Great location, everything is in good condition, work orders are completed fairly quickly. I have had a great experience living with Mosaic!

Great so far! Easy to work with staff that is helpful and always responsive. It's nice that the office is within walking distance of the properties so issues can be attended to in person.

work orders have been completed on time and everything was very clean when we moved in. Also the office is very friendly - had some mix-up w the mailroom key but other than that everything has been good :)

Great new house with tons of light and great amenities. Neighbors (also Mosaic tenants) are very friendly. Rent isn't terrible for the quality of the house, even if location leaves a little to be desired. Excited to renew for next year!

I always feel nickle and dimed with Mosaic. The house was clearly not cleaned when we moved in and there were plenty of broken appliances and furniture. Also, they redid the kitchen a year ago and didn't include a dishwasher. Again cheap. I've waited for months for a simple maintenance request and then they just canceled it so I had to refile and wait another 3 weeks. I don't trust mosaic to have our best interest in mind, just their profit.

Love our house, though we do have some noises outside at night that are concerning (dogs fighting, children screaming). There's also a neighbor that leaves circles of bread and animal bones in the empty lot next to the house. Pretty creepy.

Love my apartment! My roommates and I️ are Very happy in our apartment and recommend this place to everyone! The management is also super easy to get a hold of and very helpful

I love living in my Mosaic property. It's clean and I have everything I could want in a living space. It has been a great transition to living in a new city, and everyone has been so friendly!

Property is clean, nice, and well maintained. Service and responsiveness is good. But it seems that sometimes they take advantage of the fact that students live in their premises so they might just 'invade' their property (and your own privacy) without giving a 24 hours notice and thus violate their own contract.

Living here has been great and Mosaic responds to our major concerns pretty quickly. The location is perfect! We live right across the street from USC.

So far Mosaic Student Communities has been good. I have no complaints yet, but we also haven’t asked for anything from them. The cleaning service they set up for us is nice.

Nothing has changed, which I suppose is exactly what one would want. Nothing bad to say here, but for some reason I guess I need 140 characters anyway.

Overall, I have had a positive experience living with Mosaic. I live in a reasonably priced home with many amenities, and it is conveniently located near campus. My only complaint is that sometimes we are not properly communicated with before people enter our home, usually to do maintenance. If we could improve communication with Mosaic, I would feel more comfortable.

I love MOSAIC student communities. They offer a great living situation for my friends and I. They are always willing to help and offer the best rent prices in the area.

Mosaic does a good job to responding to service requests timely and offering fun rewards. The biggest problem we’ve had with mosaic was the water bill and inaccurate division among the residents.

Overall, my experience has been positive. The neighborhood is quiet and not far from campus. The house comes all the appliances we need, including a TV. Maintenance requests are usually completely in a timely manner, although the house could use some more intense repairs.

The community is pretty good, the random unannounced tours have stopped for the most part. My neighbors are still insufferable but that's not Mosaic's fault. Our next door drug dealer's ex-girlfriend has also stopped coming around to scream at him in the middle of the day, which is nice. Mosaic replaced our washer and dryer because it had been broken for months. Thanks

The new manager of our house is pretty nice. She helped us for some problems. however, these days, the thing bothering me is house tour, which is too frequent.

It has been a great living experience during my college journey. I feel like I am home away from home. The environment is the best and the community is such welcoming.

Service requests are very quickly answered so I'm happy about that. Mosaic does a good job of professionally keeping their tenants up to date. No complaints.

Occasionally our neighbors will throw parties but otherwise I love my apartment community! The family living above me is so nice and warm and welcoming.

Although the management has swapped at this point in the year, before it did things were pretty good - I never had issues with the management.

Maintenance is amazing, and fulfills most of our requests within 24hours. We had some construction on our house, resulting in some noise, but Courtney was happy to work with us to resolve our issues and got us a credit toward our rent. All in all, a great experience!

For the most part,I have loved living with mosaic! The home we live in is super renovated and aesthetically pleasing. Leasing is very understanding and it great at catering to students.

I’ve had a few preventable issues with stuff such as electricity shut offs and termites- which could have been avoided if the bill was set up properly (by you guys) or if the house was fully inspected. Other than that and the high rent, I enjoy living here and I got lucky with the random people I ended up with.