Everything has been except for the fact that we never for a remote for our living room tv. We asked a bunch of times already as well. And we still haven't gotten a remote so our tv does not work.

Good service, fast replies staff is always friendly. Lots of amenities and the place is well kept. There is also a lot of community events and free food.

Very nice staff, great facility, quiet neighborhood! Enjoy the food the management team provides from time to time. The gym is also very nice.

I have enjoyed my stay at the luxx and really like the community events . it fields very friendly and I feel very welcomed. I look forward to staying another year

The Luxx is alright I wouldn’t have any problems really except for our washer has probably worked for a month of the entire school year. We just got a new one and it already doesn’t work. The staff is so friendly though

Overall there alpt of issue that have become a problem. I enjoy the staff and the friendliness but I do not like the lack communication sometimes depending on the issue.

Cool place to live at for college. But everything here has been very inconsistent, the gate codes/policy changes monthly. Other then that the Luxx has made a good college experience.

It’s been good, the only thing I have to complain about is the high rent and the dog poop everywhere. I have seen people see their dog poop and still not pick it up when the trash bags and trash can are just a couple steps away

I love being close to campus, the apartment gym and my roomies. It's not a college experience without 1 noisy neighbor, but my overall experience has been awesome.

It has been wonderful, there is plenty of things to do, however the counters are still broken, and there has been a lot of noise complaints in the past.

Great apartment to stay in with great employees. I’ve lived here almost three years and the only complaint is sometimes the internet is terrible and since living here I have only seen downgrades and no upgrades. The gates are worse and the gym has downgraded.

I had the worst experience living at the luxx. From having mold in my apartment, them not contacting my subleaser once she had put in her application to charging me for electric bill will I was no longer living there. I don’t suggest anyone live here

So far I have been here for 4 months and I enjoy the apartments. Loving that it is close to campus and they have access to a shuttle. The units are beautiful

Great place to stay while going to school. I just wish my door to the balcony would get fixed. Its been messed up since we first moved in and a request has been made.

Overall, everything has been great! Really glad I signed here! No regrets on living here, such and amazing place to live and friendly people

The Luxx offers spacious rooms and the appliances were brand new when I first moved in. Haven’t have any compliments. I am planning to stay here next year.

Love my living room now that it’s so decorated. The only thing I don’t like is all the dog poop and how it stinks up when I pass on the sidewalk/

The staff is helpful. The noise is really hard to avoid, you can hear everything. Also, the complex needs some cleaning. I really like that it’s furnished.

I love living here. Lived here for two years now and don't regret anything. Management and maintenance is a little slow but not too bad. Only problem I have is the gates being annoying to drive through.

Cool place to live! Friendly staff. Noise level is super high :) and parking sucks 70% of the time. A little overpriced for what you’re getting too.

My car got towed in MY apartment just for not having a sticker. You guys aren’t very prompt in responding via email. Management is sort of a mess.

I’ve been here for 3 years now, I love it! Staff is friendly and they always fix issues in a timely manner. I also love that there’s security!

honestly good place to live, I enjoyed my time here, they put thought in the way things work. I had to stay at another apartment for a week or 2 and i just kept thinking of what it didn't have that the luxx did.

The Luxx shares a very positive and happy environment! The staff always greets with a smile and it hosts many events in which you could meet your neighbors easily!

I have lived at the luxx for almost 3 years and I’ve loved everything about living here the staff make it super easy and comfortable to live here.