Overall everyone is very helpful. I don't have any complaints. My neighbors are very loud and they play very loud Hispanic music. Otherwise everything is good.

This is a lovely place to live! I would give it 5 stars, however, the maintenance doesn't always show up when they say they will. Also, the dumpster over fills a lot to the point where there is trash falling out of it and onto the parkinglot.

Living at Manchester at Mansell has had it’s ups and downs but since the new management we have seen mass improvements I with the up keep of the grounds and service request. Looking forward to seeing better conditions as we move forward!

I moved here from South Texas July 27, 2017. When researching the area, it was helpful that the Manchester at Mansell site had answers to all my questions. I did everything involving my deposit and then post in my rent once I was here online. I really like the area I am located in and the amenities that come with the apartment as well. This was a really good choice.

Over all ok. Wish something could be done about the gate. I hate how the traffic gets backed up and nobody ever has their key. I would like to suggest clearing out the call and ensuring that it works properly. I think that would help a lot with the traffic and flow so that people can call their phones and be let in instead of people just waiting for someone to come out the exit. Also can't help but notice the landscaping changes. Great improvement hoping we can get some pretty flowers and bushes planted in the spring! Still don't know much of the staff. I will say that y'all have improved on answering phones when I call some one always answers. Liked how quickly maintenance responded to my leak.

So far so good. No complaints just moved in and Quinten at the leasing office was the best. He was very helpful and patient. It’s very peaceful and the neighbors are very nice.

Its ok so far. Neighbors are friendly. Apartment staff also friendly. I ve only been here couple of weeks everything is at a good start. Hope yhongs stay that way.

It's a beautiful place as far as the grounds are concerned. I used to live here before (moved out in 2015) and it's under new management. Unfortunately, it's different now and not in a good way. Maintenance requires more than one trip to get repairs properly completed, it isn't as safe as it used to be, and the rents have definitely gone up but the apartments aren't renovated and are just as "standard rental" as they used to be. I've been here since November and I'm already tired of calling for maintenance. I have a neighbor that just smokes weed and hangs out in the hallways all day being creepy. It's sad... I used to love it here. I'm stuck for another 13 months. On a positive note, my apartment is comfortable and it was clean when I moved in. No bugs really... The occasional tree bug or spider. They just started valet trash. Crossing my fingers in the hopes that it gets better while I'm here

At first my experience wasn't the best. But after meeting the maintenance guys and working with Alvin things are much better. Its frustrating not working with the same office personnel.

It's fine and all but I guess something's are rusty and kind of old but it's something to get used to. Everything's fine some neighbors are load but not to loud.

3 Management companies in 3 years 👎. Maintenance pretty efficient. Helpful staff. Trash dispenser always in overflow. Glad they are trying to solve the problem with valet trash pickup.

Los mejores apartamentos en el area de Roswell, en cuanto a seguridad, limpieza y atención al cliente, llevo 8 años viviendo en sl complejo.

Living in Manchester is extremely convenient and perfect for my wife & I who are just starting out. Only two issues we have here are the arm trying to get in here and they cut down all the bushes in front of our windows without warning.

The apartment itself is wonderful. We love the space and are getting so much for the price. Unfortunately when we moved in we were told that maintenance would be by to fix a few things. Nothing major, broken tiles in the kitchen and the door handle was loose. We've been here three months and never seen maintenance. We've also had a few problems with getting mail and the gym has been closed for a while with no explanation. Overall not a bad experience though, just a few things that are a bit of a pain to deal with.

Other than new management changes everything has been great. I feel safe in my apartment very spacious accommodation are great. All the staff are warm and welcoming.

The office staffs are professionally courteous and are concerned about resident’s needs most of the time. However, follow up is poor when there is a maintenance issues in the apartment. There is a need for a office staff whose job is to make sure residents’ concerns are made in a timely manner especially when it comes to an emergency that doesn’t require 911 call. The maintenance team need to wake up. Although in fairness to them, it’s not easy but they should have known it won’t be any easy because it’s an apartment job. The least they can do is keep the residents in light about their maintenance issues. Why does it have to take days for a simple repair.

It’s been wonderful living here I love my apartment and the staff is great I only wish they would keep there word and fix issues in my apartment

My experience moving in was very unorganized. The size and style of my apartment made up for that experience though. I do really like my apartment and my neighbors. There are many improvements that need to be made within the complex and my apartment, but I do see that the new management is making moves toward making the place better.

I love the community but it is the hardest thing to get things fix. I have been trying to get thing fix in my unit for year and trying to get the tennis net fix....no luck. I dont like paying for features that are broke

Moved here over 2 weeks ago and I must say living here is really amazing. I love the environment, it’s really beautiful. Also love the services.

Parking isn't so great. I am waiting on a handicap parking, and the walk way light is out, I can't see going up the stairs. I work late somenights

Great place to live. Manchester is quiet, comfortable and close to a lot of great restaurants. The roads are well kept, and the while the gate rarely works, at least it gets stuck open instead of stuck closed.

Been here 3 yrs, have see neighbors come and go, I like it here, it’s peaceful and quiet. I like the fact that there are no children/teenagers in the bldg that I live in

I have been pretty pleased with most everything so far. I just was not happy that there were a few things missing and broken when I first moved in, and it took the maintenance a while to show up to fix it...Despite minor issues, everyone is very nice and willing to help.

2 yrs and counting. New Management. Love the new changes. Have not had any issues. Wish maintenance had an appointment schedule. Other than that thumbs up