Though I haven’t moved in yet, so far everything is going well. I am looking forward to moving in next month and hope that it’s a smooth transition.

Quiet secluded area with nice looking community. Great experience so far, no problems and nice view of a pond in our backyard. Can’t hear any neighbors.

Very helpful the staff is nice, quiet community, nice area to live in. Made my move in process east and quick. Definitely glad i chose this area

Its been great so far! especially with the new management in the sense that details on the utility is properly communicated and communication in every sense is superb! They are very Nice, fast and professional!

My experience since the new company took over have been amazing the property manger has a helpful amazing spirit.Its extremely quiet on my Side ans I absolutely love it .

It is nice and quiet living here. One issue we have is the timeliness of our maintenance requests getting resolved. They also barely fix things.

I have not moved in as yet. However, the application process has been very smooth and I really appreciate the staffs knowledge, kindness and attention.

I renewed my lease. This will be my third year here! I just can’t let go of the peacefulness of the complex. I live on the 3rd floor which makes a difference because the floors are thin and you can here everything downstairs (I know because I transferred to an upstairs unit). Also there’s a lake and a walkway that I can see outside of my window. I do recommend living here if you aren’t a needy tenant. I work a lot so I rarely need to speak with front desk but when I do they’re usually available and ALWAYS nice.

Outstanding location, property, appointments and amenities! The units are well insulated and quiet. The appliances are new and the unit is laid out well. Very happy with my choice.

Great location and staff was very helpful. Clean upon move in and the area is very quiet in a secluded area. Definitely enjoy my stay here. 5 stars.

I picked the community because of the price point and staff. However, the staff has turned over 3 times since I’ve live there in the 1.5 years and each new ownership group brought there own problems. The 1 bed room apartments are small (they are listed for larger then they are) and don’t come with some basic features: fans, a good washer and drier ( I take my clothes someplace else to wash them because my washer messes them up) , working air in some of the units (works but does distribute air evenly throughout the apartment), there is no over head light in the master. Things that are common in apartments around the same price. Ronaldo is great but getting upper management to respond to e-mails about issues is a chore and resolutions after you sign become a distant memory. The location isn’t bad however on game day traffic getting home can be hard. Maintenance is also usually good. I placed a work order about a month ago for an additional lock and have yet to have it filled. I gave the apartment 3 stars because I wouldn’t choose to live there again. I usually read reviews but this was a new community when I moved in and I was new to the Atlanta area. For the same price or a little more I can get so many additional things I would rather move someplace new. I pay my rent on time so I expect any issues to be resolved within a timely manner.

I wouldn't Trade this experiencing for the world Metro Apartments is wonderful place to live,the staff is nice everyone is great the community is always clean neighbors are wonderful

good so far. I haven't had any issues. The only thing is that I travel alot and completely missed the entire months of September and October. I wonder if I could get some money back from rent...

I have had a very positive stay. I Love the location as it is only 15 minutes from work. The staff have always been very accommodating and helpful.

Love, love love the location! Nice modern apartments with wood floors, however neighbors could be better about cleaning up after their pets.

I love living at the Metro Apartments. It's a clean, safe and quiet community with a very responsive staff! I have been a resident for multiple years, and plan to renew.

I love my new apartment (just not the walking over my head) my place is welcoming and comfortable. Management is helpful and nice. Thanks Metro 😊😊

My experience with the Metro apartments has been so far so good. There are a few minor things, but it’s nothing major. The new management team seems to be very nice, and actually care about what’s going on. Another thing the phone actually gets answered when I call the office.

Overall, the apartment itself is wonderful. We haven’t had any issues with it. We have had issues with the old/new management. I don’t get packages delivered here anymore because it has taken multiple visits to the office for them to find my packages in their back room. When packages are delivered to our front door instead of the office, they get stolen. We were told when we moved in that the complex was in the works of adding a gated entrance. Still no gate.

so far, the new management is SO SO SO much better!! One thing I dislike is the A/C system that the units have... its very complicated and makes it impossible to easily raise or lower.

Wonderful experience so far. Very quick to respond to any inquiries, and my unit is brand new so I love the updated features! The community is very quiet and the stadium is right around the corner. Love it here!

The Greystar is way better than the owner before. All the staff in the office are nice and friendly. They extended the office hour to 6 PM, so I can go get my package in weekdays.

Nice quiet place to live. One thing is there were a couple of maintenance issues we didn’t realize before moving in. However, they fix them right away when asked.

We are in the Second year with Metro. There are pros and cons with metro as like other apartments. Pros: Wooden floors New Home ( without any bugs) Cons: Pool is not maintained properly No playarea for kids. Rent is High There could be so many pros and cons but these are the ones I wish to mention. So far its good experience to stay here.

I love living here at the Metro Apartments! The complex is so cute and the interior of the apartments are gorgeous! The staff has always been friendly and maintenance is always quick to fix an issue! I love them!