Rents due at 6 pm so make sure you don’t have class or later than that or late regardless if your money order was done at 7:30 pm! Watch out for overages

I've had many issues with mercury 3100. Bugs, raccoons, water being turned off randomly, being misinformed, broken utilities, etc. I also felt lied to when I signed my lease as I signed for $705 and was never told about the $20 additional fee for paying my rent online.

Awful... Roaches everywhere also dirty appliances and the whole kitchen itself. We've called for pest control multiple times and it doesnt fix the problem we need a whole clean up of the place.

Everything about it sucked. We girliest move day in and there was mold in the kitchen and the furniture had dog pee all over it. There’s trash all over the property, terrible apartment quality, the PM lied to us about FREE apartment upgrades. Open ended promises. Maintenance never showed up when we asked them to. I can’t wait to move out. Worst decision I ever made was moving here.

I have to say this is the worst place I have lived! We have complain about our dining chairs and the nails that cut us to maintenance and they just laughed. The Internet and TV service here is a joke and I can barely connect most of the time! I will not be renewing.

I would give Zero stars but that's not possible. This is seriously the worst place to live, the staff is horribly rude and could care less about your needs. Worst experience ever so glad i got out of there.

It is horrible here it is filthy the staff are nice but they are slow to take action no one cares about the roaches or raccoons that love here

Got the wheels off my 2017 corolla SE stolen off in this complex. Multiple other residents also were stolen from and the complex nor the police cared to do anything despite MULTIPLE attempts in person, on the phone and through email to access "security footage" just to be ignored until my boyfriend told them we weren't renewing. Still did nothing. Hate this place.

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i hate it my couches are gross my carpet is gross there's roaches the size of California they won't help me switch out or move it it's like im a prisoner of Alafaya club not to mention we always have overages and we don't even use the ac

Move in day was horrible. I put on my application that I have asthma and they gave me a room that smells like cigarettes. The condition of the apartment was not bad compared to how much you pay to live here. The “new” furniture was chipped, scratched, and had paint in it. When I complained about stains on my bed I was told “the beds are new. Do you mean that white flakey stuff? Oh that’s just paint” WHY IS THERE PAINT ON MY BED? There was a leak under my kitchen sink, my bedroom light blew the first time I used it, and 2 weeks later I’m still living in a smokey room. The Ethernet connection in my room doesn’t work so I put in a work order and they said it was completed even tho it still doesn’t work. It’s a nice community but for the price I’m paying I have higher expectations for this place and they aren’t living up to what I thought it would be like to live here.

Mercury 3100 bas been an overall disappoint. 2 yearsand they've failed to control a roach infestation. They have new management this year and its only worse. The general manger consistently fails to deliver on promises.

My time was awful. We were infested with roaches and all of our appliances were poorly installed. I do y think I will try iron hfs for gosh that's

I will not live here again. There are too many raccoons and the rooms are disgusting. The management used to be better. They fixed some of our problems in the first week but haven't done anything else sense. The need to update the rooms.

I havent had a hood experience so far. My AC broke and I had to wait 4 days for it to be fixed. There are roaches everywhere even after they sprayed poison. And the apartment was more than filthy

I hated living here. In the two years I was here, nothing we ever requested got fixed unless we pitched a fit. Our fridge has been broken since day one. Our furniture is falling apart, the carpets were gross... all in all the office didn't care about us and I'm so glad I'm moving.

The apartments are infested with cockroaches and I've requested for pest control many times but no one has ever followed up with them. The walkways are also dirty all the time because of the raccoons and no one ever comes to clean up.

My apartment is very outdated, plus my car got broken into. Staff did not seem to care about my vehicle being broken into. Maybe some hired security would have prevented this.

Terrible apartment, terrible management. Never truthful on what apartment you are getting yourself into. Walk into something extremely dirty and not what was adversited when I sign the lease in the first place. Never coming back.

It was awful, my apartment was rotten, th mold got my sick for months. They never cared about fixing it, or moving us to an apartment without this problem. New management seems better but didnt get a chance to see any improvements

I had a moment when I went to a friend house and I got chased my a raccoon the raccoon bit my toe and gave me a infection it hurt really bad and I

if i could give it 0 stars I would. Terrible place was filthy dirty when i got it and remained that way. Never going to stay at this place, and I wouldnt recommend it to my worst enemy.

This place has really gone downhill within the past 5 years I've been a resident building is ALWAYS disgusting and don't even get me started on the raccoons! I cannot wait until I'm able to move!

Carpets needs to be removed, there’s always raccoons at night, and for some reason there’s always overages even though no one is ever home.

Disgusting place, lived there for a year with mold and they never did anything for it even though I constantly complained. My old roommates still live there and it took them getting in touch with so many people to actually have the management get upand do something about the apartment.

Our apartment has cockroaches and the security here is not that great. I've heard several instances of bad situations happening. Only living here because of my friends.