Community is okay you guys need to fix the gate ..I dont anymore like 2 years packages got stolen at my door that never happened also why is it not okay in such cases that mybpaxkeage be left by rhe office

I LOVE our apartment overall, but rents keep rising and, although there is a gate, it never is working. Maintenence staff are fabulous, but some residents are a bit shady

Quite community. Nice pool. Great workout room. Need improved on maintenance request. Put in a request over 3 weeks and still nobody came to do the work.

Our stay here hasn't been butterflies and rainbows per say. It would be better of yhry screened better we been here going on 5 years and every year the property declines but the rent inclines. We pay for amenities that are not available to us, no security, extremely high utility prices and dirty premises. Not to mention the inconsiderate neighbors.

Quiet and convenient. Just wish there was more lighting near the gym and the gate was fixed providing more security. Adding back speed bumps

Need a lot of tlc, although I like my space, is not a remodeled unit so is in need of many repairs! I love the location! The gate never works so there’s been robberies in the neighborhood!

Well, I have lived here before and I didn’t have many issues other than the excessive flies in the courtyard. I moved in this time with a dryer that didn’t work for 1 1/2 weeks and the garbage disposal in the sink. Also, gate never works. Other than those things I’m quite happy here. It’s a beautiful neighboorhood and prices are reasonable

The community is pretty. The staff is nice. I gave three stars because the gate is never working and my car was rambled through on 3 different occasions. My MK purse has been stolen, my makeup bag has been stolen, and my car registration.

It’s pretty decent living here, appliances could be upgraded though . Overall , it’s quite and peaceful living here at Miramar Lakes Apartments.

very good and i love the way the apartment is display inside. i like Miramar and all the amenities like the gym, pool, bar bq, etc. also there is no problem with parkings.

Overall experience has been great. The lady that helped us with the leasing office was very kind to us. The apartment was clean and painted when we moved in .

Security finally stepping up. Office staff is always rude but you don’t really talk to them much, no need. The maintance staff is amazing. And the property is always clean.

Miramar lakes is ok , it could be a lot better with the amount of money they charge for rent here . Old appliances is not worth it for $1700 a month .

It is a nice community we just need to get the gates working. Other than that it’s a quite community. The workers there are also respectful .

So far so good however the appliances could be upgraded for the rent I am paying. That’s the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars. Other than that the community is freaking amazing. Oh and the gate never works too

I love living in Miramar Lakes, however, I do have a bug issue that I have been complaining about since I moved in. Roaches and fruit flies.

Beautiful community with beautiful pool and buildings but there’s always trash laying around the parking lots and lakes and I see random people hanging out and littering and leaving and I think this is because the gate (which they’ve told me they were fixing twice) still doesn’t work. Also, the washer and dryer aren’t very good. But this is a beautiful location.

I love the pool area and the maintenance staff responds quickly to requests. Only downfall is the valet trash, the trash bin is a little small.

I LOVE my apartment and the community is well taken care of. The staff did NOT give me a good experience moving in. The gym is REALLY small.

Overall i like the apartments. My building is quiet, the gym is kept clean and people take care of trash and their pets. My only negative comment is the gate. I wish that would get fixed sooner. I also hate the free for all parking but i understand with apartments this large you cant have all assigned parking. My boyfriend found this place and its been a blessing just because of how convenient this location is. I just love it.

nice apartment, staff is friendly, some of the common areas as the pool etc are not well taken care. Nice plice to leave, the gate is not working, a lot of ramdom people roaming in.

Me and my sister renewed the lease but I would really like if they fixed the gate. Anyone could get in and that is very scary and unsafe for everyone in the community.

Miramar Lakes Apartment has been my home for over a year. Everything factored in - from safety to response time to service tickets i am happy living here and would recommend this to anyone looking for a spacious apartment with good service and great features.

I must say, I never thought I’d like this place as much as I did yet i keep renewing my lease. I honestly have no complaints. It’s safe, always quiet, my neighbors are pleasant and it’s always clean over here.

We have had a pleasant experience, finding parking tends to be an issue at night and the walls a pretty thin so you can hear everything going on on the outside. However, everyone we have been in contact with is very nice.