Love living here. Great people nice staff. Things get done on time. Location is perfect right next to school. Shuttles do run late however. I like it

I love these apartments. I am glad there is a dog park for pets to enjoy. Staff is always helpful. I also really like where the apartments are located since they are close to the highway.

Living at the Luxx has been a great experience. I have met many great people and have enjoyed my stay here so far. The staff is friendly and helpful as well!

I really love living at the Luxx, there’s always activities and they keep us updated before anything goes on. Only thing I’d change is the pick up packages system but other than that love Luxx!

The Luxx is a great apartment complex! The staff is extremely helpful. Maintenance is quick to respond to service requests. The amenities are what set this apartment complex apart from the others in the area.

I wish that the amount of dog poop everywhere was more controlled and that the late rent fee wasn’t so high $75 is ridiculous to me , way too much

The Luxx is “Okay” there were several things that made it good but a lot more that made it bad. Can we get some cameras because people are thieves. Not that many people have “service dogs” its like living in a zoo with poop everywhere even in the elevators, and roaches? Lol

overall satisfied. Staffs from the office are friendly and helpful with residents problem and there are many events. Just we have issues with the noise from our neighbors. if it can be fixed, it would be better.

This a cool place I like the people here because they're are cool. Did I mention they are cool, because they are. That was the determining factor of me coming here.

The luxx has been a very great place to live it had its fair share of issues at first but the staff worked well with us to ensure that they were resolved

There are a few problems that I have experienced such as bugs in the kitchen and the smoke detector going off at random to ease but over all I am happy with my stay.

The place is nice but when I first moved in there was a bunch wrong with the apartment and they took forever to fix all the things but not everything has been fixed still

Still a lot of maintenance issues, we have a smaller fridge than some other residents which is probably the biggest issue. The gym/ events are nice overall ok

Community is great. Very friendly staff and great location to live. Gym is right across from my room and I couldn’t be anymore happier. The luxx is an amazing place to live. Definitely always recommend.

Good staff always having stuff to do in between studying and have fun roommates I couldn't be happier with my decision. The luxx is the best

i really like living here for the price. goodngated community, bit too much noise and i always feel safe. Would recommend to others out there. My dog loves being here as well.

The Luxx has very nice facilities and units. Community assistants are friendly and willing to help, and the events the complex hosts are fun!

Great place to live! The luxx has a very friendly staff who will go out of their way to help you out in whatever you may need! I recommend the Luxx!

Besides the people who play loud music outside and the ones who talk like noeeone lse is trying to sleep, I am quite satisfied by the apartment and it's staff

Fun atmosphere to live in. There is multiple events suitable for all residents which depict the involvement of the community and the efforts to maintain a bond

People are nice and my CA Joey is really creative with different community activities. The office workers are okay they could definitely be more organized. They mixed up my room keys the first day of move in

The Luxx is Amazing ! There’s no better place to live being an incoming Freshman ! I’m so happy that I was able to move here and I’m most definitely coming back next year !

My Luxx experience thus far has been good I guess. Aside from my washer breaking and it taking long to fix, I don't really have so much complaints to rave about!

Living at the luxx has been an experience thus far. The size of the rooms have been met by my expectations. It is very spacious when compared the the villas.

Living environment is great, management needs improvement. The expenses are appropriate and affordable for students. There’s transportation to school so you don’t have to worry