The apartment is great but management not so much. Community is dirty and the fire alarms go off for hour! Not a pleasant experience but love the apartment

The complex and apartments are nicely maintained. There are simple amenities in the courtyards that support community events like looking out and swimming. I also believe that the inner corridors had security

I love it here. I just moved in to Dallas, the minute we toured this apartments , we confirmed this as a home. Though initially we had some fall backs , staff helped us out to clear out the issues and gave us very good service. Now we can proudly call this as our home. Very peaceful, beautiful community.

I’m a new resident here and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been working with Jackie and she has been most helpful during the whole move. She is super sweet and understanding of residents needs. I didn’t even need to ask questions, she had it all mapped out. I would 100% recommend this place to everyone! Ask for Jackie, she is the best!

We've lived here since the first day The Mallory Eastside opened back in 2017. It's been a lot of fun and a good experience overall. The amenities are beautiful (except for that fountain!)--we've loved the pool, gym, and clubhouse. Parking has never been a problem for us, and we enjoy that it's covered here for everyone. It can be a little noisy above and below, but that's apartment living; I don't ever hear the people next to us. The office staff is typically friendly, albeit not the most organized at times. Overall, we've enjoyed living here, and the location is amazing.

I recently moved to The Mallory and do not have any complaints about the staff or the community. Everyone has been super helpful. They have been very fast and timely. Overall a good experience so far.

I recently moved this apartment and I really pleasant with the community and staffs. Complex is nice and clean. Staff were really kind and they give a good service :)

So far I love this place and it’s been pretty smooth. Only have had a few issue but nothing to big like the fire alarm the first week I was here. I also had issue with letting people into the property and mail key. Outside of that I love the staff and how nice and helpful they are.

Just moved in a week ago. Everything has been great so far! The office se been very helpful with our move in. The cleaning company missed a few things so we got a complimentary clean.

Really a nice community to live in. So happy! The staff if wonderful and maintenance get the job done quick! The parking can be a bit overwhelming at times. The resort feel to it all gives me relaxations after a long day at work❤️

I have not had any major issues with the complex thusfar however it is very frustrating when they do not answer the phone or return emails timely. The only Additional thing I would suggest would be to have cleaning services daily for the outer areas of the apartment.

Everything has been fantastic!! The ladies in the front office are always helpful and friendly. It’s wonderful to be able to be excited to come home and not dread my living conditions.

After a full month of living here, The Mallory Eastside has been a very nice apartment complex to move into. Great amenities and location, I have no complaints so far.

Horrible maintenance.. I already send 2 request for the same thing..and is already a month..and still waiting ..the cleaning around the building is very poor .

I am a new resident on this property, but everything has been great so far. Move in was super quick and easy and the office has been quickly to respond to any comments or concerns that I have. The property is so beautiful and i love the feeling of feeling safe at my home.

It is a Nice apartment and friendly community. The location is really nice and quiet. Friendly management. Nice amenities. Plenty of places to hangout.

Could be better as I am happy but not that I was expacting it to be as my home. Need good parking space and rules also pool area should be restricted for food.

Good points: Building is new. One of the staff, Jackie, is a true gem! Friendly, helpful and everything that one could ask for. Bad points: Dog feces in the hallways. All over! Disgusting and unsanitary! I would be ashamed to have anyone visit. Their first impression would be revolting. Although the building is new, it is not disability accessible. None of the doors to get in has a handicapped button to push to open it. Fire false alarms! The alarm system is set dangerously loud in the hallways. My ears are still ringing from the most recent false alarm. I am very concerned about hearing damage. During the false alarms, I see that the building staff have been provided with industrial hearing protection to wear.

Just move down in and everyone is extremely helpful. The property is well kept and it’s in a great location that has access to a lot of fun things to do such restaurants or recreational activities.

I love everything about the Mallory nice happy environment the hall that i stay on is always very quiet I love the poolside area they have parties there gatherings and everyone is always so friendly

This place has been awesome so far. Love how easy it was to move in and get everything set up. Definitely will recommend this place to friends.

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I've only been here for a short time but I like that everything feels premium in our apartment. I wish there's more security than what it is right now but I don't feel unsafe anyway.

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The property is very nice and modern with a cheap price compared to other properties in the area. They also offer great move in specials. However, they are very disorganized in the office. They take forever to do research about simple questions such as "How much do I owe at move in?" or "Do you have a storage unit available on my floor?"

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Things are great we really enjoy our apartment and the complex it is really nice the only thing I don’t like is i wish it had a small play ground for kids

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We have absolutely loved it here. It is such a nice property with great amenities. We have lived here since the day it opened and have loved it (for 2 + years now).

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