Never had to complain about anything, they have great customer service, haven’t had any issues on the apartment I’m living in right now. 🙂🙂🙂

Awesome Environment with Good services and excellent people . Always glad to renew my rent for the past 5 years in the apartment and I pay my lease on Time to be specific

The management here is the best. They out perform any where else i have lived. Maintenance is hands down the fastest. Quality craftsmanship,

I think they are very nice apartments but did some reason is something wrong with the AC that makes it smell like weed, but the pool and everything is cool

My experiance with these apartments has been excellent. The office staff is is always friendly and maintenance requests are attended to in a timely manner.

Not the best experience so far hoping this week proved to be better I will keep my fingers crossed. I live the apartment but the underneath if the sink is the grossest I have ever seen stinks too. Also the roaches are insane 200 dollars later we finally haven't seen any in 4 hours. Manager said bug Guy will come next week. And broken dishwasher and water and mild under sink to be looked at this week. We will see

Overall very good! There were some small issues my first night, including a kid calling me a "b****" while I was moving my stuff in. I thought nothing of it, however, and figured he is just a kid looking for a reaction! Other than that, I have lived just fine :)

Very kind people around! Mostly clean and staff gets back to assist with service calls pretty soon. Move in was simple and easy, Allie was really helpful l

It's been great here. Have not had any issues except I wish the onsite laundry facility would reopen soon. Everyone here has been nice so far.

I been here a short time, and an already unhappy. The house level with neighbors is loud at night. They were moving in at 1am yelling and screaming. Un called for. Other neighbors with pets let the animals pop and peep anywhere, even on sidewalks.

Neat and nice environment, well organized apartments, nice, friendly, accommodative and effective staff. Good customers service, keep it up.

Wonderful complex welcomed me with arms open haven’t had any issues with office or Maintence!! Wonderful staff, love the upkeep and silent neighborhood!!

Good apartment. Lots of space. Neighbors are friendly as well as the people who work for the apartment. So far no problems at all. Thanks...

I really do Love living here. Would definetly renew my lease and would recommend to anyone who asks! It’s a great place in a great neighborhood.

Very quiet place community here good people, property staff have commitment with everyone ,facilities well maintained maintenance guy very courteous and willing to hearing any issues,. Perfect place for living and working, absolutely affordable considering Midland is an expensive city

When me and my moved in we found alot bugs in the unit. One of my electical outlets is not working. But all in all is a nice unir to live in

It’s cool the environments a cool place just needs better lighting other than that great place very spacious has enough room for guests to move about big closest nice bathrooms good kitchen

Great so far. Only complaint is the cars that rev their engines right in front of our building as they go over the pitiful speed bump. Occasionally we hear people arguing loudly.

The office staff is very friendly! We had a tour scheduled and were running late. We called and notified them and she waited for us after closing and gave us the tour. She never rushed us, we sat down and talked numbers. We ultimately picked this complex because of the office staff.

Overall an average experience. Apartments are pretty small. Rents are high. Good location. Nice pool. A plus that it has hookups in the apartment for washer and dryer.

Peaceful community, friendly neighbors!! It is quite!! I feel safe! Great location!! Management is very accomadating and Clean environment!!

On site staff are very helpful and try to keep our grounds in good condition. When I have requested to get something fixed or looked at, the maintenance team is quick to look at it and usually repairs/replaces the damaged item that day.

Had mold in my bathroom for 4 months before they even did anything about it and it’s still there. Ally in the office is nice though. The pool is usually dirty too

My experience has been pleasant. I renewed my contract on January 2018 because I have had no issues as a tenant. Currently, I am experiencing a repair , but apartment personnel has been in contact with me on the progress of repair. Very satisfied.

maintenance gets done fast, no worries just a peaceful residence. good place to live i moved from out of town. i need more words to get to 140... short and sweet does the trick.