If I was to give a grade it would be a 50 there’s a lot of good and bad things about this complex, good things are when we have special events, but some bad things are like how Unreliable the elevator is

I really like the set up of the apartments, but I have a few complaints. Firstly, the stairs always smell horrible and they’re always sticky or there’s dog poop in them. Secondly, there isn’t enough visitor parking and one of the spots has glass shattered everywhere and has been there for weeks now. The visitor lot at night is always completely full to the point that my guests have to stalk the cars there to wait for one to leave so they can park there. The parking on the street also says no parking and is always full as well, so the street isn’t an option. My last complaint would be the “locks” and “gated community”. The little lock pad we have is useless because the stair doors or the doors to get into the building are never locked. They haven’t been locked once since I’ve lived here. Also the gate is never closed. I believe it’s because the mavmover comes in here? I’m okay with the gate not being closed, but why advertise that and give out codes if the gate has never closed. Thank you for reading this!

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Units themselves are generally good. Spacious living room with decent sized rooms. Having my own bathroom is really nice, I just wish the tiles weren't so ugly. Maintenance of the building can be greatly improved. I'm glad the elevator doesn't break as often, but when it does break for a few days it's terrible.

I love living at maverick place. The location shuttle conscience and staff all make the experience wonderful. The gym had all equipment needed for an impactful gym experience

Its been good. Staffing has been very helpful with everything. Maintenance team i on top of their game, and is super helpful. Overall my resident experience has been positive.

I love the location and staff! Maintenance could be a bit quicker but they get it done right the first time:) I do wish people would clean up after their pets

I love it here. the area is great and it’s honestly so fun to communicate with other. the apartment could use some brushing up but apart from that it’s great

The experience has not been that well. The stairway is always smelly and dirty. The door on the 4th floor is always closed and is really hard to open.

The experience hasn’t been that great at all. There are so many issues. Like the lack of maintenance for public areas, there is dog poop and pee all over the place. Additionally, we are charged for parking.

move in was quick and very relaxing. The maintenance fixed everything in my new apartment the same day as move it. They have very fast customer service and definitely would recommend living here.

So far, it’s been a good experience. The only issue I have is the pet policy, since that started the complex is a lot more dirty and unkempt. I understand it’s about accommodations, but maybe a meeting with pet owners to better explain the importance of picking up after their pets would help. In addition, maybe the hallways could be cleaned more often 🤗

There will be some wrong bills. The next month's rent that I have to pay in my account is inexplicably showing a parking fee of 10$. I am not sure why.

I've been living here for over an year and the people here are friendly. The problems I've has been solved in a timely manner. But they have also lost some of my forms, and charged me some fees that I have to resolve every month. As well It's been scary that the gates are open when guns where fired last a couple of months ago.

The apartment is really good. But at times the elevator isn't working or the staircase way is smelly. Rest the place and the stay is perfect!

The issues that I had with Maverick Place echo the same complaints that everyone else within the reviews share. The hallways all contain dog poop, smell like the sewers, and are hardly ever cleaned. The dumpsters are always overflowing and seem to never fully get emptied. Maverick Place employs a predatory towing service, with strict parking limitations and lack of parking.

This place is absolutely terrible. Some of the staff are nice and the maintenance men are super nice but other than that and the common areas, this place is trash.

Everyone in the community is always helpful and positive and is aware for anything. Its been times where i was locked out of my apartment and the staff was eagerly ready to assist me. Another time was during the renewal process and they took the time out to make sure that everything was completed correctl, with a intriguing conversation to make me feel comfortable.

I do have concerns about the cleanliness of the complex and there does seem to be alot of weed usage as the halls smell a good amount, but the service team is incredibly friendly and helpful.

While the staff is welcoming and accommodating, the facility need updating. The elevator hardly works and the halls smell. Also roommate pairing needs to be taken seriously to enhance residential experience,

Clean location, safe location . Friendly staff and very helpful .friendly neighbors . Nice clean pool. Located around many stores .easy access to freeway

It’s even good my roommates are cool, the gym stays empty most days so peaceful workouts, and it’s nice to meet interesting people. I just wish there was more visitors parking

I have had a lovely experience since moving in to Maverick Place. If there was one thing I could change though it would be the elevator. It is old and does not work sometimes.

Living her has been cool, it was alittle bumpy at first but it’s all cool now, my roommate is cool, we get along just fine, the room is alittle rough but it’s cool

Overall living here is really nice, unfortunately, the cleanliness and upkeep leaves much to be desired. There is always an unpleasant smell around the property, I don't know if it is the animals or the trash, lack of cleanliness as a whole.

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