The staff is great! We need a gate code because food delivery people can’t get in and bring us hungry College students our food at all hours of the night.

Love this place. Filled with great people who are very helpful. Kitchen is to die for lol. The pool is great especially at night. They have many events that are great for students.

I personally do not like my unit. I think it’s over priced for such a small space and for no balcony. There is also always crazy people in the halls who just take trash cans and my door mat. I like the pool though and I am glad the pool hours have been extended!

Very cool place to live. Lots of cool people. Adequate housing. Quick maintenance responses. Chill office staff. Unfortunately, not allowed to have hammocks on balcony for some reason but I guess thats ok lol

Overall the apartment experience was pretty good. It would tend to get a little noisy at times, but it never inconvinienced anyone. The management was quick to resolve any noise issues.

Very good comments about this place. It’s a very safe and calm complex to live in with great service. The only reason I wouldn’t give it a 5 star js because the gym is lacking a bit with equipment and the pool is closed the majority of the time

I have loved the community, only problem has been the fire alarms in building B(which have been fixed) and the gates being an inconvinience for everybody.

Love where i live. Luxx is close to everything and offers very nice units. The pool is awesome and the addition of the dog park really sold me.

Love my apartment. Only thing wrong would be the noise. My neighbor above me is so loud with walking around but other than that I love the pool, the gym & just the environment here.

Pretty good experience so far, very modern apartments! Pool is probably my favorite part. Just wish we had a gate code instead of the wrist band!

The luxx has been a great community so far it has it has such friendly people living here. You will definitely build friendships while staying here.

Everything kept breaking. Our apt. was filthy when we moved in. Maintenance took forever to fix things. There were too many parties. Some kid got shot here. Clubhouse closes at 5pm so if you workout later than that you would have to go back to your apt if you needed to use the restroom or get more water. But the CA’s were nice and helpful!!

I had a good time living here and really enjoyed it. The gym and aminities are great. The office was always welcoming. The mail room was really cool and convince the

I like the community in the Luxx, but the apartment that I am living in was not in good conditions. The floor was scratched and lifted up. They have a great pool though.

I kinda enjoy living here but then I don’t not because of my roommate mostly. I’m allergic to cats and then y’all moved me in with her plus she’s super dirty.

Living at the Luxx has its ups and down. The rooms are nice but I just wish I had more space. This year there were so many problems with the fire alarms and management gave really excuses as to why it was happening. I wish I had a better experience.

I’ve had an okay time living here. I wish our privacy was respected just a little more but I definitely have recommended the apartments to other people.

Great community to live in despite the inevitable minor inconveniences you may encounter. The property has excellent amenities and makes it easier to go on with your day with no trouble!

okay experience. some bad situations and some good as well. i enjoy living close to campus and having the shuttle to take me. dog friendly place.

The apartment is nice, could be better some of the appliances havent been replaced in a while. Really noisey community, could use better security system

Great place to live and spend time with friends. Staff and residents are all amazing. Rooms are super clean as well. Definitely recommend to lease here.

The luxx Apartment life is good. They are quick to answer with any maintenance problems, as well as if there is anything wrong with your apartment.

My apartment got robbed, but the office staff and maintenance have been really nice and supportive during the ordeal making sure I am comfortable.

Excellent and understanding management but takes a while for maintenance to fix things! The trash vendor services are a good plus because I don't know where the trash room is located at. But overall, good place to live!

Everything has been good so far, just scared after the shooting report and think security should be tighter with the gates. Also, I think it'll be easier to bring back the gate codes.