CUSTOMER SERVICE IS VERY BAD, LACK OF COMMUNICATION NO RESPECT TO LONG TIME RENTERS, AND NO SENSE OF URGENCY. The management changes often to where you can not build a customer relationship. Therefore, no one knows anyone.

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good experience to stay at mandolin apartments. near by malls gas stations . nice swimming pool and gym. good experience to stay at mandolin apartments

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The landscape is always kept up. They always have bags for the doggy waste containers. Sometimes it’s noisy but not too bad. The staff is always nice.

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There are To many fees and there are snakes on the walkway path and also the grass over there really needs to be cut as well however the front office ladies are nice

staying here for almost 2 yrs. Everything near by and nice place to stay. staying here for almost 2 yrs. Everything near by and nice place to stay.

Best apartment complex by far! Everyone here is so nice & understanding! If you are looking for a nice community complex, look no further!!!

Too many fees, I do not like the water provided and I also do not like how my trash isn’t always being picked up even though It’s mandatory to pay for vallet but overall it is a very quiet and nice community

Great mgmt staff. Always receptive to improve and accommodate our residence experience! Maintenance crew responds to maintenance requests and go above and beyond the call of duty.

The community is so friendly! There is always family friendly events going on that we love to attend! Office staff is always ready to take care of whatever you are needing!

I have nothing bad to say about the staff or the buildings! I am VERY happy the new management took over and it has only improved the resident experience. Keep up the good work!!!

The actual apartment/leasing staff is fine nothing special there. They have recently added a cares team to do events/social gatherings 2-3 times a month which are pretty fun and you get to win prizes. The things I love about this place are the neighbors I have, the trail/park behind the complex and the bus stop for my kids' school.

Best place ever!very relaxing friendly area calm environment. Accept bad crime area with break ins. Lots of dogs. Nice pool. Sad gym not enough weights to use

Have been leaving in mandolin close to nine years and this is one of the better apartments in terms of security, open space available and also the office services

Best apartment complex by far! I will def be renewing my lease! Everyone here is so nice & understanding! If you are looking for a nice community complex, look no further!

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Have been a residence here for over a year and a half very disappointed in the billing process cannot receive any answers on all the different changes that are made every month since August on the building that was not in my contract when I resign contact corporate can I get a response will be sending a certified letter love the property and have enjoyed living here but there is now time for a change

It has had its up and downs. Lynn was awesome but since she left it has gone back down. She was helpful. The price has gone up and the property has went down.

Great apartment complex! Very flexible & super understanding! I’ve been here for almost 2 years & do not plan on leaving anytime soon! About to sign my third lease agreement! Love the Mandolin!

Wonderful place to live. Quite and with plenty of shade trees. Lots of shopping and new resturants and movie theaters. Close to the Beltway too.

Lots of friends in the community and kids also have lot of friends to play with. Most of the shopping centers are easily accessible. Kind of like the school too. Wish there was play area for the kids

Everything good except the monthly cable charges that comes by default. this should have been optional instead of mandatory. Also the new services which gets added like valet thrash should be optional. whoever wanted can opt for that, instead of making mandatory for all. we rarely use these two services.

We like mandolin apartments .spacious apartments with lot of greenery along with great community.maintainence works done so fast .staff is very friendly

We have been staying in mandolin for last 2 yrs and liked the apartment and all services here. i would recommend this all friends and families.

Excellent and Friendly Community ,Even residence so spacious for 1BHK also i never seen anywhere else.And they had a good gym and pool,Gated community.

It’s ok living here. I had a few issues when I first moved in but they got fixed. I saw a lady walking her German Shepard/malinois and it went after a guys jack russel. She didn’t try and stop the dogs and just stood there watching her dog try and kill the other one and all I could think was they don’t really pay attention to all the aggressive dogs that shouldn’t be here. I have a dog and if I can keep her from barking on the patio and clean up her poop I don’t see why other ppl here can’t.

Moving from a home to apartment is a big change. Mandolin apartment is nice, take a lot to get use to. Resident are friendly. Staff is friendly and polite.