I have enjoyed living at Midtown. Of course with it being a newer apartment complex, I can tell it had a lot of things it needed to fix and still does, like the gates, the plumbing, and I think we should have more visitors parking. The extra spaces in the back closer to the back gate should be visitor parking. But other than that, I do like living here.

Reply from Midtown Sam Houston


Probably the best apartments in Huntsville. The only downside was the problems my apartment had the first few months, but still 5 stars because these apartments are great.

This place is truly my home. I’ve lived here ever since they built these apartments and I have truly built a relationship with midtown. This is the best to live in my opinion. The rooms are nice, the kitchen and living room is totally modern. It’s too nice to be in Huntsville.

First it was hard try to get use 2 hanging my tag I even got my car towed but a lesson was learned. Put ur tag on ur car for parking! I love the gym,love the people there.

I have loved my stay here at Midtown! The apartments are clean, new, and cozy. I have never felt unsafe here which is a HUGE plus! The rooms are spacious as well as the kitchen and living area. All in all I highly recommend living here!

Midtown has made some great improvements and I am proud to say that I love my apartments after having a negative experience when I first moved in.

Midtown is a really good apartment complex my only complaint is sometimes there’s trash everywhere outside and we have no shuttle. Having a shuttle would soo bring more business and money to midtown.

First time renter and I can say its a great place to live. Excited to move in and hopefully make it my home for the rest of my college experience!

It’s been a great experience so far! Staff is great and the neighborhood is fairly quiet! I love having the amenities that we have, especially the tv in the living room!

Evening community events the past few months have been fun to attend. However, the raise of base rent PLUS the loss of the electricity cap for lease renewals was not a positive experience and would have made me look elsewhere if I were not graduating next Fall. But overall, the staff and community have been great.

Speed bumps are atrocious, and the rent is a scam. Management is alright, but maintenance is below average. The same things break over and never gets fixed properly.

From the front desk, maintenance, and the environment of Midtown. It’s a great experience and very homie. Already have recommended Midtown to many of my friends!

Midtown is a very pleasant place to live. Just wish we had a shuttle. They also work hand-in-hand with their residents that may have problems.

midtown is great. i just don’t like that we don’t have a shuttle, the rent is going up, we don’t have a electricity cap, and the guarantor requirements. plus the towing is ridiculous. when there’s places that are bigger, nicer and cheaper and don’t tow. i use to love midtown but now it’s just a like. i renewed but will be breaking that because Heaven at M has better benefits.

I hate that parking isn’t free for guests. that’s all. Other than that, I love midtown. I signed my lease to stay again, if y’all had a one bed that be great

They’re really great. They truly want every resident to be happy. Management does a really great job of communicating with their residents and they’re really quick to make things right. :)

Very nice apartment complex and pool and gym but needs a coffee maker. Also wish the lounge was open 24 hours instead of just office hours. Staff is great.

Great! The community is very nice but I do not agree with the policies for having visitors. We should not have to get a guest pass every time we have a visitor

Midtown has to be the perfect apartment for college students! I love it here, I love the community and the events they host. Glad to call midtown home.

Absolutely love living at Midtown Sam Houston The community is always at its best. Very friendly and helpful staff members. Fairly quiet neighborhood.

I’ve enjoyed my time at this community so far, the staff are so friendly and nice. The apartments and room themselves are so big and that’s one of my favorite things about it.

Great community and easy access to restaurants in the area. About two blocks away from campus as well close to the highway. Workout and pool for everyone to come to.

Great staff - very friendly and personable, very helpful, just want residents to be happy. Wonderful community and nice apartments! Absolutely love living here.

great staff and apartments. the staff is always friendly and helpful while the apartment complex stays clean. the apartment complex is very safe

Great I loved the little community, I loved management here, I like that they held events for students, I enjoyed them cooking for us and I really liked the pool