Good living experience with great roommates but we had major problems with maintainence for my entire two years I've been living here. No shows and constant issues with AC and appliances

Staff is unorganized and I never get my rent bill. Feel unsafe. Smells like trash. Cheap. Fast maintenance service. Low overdraft. Free parking is good

The staff and maintenance has always been on top of their game ever since I've lived here in the beginning of 2014! Such a wonderful place to live at :)

I've lived at the Village of Alafaya for three school semesters, and never have j once had an issue last long enough where they did not fix it. I love it here. The maintenance staff are professional and always so nice as well as the front desk staff (the CAs). I couldn't imagine living entente else as I attend UCF!

Always friendly and helpful.the staff is always on the ball and my place is in great shape. The grounds are lovely and the pool is nice. I love living here.

I actually really like living here! Now that there's new management, I think everything will run even smoother. At first, I wasn't crazy about management because work orders and other questions seemed to not be that important to the student office staff. But now, everyone seems to be working together well and are actually interested in helping us residents out!

The community as whole is perfectly fine. The only complaints would be stuff that you couldn't escape by going to a different complex. Like loud neighbors....

I love the neighborhood but some things need improvements. The trash needs to be picked up more often and maintenance should come within 48 hours of putting in a new work order. Also, the electric bill is outrageous sometimes.

Maintenance takes a bit sometimes and they don't always solve the issues, but at least the staff can be a friendly bunch of people. People arround can be very loud.

The rooms and the closets are huge which is great, but it's the only advantage of living here. The kitchen can barely fit two people. The office is slow, rude, and unhelpful. When initially moving in, they changed my room assignment, (and my room mates), with out telling me. I was completely blind sided on move in day. Careful about room B, the window is small and may be blocked from sun completely (it's completely dark in my room by 3pm). And stay away from room A because the window is accessible from the outside. The area, to no fault of Alafaya Club, isn't safe and isn't getting better. Even living in the building closest to the office, my apartment was broken into. The office is doing little to increase safety standards. Also, there is a raccoon problem-which would be normal for this area if the raccoons didn't chase you down the stairs if you come near them. It's hard to give up all the personal space here, but I don't recommend Alafaya Club.

i hate it my couches are gross my carpet is gross there's roaches the size of California they won't help me switch out or move it it's like im a prisoner of Alafaya club not to mention we always have overages and we don't even use the ac

So fat its going good , the maintenance has been very helpful. And everyone in the office is friendly. I do wish that they could get rid of the raccoons.

The staff is extremely kind and personable. Living here has been an awesome experience and everyone should consider here before anywhere else.

The community and staff are kind and nice. The exterior should be kept up more. There is a lot of garbage everywhere and the walls are dirty on the outside in the hallways

I moved in, in the Fall of 2014 and I have nothing but great feedback from this development. Everyone in the office is extremely helpful and always looking out for their residents. I will definitely be living here for the rest of my college days.

I love living here at Alafaya club .. I like the fact that the apartment and the rooms are large and spacious .. The only thing that I think can be improved is having more amenities and the pest problem

My experience has been neutral. The neighborhood is nice and the people in the office are too, but the maintenance is very bad so they end up balancing out

Very good sized bedrooms and living areas compared to other communities. Management is friendly and very attentive in the office but work orders may take a few days to be fulfilled. Community holds frequent community events with free food, so that's good too.

No massive complaints really, everything is really solid here. If I had to complain it would be that the last 2 months have been communicated poorly with rent not being processed in time but that was temporary.

The amount of space is definitely a plus. My closet is one of my favorite things. However, the office closes too early, especially since we get our packages from them. Maintenance takes forever. And the staff can be unhelpful sometimes; there would be no consensus so you call and someone tells you something, you call again and you hear something else. Now that the management changed, hopefully it gets better.

Overall the apartment community is good for the price. It is a typical college apartment. Some downsides are that the basketball court is right by my room and keeps me up

I've had a lot of issues here but since the new management things are better. My electric bills are significantly better and maintenance is more attentive.

The old staff used to be way better. the office is kinda disorganised and the work orders sometimes take forever to be filled . The community events could be better.

Doing very good, had a problem when I first moved in that didn't get a key for my front door for a while. Although that happened, once I obtained my key, it has been great.

It's a descent place to live in, management is alright although I feel some of their staff members are rude. Maintenance takes forever if ever to come fix issues in the apartments. Overall good but not great.