It’s been wonderful living here I love my apartment and the staff is great I only wish they would keep there word and fix issues in my apartment

My experience moving in was very unorganized. The size and style of my apartment made up for that experience though. I do really like my apartment and my neighbors. There are many improvements that need to be made within the complex and my apartment, but I do see that the new management is making moves toward making the place better.

I love the community but it is the hardest thing to get things fix. I have been trying to get thing fix in my unit for year and trying to get the tennis net luck. I dont like paying for features that are broke

Moved here over 2 weeks ago and I must say living here is really amazing. I love the environment, it’s really beautiful. Also love the services.

Parking isn't so great. I am waiting on a handicap parking, and the walk way light is out, I can't see going up the stairs. I work late somenights

Great place to live. Manchester is quiet, comfortable and close to a lot of great restaurants. The roads are well kept, and the while the gate rarely works, at least it gets stuck open instead of stuck closed.

Been here 3 yrs, have see neighbors come and go, I like it here, it’s peaceful and quiet. I like the fact that there are no children/teenagers in the bldg that I live in

I have been pretty pleased with most everything so far. I just was not happy that there were a few things missing and broken when I first moved in, and it took the maintenance a while to show up to fix it...Despite minor issues, everyone is very nice and willing to help.

2 yrs and counting. New Management. Love the new changes. Have not had any issues. Wish maintenance had an appointment schedule. Other than that thumbs up

There have been very few occasions when dogs nearby are noisy, but it is very quiet and calm despite the fact that there are a few dogs around.

Community is wonderful....have patience when it comes to application process won't call u back but it's very quite and neighbors are very polite

There has been so many changes from bad management to what seem to ok management now. I have had multiple major maintenance items while living here.

Is a great place to live The apartment is nice and spacious the staff office special miss tacha ,,,, muy hermosos me encantan muy limpio todo la cocina es muy grande

I would give 5 stars, but I've mentioned my AC doesn't work and 2 outlets aren't working, but no one has been sent to fix these problems. Other than that complaint, it's been a wonderful experience. I love the community, my neighbors and the staff in the office.

The apartments are very spacious and have lots of closet space, the neighborhood is very big with two pools, a fitness center and laundry room

Overall not bad. Noisy neighbor and they apparently don't sleep. Complex very good. I have great connection with leasing agents and maintenance workers are good.

It's takes a minute for them to come fix your apartment, but at the end they her the job done. Im really impressed with the new change in and outdoors.

First let me start with the pros.. I love my apartment for a family of 5 my 3bd 2bh is amazing. I love how my room is separate from the rest of the rooms. love the space my living room and sun room provides. My neighbors are over all friendly and the location of the apartments is perfect. Close to everything! Now for my Cons. first It took for ever for them to give me my approval and move in date an than when I was given a move in date the day before I called to ask a question and to my surprise no one knew about me moving in I was told my apartment would not be ready for me to move tomorrow and that I would have to wait a week. mind you I was to be out my previous apt. on my original move in date so i had to move all my things to storage and live in a hotel for a week with my 3 kids. Not only was this a major inconvenience for me but i had to pay for a storage and hotel room. I was told that they would talk to me about reimbursing some of my expenses but here we are 4 months later and nothing. Also parking is ridiculous if you come home after 6pm expect to have to park several buildings down from your actual building. Which i find very crazy seeing how im paying 1300 + a month and cant even park in front of my building. Also I am charged monthly for pest control yet no one has ever came to spray my unit. Also the mosquito's make it impossible to do anything outside. I see a landscaping crew every week yet i dont understand why they are not spraying for mosquito's or trimming any of the trees or bushes. Maintenance sucks when i moved in one of my bedrooms had a huge hole in the door i was told tht the door had been ordered and they were just waiting for it to come in. Here i am 4 months later and I still have a huge hole in my door. The roaches are horrible i used to live in stone mountain and I did not have roaches i never thought that moving to Roswell would mean I would have to live with roaches.Office staff never know what is going on and every time I speak to them they seem overall annoyed that is if you can even get them on the phone.

Pretty solid community. Great value and has been nice to see upgrades around the neighborhood. Friendly folks and staff. Location is really nice for area and size of apartments are great value

I love living here the only thing I strongly dislike is that the maintenance crew don't really getting anything done/fixed and the office doesn't pick up the phone when you call.

I am falling in love with this community. Great staff and the community is looking great. I moved in to this neighborhood in March and I have seen a major turn around.

I love living here. The location is great and I love my apartment. Neighbors are friendly and decent people. Quiet and peaceful living here.

Great apartment to live.nice community the only the is they need more maintenance to quickly service the apartments.I had to call so many time about my tub

I have had a great experience with Manchester at Mansell and the new management is very helpful and the maintenance team is awesome. I have not had any issues and I love my apartment.

I’ve been a resident for almost two years. I love my apartment and the community! A few flaws with the maintenance staff getting work orders done but overall I love it!

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