My family and I really do enjoy living here! The staff is great, the maintenance staff are friendly, and it's pretty quite around the neighborhood. My kids love to play at the playground and the pool! Thank you for letting us live here!

This apartments was the answer for at least 4 years, so we stay here. There is several things that love: pools, large parking lots, and more.

Pros: they keep up the lawns nicely and maintenance is quick to respond to any issues. Cons: people don't pick up after their pets, parking is competitive, rent is astronomical, they charge you for things they shouldn't because they can't keep up with their paperwork. My neighbors are nice though. That helps.

Very quiet, nice neibors, great place for kids, clean,bug free and doesn't look fun down, matnice perple are great staff is very friendly. Love this place

So far I have no problems with neighbors or noises. Very peaceful place. I really enjoy my stay here At Madison square. The staff are very friendly and very helpful. I love how clean the area is. I would recommend this place to everybody!

I like living here they make me feel at home and when somethings wrong wit my apartment the maintenance people come through and its very peaceful

So far so good!! I had a couple ssues with my apartment when I first moved in. They came within a few hours of me putting in my request and got it all fixed.

They had my car towed 2 times in the same week. They never tow anyone else when they park in the same spots that my car was in. They are unfair about charging late fees. I was literally 1 minute late and they charged me 86 dollars. It has happened more then once. They never fix anything. My back door has been broke it will not shut and no one will fix it. Washer and dryers always stink and the facility is gross.

Nice property and gives out of town teachers a discount on rent. Good location close to most schools and the University is very close. Major stores and fast food restaurants less than 10 minutes away.

Staff is great!!! Always helpful!!! Always address concerns!!! Complex is clean!!! Repairs fixed promptly!!! I will definitely recommend Madison Square to friends and family!!!

Great place to live at, the area is a good area to live in as well as good surroundings. I enjoy living in the apartments and the fair prices.

Muy bueno tranquilo y acogedor .buenos precios en renta .buen trato en la oficina y empleados magníficos .muy bien recomendado .areas recreativas

Living here has been nice and cozy with help from the staff and all any lil problem I had with anything I’ll call and wishing the next couple business days it was always resolve thank you.

Madison Square is very nice, helpful, clean and a good place to stay at. I love it here. Maintenance is always on time and try their hardest.

Its been ok. New office staff every 6 months or so. They made up some dumb rules. And want money for everything. Almost wanna charge for breathing. They are not luxury apartments. But they seem to think so. Overall its been ok.

its had its ups and downs! i moved in because i was a single mom with ceru little options then rent has went up tramendously and there are a couple ladies in the office that are nice

From the staff to the neighbors, everyones been so nice. The complex is clean, the staff gets back to is immediately. It’s awesome here. We love it.

Nice quiet place with reasonable pricing but need a little work. Ladies at front office good customer service and helped me so far with what I have had questions about

Friendly neighbors. Haven’t experienced anyone that’s rude. Ive never experienced any loud noise from anyone at odd hours. Very peaceful neighbors.

My family and I really enjoy living here. The staff have been very kind to us and the maintenance staff are very helpful. Thank you for letting us live here!

I’ve been living at Madison Square apartments for two years and had no problem all is being good meitenance and all other issue have been fixed on a timely manner I have no complaints as a resident

It's good, but some things should improve, such as eliminating cockroaches. Very good care and maintenance. I like the convenience of being able to have a washer and dryer connection inside the apt.

Nice apartmement. Very convenient location close to restaurants and stores. Really helpful office staff made the moving in process really easy.

So far so great! People are nice and dogs are genuinely welcome. Had a miscommunication with my downstairs neighbor but I'll win her over with time. Let's pray the good vibes continue.

Great experience getting in and quiet neighbors. I appreciate the highway access as well as the convient location. I would recommend Madison Square to friends.