The new manager of our house is pretty nice. She helped us for some problems. however, these days, the thing bothering me is house tour, which is too frequent.

I have been consistently frustrated with Mosaic Student Communities this year that I have been with them. The rent is too expensive, facilities are always breaking apart and take awhile for them to be repaired and the location is less than desirable noise-wise and yet was never mentioned in the housing advertisement.

It has been a great living experience during my college journey. I feel like I am home away from home. The environment is the best and the community is such welcoming.

Service requests are very quickly answered so I'm happy about that. Mosaic does a good job of professionally keeping their tenants up to date. No complaints.

Occasionally our neighbors will throw parties but otherwise I love my apartment community! The family living above me is so nice and warm and welcoming.

Although the management has swapped at this point in the year, before it did things were pretty good - I never had issues with the management.

Maintenance is amazing, and fulfills most of our requests within 24hours. We had some construction on our house, resulting in some noise, but Courtney was happy to work with us to resolve our issues and got us a credit toward our rent. All in all, a great experience!

For the most part,I have loved living with mosaic! The home we live in is super renovated and aesthetically pleasing. Leasing is very understanding and it great at catering to students.

I’ve had a few preventable issues with stuff such as electricity shut offs and termites- which could have been avoided if the bill was set up properly (by you guys) or if the house was fully inspected. Other than that and the high rent, I enjoy living here and I got lucky with the random people I ended up with.

My housemates and I all get along great. We know the residents of the house next to our and the house in front of ours much less well, but have no problem with any of them.

My experience here has been overall pretty great, mosaic has been helpful with the all of the management despite a couple discrepancies but overall a good experience. Properties are very nice.

The house has been great and overall Mosaic is quick to answer emails and maintenance requests when needed. Our laundry machine and water heater have both had issues but both issues were resolved in a fair amount of time.

I love the house that I live in, and our neighborhood has been perfectly nice. This house is a little older, so we’ve had some issues with appliances breaking, structural issues, etc. but overall I have had a positive experience.

Except for one incident of power failure for a day, the experience has been happy. Nobody is perfect I believe every effort is made to make stay great.

Great building and location. Amenities are all very nice. Great living experience.the management is very responsive and accommodating and want to make sure our living experience is a positive one.

although it was a rough start, Mosaic has really stepped it up and made the living experience awesome. Many thanks to Troy and Courtney (and the maintenance team) for changing our experience from negative to positive. Although the house is old, it is very spacious and Troy and Courtney are very receptive to any thing that needs to be done around the house. The location is phenomenal and right behind the village.

I have had a very positive experience with Courtney Jurasko. She was very professional and responded to me in a timely manner with my concerns about the property.

Property has its issues, but management has been very helpful and flexible in problem solving. Property is spacious and reasonably priced for what is received.

Nice area, but too many loud neighbors at night. Weird chanting. Also, if people can make sure their cats don’t hog the sidewalks that would be great.

Live with Mosaic is great. Before I decide the move out from my previous apartment, I look around for a lot of housing managments. And Mosaic is the nicest who will take me to go around the apt and willing to help me with some moving in issues.

Really good living space. Maintenance orders and requests are very slow to be answered unfortunately. For reference, we submitted work orders in August and have yet to see them completed, despite reminding Mosaic multiple times (it is now October).

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My experience has been great with Mosaic. Whenever I have an issue, there is a handyman on site ready to fix any problem within a few days of my request.

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It’s been very pleasant. Mosaic staff is generally very responsive to our emails and needs. They are also very kind and offer candy during visits, which I appreciate

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Mosaic student communities is a great management company. They take care of resident's issues very fast, and it's easy to contact them. Highly recommended

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Community has been very inclusive so far. The area has been safe and Mosaic is quick to respond to issues whether it its a broken garbage disposal or general questions

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