I enjoy these apartments very much. The apartments are great! Neighbors are very nice. Gates are nice. Love the private pouches. The pools are amazing.

Everything seems to be going much smoother since the new management. My only complaint is the gate still doesn’t work half the time and I got a notice two weeks ago that my windows were being replaced yet they aren’t even working in my building. Otherwise the property looks much better and things are much quieter.

The new upgrades are great, it does get annoying having people in and out of the apartment and banging outside. And the the price is definitely not worth it either.

I love living at Madison Landing. They have a great staff and take care of me everytime I have a problem or question about something. Also love how they are dog friendly as well.

I have been living here for almost two years now, so I was here before the management change and it has been a night and day difference. The staff is kind, helpful and really want to help their residents. The professionalism helps me feel comfortable living here. And the gates being closed at night helps to. One suggestion is to keep the exit gates open during the day. If the entrance gates are open, leave the exit gates open as well. Just a thought

I haven’t had anything but a pleasant experience here! I had numerous issues with my wate, however the maintenance here are really persistent. They got it handled.

Its been good so far. Just a few hiccups along the way but everything has been sorted out. There are usually some communication issues between maintenance/me/office.

Thank you to Ms. Brittany for all the assistance she gave in getting us moved over to a new, renovated unit. Her patience with me and the many questions I had is very much appreciated.

Friendly staff, who are prompt with getting the jobs done. I really enjoy living here and seeing all of the updates that’s been added. I would recommend others to live here.

I have lived here for seven years and love it. I really look forward to all of the new changes being finished. I’m so glad Freeman Webb purchased the property. These changes make me feel valued to the company.

The apartments have been really nice, my only issue has been a couple of parking situations, but I understand that parking places are not guaranteed to be available at my location due to other tennents having guests or extra vehicles. My apartment did also have a severe issue with spiders when I first moved in that the "pest control" that was called in didn't really affect (I don't even know if they came despite being told they would), but self-remedies have improved the situation and I have genuienly enjoyed my experience since.

This is a great community and it has a lot of nice amenities like 2 pools and a gym. I love that is is also pet friendly and also has a dog park. Living here feels like a vacation.

I love living here in Madison Landing I've been living here for about 10 years I love the community the area close to work I have convenience stores nearby

We love living here! Our apartment is beautiful and the staff is great. We can't wait to see the finished result of the upgrades! The gym is amazing as well.

I love all the new updates to the community! Very happy and pleased with the new office staff as well. Everyone pays close attention to detail

The place is absolutely beautiful. It is clean and the renovations make this place feel like a whole new complex. The biggest issue so far is ants but other than that we love it here.

I've had my air conditioner go out and called the office and they fixed it that night... they are making the property look very good with the updates!

The Staff here at madison landing made the leasing process quick and painless. The newly renovated apartment is very nice, along with the many ammenaties make this a great place to live!

Great place to start out with my family! Moved in around May and have had nothing but good experiences here on the property. Maintenance and staff very friendly.

I love the community that I live in. I have also meet some nice people along the way and seen some great people move away. This was my first apartment since I moved to the area.

After moving to Alabama a little over six months ago this was the third place I looked at for rentals and knew the minute after driving into the community that this was going to be the place for me. I loved the appearance of the community, it reminded me of places I used to live at in Colorado. After learning about the amenities, price, location and so forth, you know as they say the third time is the charm, and my heart was set on moving to this community.

We are very happy with our decision to move here! There is some noise from the renovations, but it will all be worth it in the end. We are up on the hill and love the grounds and all the big trees!

Leasing Office Staff is amazing! They're professional, very attentive & courteous! The maintenance crew is also very helpful and responsive. I definitely made the right decision moving here!

We have had a good experience, when things break maintence comes quickly. Our only complaint is the lenolium flooring installed in the update is extremely poor quality. It looks nice but it has no durability. We have been here only a few months and our normal furniture leaves impressions on the floor. The paint on the doors seems to come of very easily. The counter tops are nice and other finishes in the update are nice. Our largest complaint is the poor quality of the flooring.

This is the nicest community, so clean, lots of awesome amenities, friendly staff. Once construction is done, it'll be the perfect place to live!