good furniture and good internet for living. and staff are all professional and eager to help me whenever I need. So thanks a lot for your help.

Great! Staffs have been very helpful. Feeling taken care. I enjoy watching dogs taking a walk. Loving free Starbucks coffee and fitness access too!

It is good. It is not far from the university. There is free coffee at the community center. There is one thing I want you to improve is the fitness center. It iwould be better if you add more power training equipment.

The community is really great! Location is so convenient, and rent includes all utilities and a fully furnished place so that’s great. The staff can be slow and/or unresponsive to resident concerns, mostly because they know how high demand the place is so there’s always someone willing to move in. The apartments are also a little cheaply made, obvious corners were cut during the building phase.

The apt has some problems, not too emergency, but bring some inconvenient. For example, the handle of shower was mis-installed, so in winter the hot water is not big enough and I always feel cold.

Its a great community for serious grad students. Generally very quiet. I've never had an issue with a neighbor. The community center is a great place to study. Free coffee. Rarely have maintenance problems; my only complaint is that maintenance is unavailable at night. The free gym is cool, although the gym is small so I'd avoid it at certain hours.

noise isolation is terrible. you can hear noise coming from other apartments and from the street. somehow the walls are too thin and flimsy.

The environment is nice, but it's understaffed. The maintenance is slow but the people are nice. Private bedrooms and bathrooms are available throughout the complex and it's a 15 min walk to the engineering quad

Maplewood Apartments is unique to Graduate, faculty, and professional students. They offer studio to 4-bedroom apartments just a short walk from Collegetown, Cornell University, and all the things that make the Ithaca community unique and lovable. Whether I am enjoying time in downtown Ithaca or cheering on the Big Red,they take care of all the details. They offer the right location. The right environment. The right price.

Decent apartment, staff are nice but don't seem to be well-informed. Communication is lacking. On-call resident advisors and maintenance don't always call you back, when you have afterhours emergencies

The overall experience in Maplewood apartment is just amazing. It’s a brandy new apartment so everything is well functioned and looks great. The community is quiet and welcoming.

Nice furniture, nice community center , Walking distance to campus. Free coffee and tea. recommend not to choose the townhouse type.......!!!

It has been a great experience thus far. Only about a month in but so far can’t complain. Hopefully it stays the same throughout the year. Thanks

Overall good, except 1. slow maintenance response 2. not allow tenants removing the furniture 3. network sometimes will be offline 4. bathroom too big while bedroom too small

Maplewood is a very good apartment for students studying at Cornell University, it has furniture and internet and many other useful things like dishwasher.

Love the amenities around the community, the newness of all the appliances in the individual rooms and the community center. Staff are always extremely helpful as well, given the wide range of problems they have to tackle!

The apartments are modern and spacious and the neighborhood and amenities are well kept and clean. The only thing I would change is the transportation options to campus, especially for the students that live a little further from the one bus stop that is currently available.

overall it's ok. although i would prefer a larger garage in my townhouse. moreover, it is freezing cold in the lower level, while my roommates upstairs said it's hot as hell up there. The venting system definitely could be advanced.

I am happy with the size and amenities within my room. I am happy with the gym (although a little small). I think that especially in the beginning (last year) the staff meant well, but did not think things through very carefully in timing on sending out announcements etc. Overall I am happy and I would definitely recommend Maplewood to a friend! Thanks for everything.

the location is good, I can walk 20min to the building every day. new furniture, nice community center. the noise is some kind of bad thing.

I have a two bedroom apartment. It is a very nice and comfortable space though the construction is a little cheap. The community center is pleasant and has a nice gym. The management is generally very nice but is a bit disorganized and slow to fix maintenance requests.

Rooms are very clean. All the furniture and appliances at home are superb. I love the community centre. Specially, the Gym and free coffee. Maintenance is kind of slow.

great service. people are nice. staff members are helpful and friendly. The community center could hire more people for helping package delivery.

Good location, good amenity with reasonable price. However, I'm not satisfied with sound insulation. My friends and I can hear each other even if we use very light voice. it's unacceptable and I hope you can make some improvements.

I am really enjoying living at Maplewood. There are some hiccups, like not being able to submit a maintenance request and other issues like a shortage of employees in the office. Overall though, I am happy with my time here.