I'm happy with the location and how big is the apartment but I'm not happy with the kitchen it's old and the amenities and the bathrooms as well. I like also the storage spaces

The appliances need to be updated. The front gate is hardly ever working correctly. The maintance workers are quick to respond. The neighborhood is quiet.

This place is very quiet I like to live here, but I believe the cost to live here is high, especially because nothing in the gym is working ,

Pretty nice apartments but there are definitely things that can be worked on. Like the front gates have been open for ages and never really sure if the trash is going to be picke dup or not.

We love our apartment! Best deal for the square footage in our area. In excellent condition even though we aren’t in an “upgraded” unit. Extremely clean and well kept. Our neighbors are friendly and the area is safe. Not quite 5 stars though, because the front office is very disorganized. They’ve given us misinformation many times, lost our paperwork, and charged us incorrectly for move-in fees. They turned off our neighbor’s electricity accidentally because someone thought they were about to move out, but their lease still had about 6 more months left. We are hoping things will improve with their office as time goes on.

Been there 2 months, so far everything is clean and any repairs have been taken care of quickly. The office staff has been friendly and accommodating.

Great complex only complaint is the bathrooms at the pool and the fitness center have been under construction for the entire time i have lived here which really stinks

I've had work orders completed the day I submitted them, and the apartment was very clean when we moved in. After three months, very pleased.

Apartment is quiet and process to move in was easy. Maintenance comes in a timely manner after submitting work request. Slightly different layout than what I expected from online view as model was not available to view. Overall satisfied

I don’t have any major complaints. Just some miscommunication with the office when it comes to renters insurance. Three months in a row we received a notice they didn’t have our current policy even though we gave it to them each time they asked. Finally I think the manager took care of it. I do like all the updates they’re doing around the complex: New handrails, mailboxes, flood lights. Wouldn’t mind having another sidewalk leading to the middle of building 3. Tends to get muddy in that area because of lack of sunlight. All in all good place to live.

Well keep complex and minimal maintenance concerns , issues addressed timely . Trash receptacles are not screened as they should be , and are huge eye sores.

Everything is such an easy process, and everyone is so nice. The property looks and feels like home as soon as you pull into the gates. Thank you for my new home.

Moved here to be closer to work, so far so good! Easy move in process, good neighbors and easy to find parking spaces at the end of the day! L o v e this community!

Needs updated appliances. The front gate is broken frequently. The area is relatively quiet. The maintenance workers are quick and responsive.

I’ve lived here for three years and it is a safe community. For the most part quiet. Everyone keeps to themselves. The only issue I have is that there is a bright safety light right by my bedroom window and I can no longer enjoy the view at night of the pool that I am paying for.

The building and location are great but wish the appliances were actually level and not leaning or just some new ones at least. So that way it shows people that its just not a money pit.

Apartments are pleasant. Not sure why the maintenance workers take up all parking spaces and in the car wash area. They will leave their vehicles in the car wash all day, and we can not use it. Since the change in management, it seems the change over will take some time. Would like to see a friendly face from the staff.

Staff were very helpful in a time when I needed a safe and beautiful place to land my feet with my daughter after a nightmare during a home buying experience. I love my new apartment home and the community is very nice and quiet.

Love the tour, the way they treated us. Very good experience. The community here is beautiful and so peaceful. The apartment is amazing. Felt in love with this place.

I've never had any issues. Staff is friendly, helpful and I have felt nothing but welcomed and kindness. Whenever I need help or clarification they are more than happy to help. Very good experience.

Love this place and the community of what it has to offer! Friendly staff and residents, close to schools and restaurants has made Mission Rockwall a fabulous experience

Love this place. I have lived here 12 years. I consider this home. Thank you for an outstanding 12 years. Staff is friendly. Upkeep is top notch.

I very much enjoy the polite and positive experience of speaking with the apartment personnel. The maintenance men are great at helping as soon as possible and getting things fix they way they should be.

My only problem with the apartment is the cigarette smell that comes from another apartment other than that I am very happy with apartment and the complex

The new management seems very kind and professional so far. No issues that I can think of. The residents are friendly and I feel safe in this community.