Best choice I made was moving to Corpus Christi and living in the best home ever ! I met my best friend who is my roommate & created so many memories that will last a life time !

The staff is very helpful. The property is clean but there are frequent problems with the walk-in gates not locking, which is a security concern.

Lots of perks to living here! So many wonderful useful amenities that provide lots of help! Midtown has the best staff as well they are always looking to help in any way they can!

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It's my first year in college and in Corpus Christi. Living in Midtown has been a really good experience and i couldn't have asked for a better first apartment.

Clean place, nice and quiet. I love the coffee machine and printing services. However, appliances are always breaking and we had problems with cockroaches and fleas when we moved in.

I still love living here but it’s not as good as it use to be I feel like we have no more events to participate in and it’s just dead around here now

I love it here! The staff is always so nice and helpful, I feel safe and secure in my apartment, and my roommate is amazing!im really glad I signed a lease here

I love it, I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for a luxury apartment. The pool side is wonderful for those summer days, being inside is perfect for those cold winter nights.

Great place to live and amazing amenities. The staff is so friendly and help me with everything I need. Would definitely recommend to a friend

I enjoy living here and I am satisfied with my roommates and believe it was a great matched. I plan on living here while in college. Thank you for everything.

I absolutely love living here! The management is amazing and very helpful and really puts the tenets first. The layout of the apartments are very nice too.

Beautiful and very well-kept environment with very nice staff. The apartment is very clean and professional looking. Cable kinda sucks because we haven’t been able to get. I’m in love with the kitchen.

The new management is awesome. Lola is a great manager. I had a few problems and Lola was able to get everything fixed in a timely manner. Great amenities and nice staff!

Quite living environment with clean and new appliances and furniture. Spacious and the staff is always helpful. Pool area and property is always kept clean.

Front office staff is great. No complaints and reasonable prices! Great amenities but the gym could use some update or more equipment. Overall love living here

Great staff and community. Very good friends with the managers and they are always there to solve any issues. Neighbors are great and the entire community is very well maintained!

My experience here at midtown had been great so far with fun stuff to do!! I am looking forward to living here the rest of my college career

The place is always upkept, staff is nice and willing to work with you. They have lots of rewards and opportunities for prizes as well. The maintenance crew are quick to help.

Apartment are really nice and well taken care of. Management is nice but sometimes takes several times for me to get a job done in my apartment. The things they promised in the beginning are not being delivered within the claimed date.

So far I have really enjoyed my time here at Midtown. I have spoken very highly about it to all of my friends and have recommended it to anyone and everyone. It was very clean and home-y when I moved in and I am very happy with the room that I am living in!

I've lived here for 2 years, going on 3, and I love it. I think these apartments are the best out of all the student housing options in Corpus.

Thus far Midtown has been a pretty good experience when compared to other apartments I have lived at in the area. My one gripe is that it seems like the water temperatures are swapped in my bathroom in both the shower and sink. For all I know, my toilet flushes with hot water.

I’ve had some issues with getting payments and working out my lease, but actually living here has been good. There are a few minor issues I’ve had but overall has been a good experience.

The apartment complex is clean and all the appliances are modern. The rooms are a decent size and move in was easy. WOuld recommend living here.