Really nice apartments. Love the size of the living room. Having your own bathroom is rally worth it. The balcony is a really great size I love hanging out on it.

Ive been here 1 year. I love the location, my apartment, the amenities, activities and great staff. My only hang up and the reason I would probably move next year is the fact that my rent increases every year

I love staying here always been a blast. I love the activities you guys throw and the food you guys serve. I like the management team a lot easy to talk to.

I love this apartment. The staff is great and I never have any issues. Great place to live and will be sad to leave :( the community is organized and well ran.

It’s a pretty cool place to live. Nice neighbors. Spacious rooms & beautiful pool. Wish there was a shuttle for school though. Other than that, no complaints.

Living at Midtown has been a great 2nd year experience being here at Sam Houston. Not only are the staff great but also the residence as well!

I really love these apartments! The space in the units is great and the community is usually quiet except for nights when people come back from the bars or host parties. Office staff are also very friendly and try to know everybody by name.

I Love Midtown! everybody is very very very nice, i love the new leasing manager tiyana because shes sweet. they give great help and are very relible

I love it here! The community is well kept and safe. The management is also really nice. They go the extra mile to make sure everything is taken care of, to the best of their ability. Very collaborative and fun place to live. :)

Quite, good help, friendly staff, and great location. Staff helps with finding stuff and super friendly to all residents. Location is awesome whether to the school or to any other place around Huntsville

It could have been better but I am glad I lived on the third floor! The stairs got me tired and I’m shaped on the daily. Maintenance got better over time which I liked

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Great place to live! Quiet neighbors and the staff is very friendly. Also the residence is very clean and well kept, my apartment looked brand new when I first moved in.

It’s good I like everyone at the front office they are nice and sweet. They actually get to learn your name and everything which makes you feel wanted there

Best apartments complex in Huntsville! Secure, trustworthy neighbors and most helpful staff every time they answer the phone! Happy with my experience at Midtown Sam Houston

The community is very nice, new, and clean. The staff are super helpful, nice, and funny. The apartment complex as a whole is very safe. The pool is huge and nice.

I moved in at midtown Sam Houston in August 2018 and am currently still loving it here at midtown. I have always felt safe here. The only thing bad that I have experienced is in the last month there has been people messing with other people’s vehicles.

I have really enjoyed living at Midtown so far, the office staff are super nice and always helpful. I love the size of the community and the amenities.

Most of the time things are really nice around the apartments. Although, at times things can get kinda loud depending on the neighbors that one has.

Overall i like midtown. IfI had to improve anytying it would be the guest parking. There is no way to get a pass after office hours. Our guests should be able to park with no problem just like other apartments. Also, i have had a problem with turning in a maintenance request and getting an email saying it was completed when it wasn't.

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The management is very helpful and gets things done in a timely fashion. Midtown hosts lots of community events to get its residents involved, meet each other, and have fun all at the same time. By far the best apartment complex I’ve stayed in during my time at Sam Houston!

I’m loving my stay here already! Super quiet and very calm! I especially love the staff and my apartment! Close to campus as well as stores surrounding the area, I’m close to everything around!

Everything here is great. Its all clean and has a nice and easy way to get to school. the only 2 things I don't like about midtown is the gates never work and the speed bumps are far worse then they need to be

Midtown is a beautifully modern apartment complex. I love all of my new appliances. I’ve had zero problems. New management is more than great. I do think that we need more amenties than just a pool and small gym to match up with the new competition coming from Haven at M. Having a dog park built near the back gate would really increase the amount of people wanting to live here, especially considering how dog friendly Midtown is. People complain a lot about the limited parking, trash being littered, and people being loud driving by. Other than that, Midtown is a great apartment complex.

I have enjoyed living at Midtown. Of course with it being a newer apartment complex, I can tell it had a lot of things it needed to fix and still does, like the gates, the plumbing, and I think we should have more visitors parking. The extra spaces in the back closer to the back gate should be visitor parking. But other than that, I do like living here.

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Probably the best apartments in Huntsville. The only downside was the problems my apartment had the first few months, but still 5 stars because these apartments are great.