also love that I don’t have to take the trash out myself.

The luxx is by far the best student apartment I've lived in. The staff is very helpful with any problems or concerned and the amenities are great!

I love this atmosphere high recommend the Luxx!! They have amazing apartments and everyone is very friendly! For sure I’m gonna Renew my lease so I can stay here next year!

The Luxx are great apartments for students attending UTSA. The shuttle is very convenient. There are also some fun events that are held that appeal to everyone. I would recommend living at the Luxx.

I have enjoyed living at the Luxx so far! It has been a great experience and I think it's a great place to live. I have met many people as well by living here.

Very friendly community and always eager to help. Maintenance is very personable and gets the job done with efficiency and urgency. Overall great community.

The best of the best!! Make it feel like home. I'm truly thankful for being a part of this community. The event are fun and a great to get to know your neighbors

Beautiful place I don't have any complaints except that there's a little more that should be added to the gym other than that i love the luxx

I like the complex so far it has nice aminities and a good workout facility. The main problem I have is the length of time it has taken to get maintence, parking spots, and mail keys, ect.

The apartment community is very clean and organized. Beautiful views and great amenities. Pool has been closed and airconditioner has been able to get fixed. Other than that. It's great.

Management hides behind leasing agents.I don't agree with how they don't try to help solve problems themselves. Management should be at the front end as well.

I sorta like it. Not too sure. Yes. Yes? It's interesting, sane. Who knows maybe one day. Maybe not? Thats what they all told me, but yes I really hope so

The apartment complex is pretty nice with a pool, volleyball court, and a gym. The room I got when I rented however had a huge hole in the wall and there water many problems with the room itself

There were a lot of issues with the maintenance, for example my door doesn't even have a door knob, but the staff are doing the best they can

Staff is wonderful and helpful. The apartment itself is great as well, lots of space and very modern. Overall great apartment and community.

I wish they would come and fix issues inside our apartment my door will not lock so I need a new dead bolt but they are making excuses why it cannot be done

I've been living here for about 3 days now and I absolutely love it. The staff is very nice and the rooms are so great. Even maintanence is good. My toilet was messed up and after putting in a work order they came within an hour to fix it.

Hospitality has been great so far! Everything me and my roommate have needed as far as questions answered has been great! Can't wait to see what memories we make here :)

Maintenance requests are a little slow but the is super friendly and goes above and beyond to help residents! They are also always hosting fun events throughout the school year

Everyone is doing really well I am surprised by the customer service! Great job at what you're doing and please continue all of the good work

The community is pretty good. If anything happens it is taking care of in a timely manner. They have good roommate matching and the rent isn't to high or to low.

I love it here, I don't like the amount of fruit flies though. Maitnece is good, employees are super nice and understanding. The pool is the best part. Beds are as hard as a rock though.

Loving the atmosphere here. My roommates are nice and it's always clean here. I love this place! Employees are nice & understanding most importantly.

I like the apartments very much, just wish things were fixed faster, otherwise everything is good and I love the staff in the office. I also like how the construction is now finished on utsa blvd.