I have absolutely zero complaints so far in my experience i would say the gym could have more things and one of the treadmills do not work but other than that I'm satisfied

The staff is great and very helpful. The complex is always clean. Maintenance requests and other questions are always answered as soon as possible.

My only issue is with the noise. The neighbors I have are constantly stomping around upstairs and it’s really frustrating when I have an exam the next day

Living at Mustang Village has made life a lot easier for me. Having all the bills included was a plus for me. I also like the fact that they collect the residents packages.

Mustang Village was the perfect fit for me because I have my own space and I got to live with a roommate that I know well. Personally, I enjoy the amenities the most.

Good complex, quiet and clean. Apartments are spacious and design layout is good three roommates. Office employees and maintenance are cery helpful as well.

It has been a decent experience so far. The staffs nice and the amenities are good. I don’t plan on returning but do not regret living here.

I like living in mustang village. It is close to campus and has a good atmosphere. I do want more space for our pets to play. I pay a lot of money and my dog needs to run. The fully furnished and all ultilitys included is convenient however the price is very steep. Many things have broken in the apartment (door handle, window screens, air conditioning) and none of it has been fixed. It has been months.

Mustang Village is a good place to live. The amenities are great, the community as well. Never had any problems with maintenance. Overall a great place to live.

Feel very safe having my child there for her senior year. The rent is fair and she really enjoys her time there. I have no complaints other than trying to make this rating hit 140 characters

Living in mustang village is a complete relief. The staff is very friendly, helpful and reliable. The apartments are lovely and clean. I love it there.

Great living experience and great staff. My only issue is the amount of dog owners who do not pick up after their dogs! Walking at night means you have to be on the lookout for dog poop

It has been awesome at mustang village. The only thing is there is a major weed problem. The people at the front desk are always really nice and helpful

Living at mustang was the greatest choice I have ever made. The place is not too noisy and the space is comfortable. The staff is easy to work with.

Mustang Village offers spacious apartments at a great price. Furnished and appliances ready, I felt no outside pressure to buy tons of stuff to get ready to move in. Perfect for students, easy to access.

Apartments are clean and well furnished. All amenities are very modern and always kept clean. The pool is great and the gym has all new workout equipment. The only complaint is that my door doesn’t close properly and my chair is partly broken. So inspect everything when you move in

I’ve lived here for 4 years now and I love it! Once I moved in, it only took a couple of months for me to look into working here! I’ve moved up the ranks working here and now have the pleasure of being APM!

The community is a great environment. The apartments are fairly big. However, it can get noisy with the neighbors and the rent is a little expensive.

Great apartments. Friendly staff they do their best. My only complaint is the gym/ once again there is only one treadmill working. I thought that issue was resolved.

I LOVE my apartment, there’s a few things wrong with it but hopefully maintaince can get it fixed! The people I meet outside are super sweet!

It’s been really amazing thus far. Many activities ,and it’s really great that the complex tries to stay involved with the people.True place that feels like home.

It’s been a great experience so far living at mustang village! The maintenance is very quick to come fix any problems and the staff is always helpful!

I love it here! Everything is great, there’s a fitness center to keep you in shape, you can chill by the pool. The staff are super helpful and the community it very peaceful.

I like everything about living here except for the nappy carpet & small problems with our furniture. Hate the upstairs people too lol. Nbd, Nbd

Great apartment complex to live in during your college years. Staff is friendly, and helpful whenever there is a problem that needs to be fixed.