Me a gustado mucho vivir aquí en Miramar lakes apartaments e 100% recomendado atienden en inglés y español y hay full seguridad, la piscina es agradable

Beautiful community with beautiful pool and buildings but there’s always trash laying around the parking lots and lakes and I see random people hanging out and littering and leaving and I think this is because the gate (which they’ve told me they were fixing twice) still doesn’t work. Also, the washer and dryer aren’t very good. But this is a beautiful location.

Estoy muy feliz, muy organizado todo, muy silenciosa la unidad lo que permite que se pueda descanzar, me gusta que se preocupen por los residentes.

It is a nice community we just need to get the gates working. Other than that it’s a quite community. The workers there are also respectful .

Staff has been rude to us before. There are no speed bumps so people drive like animals. They took months to replace the fire extinguishers that were stolen from several buildings. It's nice to have a pool, gym and racquetball court.

It’s ok....valet trash is the worst....bugs hanging around your door 24/7. Definitely a pups not pick a place that has that ever again! Welcome to Florida

Our stay here hasn't been butterflies and rainbows per say. It would be better of yhry screened better we been here going on 5 years and every year the property declines but the rent inclines. We pay for amenities that are not available to us, no security, extremely high utility prices and dirty premises. Not to mention the inconsiderate neighbors.

Miramar lakes is the best moving here from CT has been a delight I love my apartment and the pool. The valet trash is amazing. The scenery is the best too.

Miramar lakes is ok , it could be a lot better with the amount of money they charge for rent here . Old appliances is not worth it for $1700 a month .

Well, I have lived here before and I didn’t have many issues other than the excessive flies in the courtyard. I moved in this time with a dryer that didn’t work for 1 1/2 weeks and the garbage disposal in the sink. Also, gate never works. Other than those things I’m quite happy here. It’s a beautiful neighboorhood and prices are reasonable

I was so happy to find an apartment for my husband and I. Gisela was very patient and helpful with the paperwork done quickly and efficiently. We are happy to be a part of this beautiful community.

Nice community. The fitness center could use some free weight but other than that, great amenities.The apartments themselves have a roomy feel.

So far so good however the appliances could be upgraded for the rent I am paying. That’s the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars. Other than that the community is freaking amazing. Oh and the gate never works too

very good and i love the way the apartment is display inside. i like Miramar and all the amenities like the gym, pool, bar bq, etc. also there is no problem with parkings.

I have been a resident for 15 years. The complex is a great location to shops and mall. I wish, however, that gate was manned by security guard.

I love living in Miramar Lakes, however, I do have a bug issue that I have been complaining about since I moved in. Roaches and fruit flies.

My mother and I have been living in this community for over 10years and we love the community! Its customer service that matters the most for us!!

Community is tight-knit with friendly neighbors. Maintenance is hard working and are appreciated. Staff is always available to its residents.

I love the maintenance staff they have a quick turn around time. the office staff is very friendly. my apartment has nice amenities and the parking lot is kept as clean as possible.

Quite community. Nice pool. Great workout room. Need improved on maintenance request. Put in a request over 3 weeks and still nobody came to do the work.

Great community! Plus I feel safe and the management cares! When I have any problems that act on hand. When I have any maintenance problems the timing is reasonable

Great community been living here for two years and never had an issue.i love ve it very nice pool gym even apartment clean and quiet very socialbel

Very quiet community, I’ve almost completed a month stay and I’m liking it. My neighbors are friendly and the area is well maintained. Thank you!

Excelent community! It is a quiet community, safe, maintenance of green areas a day. the spectacular facilities. I recommend it 100%. The best area!

This community has been awesome. The staff are very attentive to your needs, the maintenance crew responds very quickly. It's a quiet community, most of the residents are very friendly and helpful. Would recommend!