This place is awesome . Great people, neighbors,and staff. The only down side is the laundry accommodation Honestly there needs to be another laundry facility instead of a second pool.

Parking and noise is not bad on Building 3. Very good neighbors as well everyone is respectful. Maintenance will get you taken care of in a matter of days. The new porches are looking good.

We have been here a few days so far our experience has been good. No complaints. Admin staff is amazing. The move in was easy. The entire process was fast and easy.

It’s not a completely terrible place to live. But for the amount we all pay this place should be on a different level than it is. Paying double the rent that’s posted online should get me brand new appliances and a new AC.

Everything's good. I just wished that I lived on the 1st floor and that I lived in an apartment here that further away from the train is all.

Living here is AWESOME! The staff is so nice, the neighbors are easy to get along with, the complex itself is awesome. I absolutely love living here!

I wasn't told that i couldn't get into my unit until after 3pm. I have renters ins but had my previous address on it so they wouldn't give me the keys until i had that switched

This is me and my partners first living experience together, and so glad it was here! Never have any problems and if we do is fixed immediately, nice neighbors and just a great apartment experience!

I don't really know my neighbors. If I knew them better, I could give more information about the community. I wish there was less noise at night sometimes.

Good services been here 3 years and had good and safe areas I would recommend more parking areas and keep up with maintenance on laundry room areas are very clean

It's been good so far. No complaints I hope it stays that way. Looking forward to the rest of the lease term. My roommates Seem happy as well

My experience here has been amazing! The staff is very caring. I feel very safe at home with my baby living in these apartments! Highly recommend this place!

So far it’s been nice than what we started everything has been going good. Everything nice and well not to loud neighbors are nice and yeah.

My apartment community is very nice I have great neighbors which has been so good to have a nice and great community I haven’t had a problem with anyone I have lived around such a nice apt complex and neighborhood

I joined the community in 2018 living time to time with my friend and I decided to rent my own apartment later because I like the position the complex. It is only a few minutes from the shopping center in Odessa and too close for I20 and HWY191. The management are so kind and always available to resolve promptly any issues in my apartment. I really appreciated that and hope they are going to keep it that way as they keep our complex always clean.

The staff is always friendly and takes care of any issues immediately. It has been a great experience living here and the complex is very quiet!

My family and I really do enjoy living here! The staff is great, the maintenance staff are friendly, and it's pretty quite around the neighborhood. My kids love to play at the playground and the pool! Thank you for letting us live here!

This apartments was the answer for at least 4 years, so we stay here. There is several things that love: pools, large parking lots, and more.

Pros: they keep up the lawns nicely and maintenance is quick to respond to any issues. Cons: people don't pick up after their pets, parking is competitive, rent is astronomical, they charge you for things they shouldn't because they can't keep up with their paperwork. My neighbors are nice though. That helps.

Very quiet, nice neibors, great place for kids, clean,bug free and doesn't look fun down, matnice perple are great staff is very friendly. Love this place

So far I have no problems with neighbors or noises. Very peaceful place. I really enjoy my stay here At Madison square. The staff are very friendly and very helpful. I love how clean the area is. I would recommend this place to everybody!

I like living here they make me feel at home and when somethings wrong wit my apartment the maintenance people come through and its very peaceful

So far so good!! I had a couple ssues with my apartment when I first moved in. They came within a few hours of me putting in my request and got it all fixed.

They had my car towed 2 times in the same week. They never tow anyone else when they park in the same spots that my car was in. They are unfair about charging late fees. I was literally 1 minute late and they charged me 86 dollars. It has happened more then once. They never fix anything. My back door has been broke it will not shut and no one will fix it. Washer and dryers always stink and the facility is gross.

Nice property and gives out of town teachers a discount on rent. Good location close to most schools and the University is very close. Major stores and fast food restaurants less than 10 minutes away.