It's been a uphill battle living here. Break in kicked down doors in the complex with no one addressing the matters. College kids partying all night no one seems to care in the office. The gardening company this is used doesn't seem to be gardening the ENTIRE complex, sometimes they come at 7am. I understand they have a job to do but so do I and I would like to get some rest. When I first moved in I felt a sense of safety that is gone now with roudy things happening almost every other weeekend. Seems like many of my neighbors smoke weed and if reeks in my home for my two children to smell. We are almost in a sense micro manage "you can't do this, you can't do that" although it seems the office doesn't care until someone does it for weeks straight then there is action that is taken. There has been "construction" going on to "improve" the complex yet seems to have degraded it. Living here is a good option as far as safety in my town although the rent is a bit ridiculous when factoring in the nonsense that seems to compile around here.

Overpriced rent, a constant beeping in my apartment that can't be fixed, and gunshots two doors down last weekend. It's hard to justify paying $200 more in rent than other places in town.

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Still don’t like the one car parking in this place we should at least have two passes one at least for guest all this parking and we can’t even use it.

My carpet has a tear due to a water leak in August of 2016. I still cannot get the situation revolved. I guess they dont value their residents.

Rules change on a whim here. People walk their dogs off leash all of the time. They threaten to tow your car away if it hasn't moved after 3 days, even if it is legally parked with a parking past. The code to the pool is public knowledge, so a lot of homeless people use the showers at night to bathe.

complex is beautiful but parking is a nightmare. Staff is prompt to address concerns even via email. I emailed about a problem at 10 pm received a reply that night and problem was addressed.

I have been robbed and attacked by a clown. There is also less than enough parking which causes me to walk very far at night. I do not feel safe here

I'm going to give montiavo 3 stars for now the reason being that parking around here is terrible. The staff are great some of the neighbors are great aslo. So I'm excited for the parking resolution and will see how it turns out and possible up the stars.

This whole car pass thing sucks I need to leave my car alone where I can’t see it for a long time it could get broken into and I wouldnt kno

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Moving in was a breeze. Most communication was done via email. My only major complaint is parking. There just isn't enough spaces for current residents and people park in front their garages making it difficult to get in and out.

I like it it's just on top of my budget so I can get overwhelmed. All repairs need to be done in a timely manner but overall I like this neighborhood.

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Looking forward to seeing the completion of the landscape remodel. Can't wait to introduce my dogs to the new pet area. When is the expected completion date?

The apartments themselves are really nice, but there are a lot of noisy neighbors and people who like to argue in front of our garage at like 5 am.

Repairs seem to be hard to get done in a timely manner . However, I like that there are improvements are being made in the community space in the middle and I like the garden idea...

Everything is good love all the thing this place has to offer the only thing I'm not liking is the the whole parking situation the whole pass thing is point less

I recently moved into Montiavo apartments. I was told that renovations had taken place 2 weeks before we moved in. This was very evident because there was poor paint jobs, paint had gotten on bathroom tile, light fixtures, etc. We have requested maintenance work and management has responded in a timely manner. However, maintenance have had to redo some requests that were not fixed the first time. Overall, I do enjoy living her but they need more than 2 maintenance workers.

I think some things need to be worked on as far as the girls in office wonderful the paki g is really bad for the amount of rent I pay should be able to park I front of my place

The grounds are always up kept and looks nice. Haven't had a problem so far with maintenance. They come in a timely manner to fix things. Coming from a hot dry place, I'm not used to the humidity at night, so we leave out window open and I'm not a fan of it. People and cars are loud throughout the night and in the early morning. Wish there was ac...

Living at montiavo is great despite the younger crowd partying and the loud music though out the night. Makes it hard to sleep when you got to be up at 2 am for work

Easy move in. Paperwork was simple. Grounds are well maintained. My only complaint would be that The pet deposit is way too much. Other than that it was a great experience

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I really do like living in montiavo Apartments the staff is very kind very helpful the amenities are great and the apartments themselves are very nice.

Living here is nice. There are a few things that are great living here like the pool and weights. Parking is the only problem I have living here.

Only issue is the parking situation we have no visitor parking so when my family comes it’s a struggle to figure out where their car can go.

Very nice place to live, it does get hot upstairs but that’s what fans are for. Neighbors are nice. Now the lawn company comes way to early to start mowing

Having the pool closed so often is annoying, but office staff is friendly and attentive. It will be nice when the new additions are complete, but in the meantime the area is useless. Gym and equipment needs to maintained much better.