Great building and location. Amenities are all very nice. Great living experience.the management is very responsive and accommodating and want to make sure our living experience is a positive one.

although it was a rough start, Mosaic has really stepped it up and made the living experience awesome. Many thanks to Troy and Courtney (and the maintenance team) for changing our experience from negative to positive. Although the house is old, it is very spacious and Troy and Courtney are very receptive to any thing that needs to be done around the house. The location is phenomenal and right behind the village.

I have had a very positive experience with Courtney Jurasko. She was very professional and responded to me in a timely manner with my concerns about the property.

Living here has its downsides. Although the apartment and rooms are very beautiful and roomy, there are a few problems. First of all, the AC and heater both do not work despite many, many work order requests. Additionally, we were promised a certain amount of money for their lack of AC/heating and still have not received it. Finally, they charge for 12 months of rent, yet only allow us to live in it for 11.5 months. Half a months of rent is $600.

Management isn't great and the neighbors are frequently loud and hard to live next to. We still haven't had maintenance come in all semester

Property has its issues, but management has been very helpful and flexible in problem solving. Property is spacious and reasonably priced for what is received.

Nice area, but too many loud neighbors at night. Weird chanting. Also, if people can make sure their cats don’t hog the sidewalks that would be great.

The location is alright but maintenance can be bothersome sometimes when they misunderstand a work order. The property has good amenities though.

Live with Mosaic is great. Before I decide the move out from my previous apartment, I look around for a lot of housing managments. And Mosaic is the nicest who will take me to go around the apt and willing to help me with some moving in issues.

House condition is okay. But management work efficiency is low. The leasing process is the most problematic part, while living here is not bad.

Neighborhood is okay, there is a clear divide between the locals and the students. Locals steal packages from our porch all the time and clipped our bike locks in our front yard. Student community is great, but probably out of place. neighbor is a professor and is bitter because he hates the students and their celebrations.

Pretty good. Very ascthetic living setup. Loundery machine would have been better. Bathroom facilities like paper towel hanger etc work ld have been nice to have.

The apartment itself is in a great location and is a great space for 4 people. However, we have constant maitenance issues and Mosaic is slow to service those issues...

I like the neighborhood and the house is very cute, I'm just disappointed by the quality of amenities/appliances/house extras given how much I'm paying per month. One of our burners doesn't work and the washer is too small for quilts. Windows didn't have curtains or anything. No central ac or heating. Just kind of disappointing!

The mosquito net of windows were glued shut in many bedrooms, there is no functional AC, and most of all, Mosaic administration was extremely slow in dealing with an admin issue of a missing $750. Also in applying 10% credit on our monthly rent for construction done in our backyard. Aside from negatives, the house is pretty nice and I’m very happy with my room. Despite the annoyances, I’d still want to stay in my room again next year.

My experience has been great with Mosaic. Whenever I have an issue, there is a handyman on site ready to fix any problem within a few days of my request.

It’s been very pleasant. Mosaic staff is generally very responsive to our emails and needs. They are also very kind and offer candy during visits, which I appreciate

Mosaic student communities is a great management company. They take care of resident's issues very fast, and it's easy to contact them. Highly recommended

Community has been very inclusive so far. The area has been safe and Mosaic is quick to respond to issues whether it its a broken garbage disposal or general questions

We have become extremely close with our neighbors who live in the two units behind us. We all hangout often and enjoy each there company. We share a bunny with them

I love living in the Eco-Op. It is an amazing community of environmentally friendly students in a nice neighborhood. I always feel safe and secure.

The Mosaic staff is very friendly, and when the house is kept clean, it is not a bad place to live. I was worried about the lack of AC at first but LA weather proved supportive this year and that wasn't a problem. However, the location and neighborhood the house is located definitely has its issues - for one, USC yellow jackets do not patrol here, and the noise level, lack of cleanliness and amount of weed is very difficult to live with. And though my rent is lower than most of the places around campus, it is still pretty expensive for the location I am getting.

A very enjoyable experience. Staff could be more helpful and clear about rental payments but overall a wonderful and fun living experience for me and my friends.

I wish that screening people (in the sense of trying to see who would potentially live well together) would go along with the house selection experience. I live in a complex of multiple units and some of the people who live in the other units are a bit obnoxious and inconsiderate about noise levels. Other than that, I was lucky enough to end up with chill, friendly, and responsive housemates.

Construction and move-in was a disaster, the house was not finished when we moved in at the beginning of the year. Now things are better and they are fixing some issues.