I love my neighbors! All very friendly! One of my neighbors even helped me carry my groceries to my apartment one day because I was struggling watching my toddler and carrying in groceries.

I’ve never had any issues and I’ve been here for over a year and a half. Anytime I’ve had a request for maintenance it’s always been done within the day. Plus it’s affordable for me

So far so good. I've only lived here for a couple of days. I cant really say much on the experience. But it has been pretty good so far. I'm sure it will continue to be good.

The summer was terrible because the AC kept going out, but the maintenance did come every time we called and tried to fix the AC. So thank you for tying to keep my family cool during those hot days!

Everyone in the office is great and any maintenance issues get taken care of immediately. The complex is usually pretty quiet. Laundry facilities are easily accessible

I have lived at Madison Square apartments for going on 3 years. I think the staff here is awesome !! Especially love when the maintenance crew has a quick response time for problems that may occur.

Good place to live Management's great they keep the place clean the yard kept up the maintenance people are the best everybody should live here

Love living at Madison Square! Office staff is super friendly! Quiet apartment complex. Pool is super nice and clean in the summer. My kids live the playground.

Have not had any problems with anyone since my noisy neighbor has left all employees are nice and fun. And put up with all my nonsense. Since I need 140 characters to enter this

Havent had many problems at my apt yet. Things do seem to fall apart easily but just put in an order and they come pretty quickly to fix it.

It's good for Odessa parking needs help and to be remesured and painted. Pools are pretty nasty looking all the time but the over all apartment is ok

This community is in a great location but I wouldn't recommend it for people who have allergies because almost everyone living here has dogs & they dont give a walk thru of the appartment so you can tell if you want to move in or what until you sign the contract pay your money to move in get lights & renters insurance .Besides that they tell you that the appartment has bein cleaned & carpet has being replaced but it hasn't no one should have to experience lies & slow maintenance for the price of these apartments it just not right nor fair to the tenants.

I’ve lived here for almost a year it’s a bit trashy for rhe amount I pay here. Definitely love the square footage it’s a bit out dated but it is what it is

Great and friendly attentive staff! It's just a little unfortunate that some A/C units are too old to really handle this Texas summer heat. Really hope that can be fixed soon. Still would hands down recommend. The maintenance staff is speedy, efficient, and super polite.

Tina has been very accommodating from the very first contact. She has gone above and beyond the expectations of an apartment manager. I’m very pleased with my new apartment home . Madison Square is a lot closer to my place of business which makes my commute time much less than it used to be.

This place is awesome . Great people, neighbors,and staff. The only down side is the laundry accommodation Honestly there needs to be another laundry facility instead of a second pool.

Parking and noise is not bad on Building 3. Very good neighbors as well everyone is respectful. Maintenance will get you taken care of in a matter of days. The new porches are looking good.

We have been here a few days so far our experience has been good. No complaints. Admin staff is amazing. The move in was easy. The entire process was fast and easy.

It’s not a completely terrible place to live. But for the amount we all pay this place should be on a different level than it is. Paying double the rent that’s posted online should get me brand new appliances and a new AC.

Everything's good. I just wished that I lived on the 1st floor and that I lived in an apartment here that further away from the train is all.

Living here is AWESOME! The staff is so nice, the neighbors are easy to get along with, the complex itself is awesome. I absolutely love living here!

I wasn't told that i couldn't get into my unit until after 3pm. I have renters ins but had my previous address on it so they wouldn't give me the keys until i had that switched

This is me and my partners first living experience together, and so glad it was here! Never have any problems and if we do is fixed immediately, nice neighbors and just a great apartment experience!

I don't really know my neighbors. If I knew them better, I could give more information about the community. I wish there was less noise at night sometimes.

Good services been here 3 years and had good and safe areas I would recommend more parking areas and keep up with maintenance on laundry room areas are very clean