Everything perfect .. except the fire alarms .. need to change or updated . Is already 5 times or more that the alarms turning on in the middle of the night .

My husband and I really enjoy living at the Mallory. We have been here for a little over a year and are really looking forward to another year. The one complaint I have is the fire alarms, they go off to often for my lining. Aside from that it’s all good.

I liked out apartment - roomy with modern touches. The location is very convenient. What I hated the most is the residents who park in reserved slots that we used to pay for.

Very nice apartment complex. The one thing I would really change is the hallways are open. Other than that, everything looks like a luxury apartment complex. It's in a great location for food as well.

I really enjoy living here. The community of people that live here is diverse and friendly. The apartments are gorgeous, modern, and spacious.

From start to finish Jackie provided me with world class, 5 star service. I love my apartment the layout and I’m excited to get settled into my new home. Shout out to the whole staff for making me feel welcomed and at home.

Very good community clean upgraded apartments live the pool area could use more storage inside the apartments Parking could be better love easy access to stores

The amenities are great and I love going to the community events. The apartment has good storage and a nice layout. My upstairs neighbors are a little loud and the walls are thin but overall the experience has been great!

Caleb and Jackie are wonderful. Parties and community events have helped me meet neighbors and feel more at home. New manager Michelle and asst manager Caleb have done well with that. They seem to be a good team. Vince from maintenance is awesome. He goes above and beyond to help with anything. Even little things just to be kind. I appreciate living here.

GReat location, great staff and great place to live. Apartments are very modern and energy efficient. Grounds are kept up very well and any maintenance requests are taken care of quickly. I’ve loved calling The Mallory home!

Really great experience here! I love the community and all the various amenities provided! Great gym, pool, lounge area and even a sky lounge on the top floor! Also everything is kept clean!

Everything has been a great experience with the exception that my car got broken into on day two because the security gate is broken. Id like to see that fixed ASAP - but maintenance and management has been awesome.

Really great place to live with little downsides. Fantastic neighborhood and location with excellent floor plans and staff, though maintenence has been slower than usual recently. Some nitpicking downsides are that the ovens don't have lights unless you open them, the sink isn't tilted towards the drain enough to have everything naturally fall down, and the washer/dryer combo is somewhat lacking in features. Also, floorplans facing outward of the building have gates on their patio fence, but those facing inwards towards the pool do not.

El nuevo equipo, y su manejadora son exlenete grupo, las actividades que estan realizando son muy divertidas, y el mantenimiento es exlente.

I enjoy living here. Most everyone I meet I nice. Other than the occasional tailgater In the parking garage and people driving in the new bike lane. It’s a great place to be. I was super excited they did put a bike lane in our street. As it is just another precaution taken for cyclists like my brother and who ride. And he commutes by bike. So I worry less now. Everything here is always clean and well kept. I know I can always count on the staff to respond if I have a concern. Plus the addition of The Fetch service is extremely helpful.

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The Mallory Eastside has been a quality choice of apartment. Great amenities, very nice unit and maintenance team has been fantastic. No complaints

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Recent change in management has been terrific , a real shot in the arm . We could not be more pleased currently . Everyone is very pleasant and helpful

We just moved in yesterday, so far so good, Jackie was great with us, very informative and very helpful. The apartments overall are really nice and quiet.

so far living at this complex has been pleasant and it is very well maintained. The maintenance service is efficient and quick with service requests. Overall a nice experience and a great place to live!s

Thank you everyone that has played a part in helping me get moved in. Jackie, Caleb, and Ana have all been amazing! The customer service has been out of this world!

New resident, so far I’ve had a great experience. Jackie is always very pleasant and helpful. The apartments are in a great location and amenities are top notch.

Pretty good for the most part other than fire alarms going off every once in a while but everything else is good we enjoy living here it is good

When I moved in, the process was very difficult and unprofessional but overall I enjoy my apartment and new home. I haven't been able to jump in the pool yet but it does look very inviting.

We have been here just about a year and for awhile we’re concerned that we wouldn’t stay due to management concerns. Thibgs have gotten better and we are happy to say we have renewed our lease! We are looking forward to another year here.

I’ve been here a little over 2 weeks and i absolutely love it. Everyone in the leasing office is so wonderful to work with. No complaints from me!