This place has been awesome so far. Love how easy it was to move in and get everything set up. Definitely will recommend this place to friends.

I've only been here for a short time but I like that everything feels premium in our apartment. I wish there's more security than what it is right now but I don't feel unsafe anyway.

The property is very nice and modern with a cheap price compared to other properties in the area. They also offer great move in specials. However, they are very disorganized in the office. They take forever to do research about simple questions such as "How much do I owe at move in?" or "Do you have a storage unit available on my floor?"

Things are great we really enjoy our apartment and the complex it is really nice the only thing I don’t like is i wish it had a small play ground for kids

We have absolutely loved it here. It is such a nice property with great amenities. We have lived here since the day it opened and have loved it (for 2 + years now).

My expectations haven’t been fully met. I love my apartment, but the community could use some improvement. There seems to be a lot of misorganization.

Staff is extremely friendly and have always been so helpful with our requests and grievances . So far my stay has been extremely pleasant and I look forward to next year

So far I love it here; the apartment is a dream! The leasing office staff are a delight and worked with me to get everything squared away with my move being such short notice. I really do with the gym had a squat rack though 😂

So far my experience at The Mallory has been incredible. The staff is superb! The amenities are great! I am very pleased with everything. If everything continues to go well, perhaps I can live here for more than a year.

My tour here was much better than any other apartment I had looked at. The floor plans felt like a good fit and the model really felt like home. The appliances are nice and moving in was simple enough despite the extra last minute paper work that was misplaced or not requested by the apartment before moving day. My toilet needs a new seat and the door on my balcony leaks when it rains. Being next to the highway is something to get used to but I have both my 65 and 75 lb dogs here and the elevator and doggy poo bag stations take a lot of the frustration out of apartment living with pets. The pool is well kept and they always have the coffee machine stocked downstairs. I’ve only been here half a week but so far it gets better every day.

I like it here at The Mallory! There are always little things that may happen which can be annoying or inconvenient for most. It is what it is... Everything is Going Good on My Side of the Complex I think my upstairs neighbors are practicing for a three ring circus... IDK

Experience at the Mallory is really great and I would recommend to anyone who is interested in living in a place with a great environment and great scenery.

So far it’s been great ! Great team members in the office , quiet, clean community ! Ms Jackie was a wonderful help ! She made the process very smooth

Moving in was easy and the process was simple. I had some issues with how dirty the unit was and the fact that one of my kitchen drawers was missing

The Mallory has left me pleased with my stay over the past 9 months due to the great floorplans, modern design and high end furnishing. Overall very pleased with my apartment.

So far so good! I recently moved in and I love the area. I think I found the perfect place to call home. I especially love the amenities. It's hard to get a hold of the front desk sometime which I'd say is the only downside.

Appreciate the space in the kitchen, as well as the extra space in the closet. Kitchen sink is great, although adjustable pressure could be better. No dog park is a downer

I really enjoy live at THE MALLORY, the location is very good! The people is so kind. And everything is calm around here. I made the best decision to live here! I’m new and I’m so happy

It is in a Great location. It is clean and the staff is friendly. Only complaints I have is the gate is constantly breaking down and the fire alarms go off when there’s no fire.

Great facility! The outside area around the pool is great! The workout room is very clean, organized and well maintained. Close to 75 and a ton of restaurants.

absolutely sweet people! apartments and community areas are clean and welcoming! the apartment employees have been very helpful with our move!

Jackie was great with getting me set up! The community is awesome and everything is so close! I’m so happy I chose to live here. The grounds are always kept really clean as well

I’m so happy with my decision to move to The Mallory, the staff has been very friendly. The people that I’ve seen on my way have been very friendly too

Some minor stuff were broken or left uncleaned when I moved in, but other than that the place is great. The area and amenities are great and offer a lot to do.

Apartment was dirty when moved into. The washer did not work,and air filter looked like it had never been changed. The Assistant Manager has been rude, and they are slow to respond to emails.