Good community. It is kind of noisy if you live on the west or north side of the building closer to US75 and the DART train. Other than that, so far so good.

Nice place to stay. love the amenities , gym and yoga classes. Close to lot of restaurants, friendly management. Swimming pool will be crowded in summer and wont get spot is the only concern :(

I have been living here at the Mallory for almost 2 years now. And it’s an ok place nothing to special. But I feel like for what I pay in rent every month there should be a little more hospitality comeing from leasing office.

The experience here had been nice. No major complaints. I do wish the spaces in the garage were a little wider. And those cement columns are placed in a bad place throughout. I’ve hit them as well as I have seen other vehicles that looks as if they have hit them too.

It’s been really good we really like the apartment it is really great we really like it yes it’s great wow it’s great we like it a lot yes we

We just had out Christmas party dinner last week and again the food that was brought in and cooked on sight was as good as always! Thank Y'all so much and Merry Christmas!!!

Nothing has gone wrong and I’ve never needed maintenance so can’t comment on that. My autopay doesn’t work and the payment system is real confusing and annoying. Everything else is great though.

I have enjoyed living here. I haven’t had any issues with the office or neighbors. Very quiet (at least from my first floor apartment). There were a couple random fire alarms that would go off, unfortunate since I work from home. But it’s been a long while since that has happened.

Pretty great place overall. I've had nothing but good things to say about my apartment to my friends & family when they ask. Staff has also been very pleasant to me too.

Great so far. The apartment is very clean and the view is okay. The pool looks nice but it's freezing outside so I'm never gonna use it for at least a couple of months. Gym doesn't have a bench press but has dumbbells and a few machines and treadmills.

This is a great place to live! We love the floor plan and the quietness. The view is also pretty great. So far we haven’t had any issues with our unit.

When I first moved in, I was expecting something great. Needless to say the apartments here are absolutely positively great and have proper amenities.

I am glad I moved here. The area around the complex is growing and has a ton of great restaurants. The Mallory is always clean and is a safe complex, the staff is great as well.

Great experience so far. It is a nice care environment. The staff is great. My only concern is the parking for guest. My friends came to visit and I did not know the proper place to tell them to park.

My husband and I really have enjoyed the Mallory so far. Everything in the apartment works well. Sometimes the front office is difficult to reach by phone (the text message option does not seem to work at all). Still, overall we are very satisfied.

The Place is beautiful. When I moved in there were some minor damages but they were fixed within a week. I love the location. I won’t lie they don’t always respond to emails which is hard because I’m deaf therefore calling isn’t an option. I am still waiting on a device that I asked for prior to signing lease and prior to moving in. But that’s my only negative. Everything else is perfect

I love the complex. It has great facilities, is well maintained, and in a great location. Only reason I give four stars are the noise from 75 and the Dart, and for the shortage of parking. I often have to park a few floors above my apartment and walk down.

Awesome place to live! Apartments are modern and just feel wonderful to live in. The entire apartment building is clean and bright. Love the pool and workout room. The staff is awesome and if there ever is a problem, they are pronto in fixing it. Im so happy I found the Mallory Eastside!!!

The location is amazing. And really, the unit itself is beautiful and quite well made. Everyone who visits has had nothing but kind things to say.

So far so good! Been here for a few months now and haven't had any problems. Good complex. Parking garage is tight but there's plenty of spaces.

Have been living here for more than a year now. Had no particular complaints til now, but the bike noise is getting serious . Those attention hogs make unnecessarily loud exhaust noises sometimes even in the late night, whenever they enter or leave the apartment zone as if they want to let every resident to know they are here. The noise is so loud to the level of annoyance and disturbance. It's becoming a stress that I have to deal with it everyday twice or less unless they stay home.

This complex is so quiet and peaceful. Even the pet noices are kept up a minimum. The staff is very friendly. I think I'm going to enjoy living here.

Got a great deal when I signed - my parking spot is great, the pool is clean, really the whole complex is clean. Walls are pretty well insulated(I never hear my neighbors). Maintenance is on top of it. There's a random biker who lives here who is super obnoxious but besides that I can't complain.

A good place to stay but does have enough parking space for residents. In the evening there is no parking for visitors. A ruthless towing company goes around towing cars without notice

Living in the Mallory has been a great experience. It is really different of where I used to live, which didn't have the amenities I have here. But I expected more from the staff.