I wouldn’t recommend this apartment to nobody.. before renting one apartment make sure you take pictures because as soon as you move out they don’t give you the full deposit the inside of the apartment is not worth whatever the rent and each year the price goes up like crazy

The staff is very kind. We haven’t had any problems getting ahold of them or with our appliances. They have good service. And the apartments are very spacious.

My experience here has been decent, the staff is always good and the Maintinance guy is awesome! Living here has been a really good time so far, my kids love the pool!

Our neighbors beside us are wonderful, so glad they are our neighbors. The ones above us are quiet but not really friendly. The landscaping needs a lot of work.

Its been a good experience for two years way better then the last apartments i stayed in all the staff is nice and the pool area is great... Go Cowboys

I have lived here for eleven years that should say something about how much I enjoy living here. Has always been a nice place, even during the rough times in Midland.

I really like the safe environment and great staff members. Apartments are really nice and spacious. I've been here for about a year and a half and no complaints.

Very nice complex... glad I was able to move into a nice place in Midland....I would recommend it to everyone... and it's a good quiet place .

Whenever I need anything fixed it’s done ASAP..always encounter friendly staff.Apartments are very quiet,nice clean neighborhood to live in.Parking is a little jumbled but overall am loving it so far

I absolutely love it here. The management and the people are very nice and easy going. I have not seen or heard anything bad about this place. I absolutely love it here.

I like the area is secure, have not seen police here on the complex property. Nice swimming pool with a hot tub in the area. All resident on location are friendly but at the same time don’t mingle in your area, only when necessary and kept to a minimum. At night you don’t hear loud vehicles keeping you awake at night. Really have enjoyed living here.

I think overall the apartment complex is a nice environment. There are some things that need work like communication with the office and renters. Access to amenities are hard to use.

Community feels safe, it could use some landscaping work and better parking, but overall it's not bad. The noise level is not an issue and most people that live here are friendly.

Meridian Apartments fit ours needs here in Midland. The office people are friendly and nice. Maintenance is quick to respond. The rent is high but for Midland prices it is average. They are trying to improve the apartments and grounds. I would suggest some landscaping to be done, maybe some southwestern type that wouldn't be to difficult to maintain in this harsh climate, boulders, desert plants, Bermuda grass, rock. We are making it home for now.

My stay has been Pleasant. But the parking is horrible and changes need to be made. The apartment could also use modern updates. Over all the complex it not bad at all.

I have lived at Meridian about 10 years. I am generally pleased with the living. Maintenance requests are tended to quickly and usually efficiently.

I do like the events they do for the families in the community. The elementary school is a plus. One of the best public schools in Midland. It is a quiet area. On the pricey side for a non-updated apartment. Receiving packages here is a nightmare though. I had 1 sent back and one "delivered" to the office but it's not there. For apartments, they're not that bad.

Apartments are nice, a.c. need to be updated to bigger units with this heat, they freeze up to fast even on 76 all day. Appliances should be updated for the price of rent you pay also.

Living here has been great, with a very continent location and great office staff! After two years of living here I am still satisfied of the calm community

Is worthy more to live in Meridian anytime, every moment, good mannered and cooperating staffs, from the managerial to the maintenance, kudos all the time.

These apartments have been the best ones I have lived in since I moved here. They fix things quickly and you are basically not bothered its quit and drama free.

Nice quiet community. Lawn care could be better and more consistent, but it is overall a great place to live. The current management is the best we have experienced in the 8 years we have lived here.

I love my apartment and the Staff here is great to work with, but I am real disappointed at the doubling of my rent after my last lease renewal.

So far I have been here 3 years. I like it so far . If I have any problems they are quick to fix it. They are really adamant about pest control which I like because I don't do bugs. I gave 4 stars because my neighbor is really messy and they haven't done anything about it.

Just got notice that the patio walls will be replaced !!! That's exciting, because ours is one of the walls that fell down during a wind storm last summer and had to be put back in place with angle brackets and screws. My only disappointment is: They probably will not be adding gates to the patios for exit, and it would be awfully nice if that were a feature that could be added.