Loving living here! Just had a baby and it’s never too loud out here! I feel safe enough to go for walks with her and my family! Never had a problem! Happy to live here

Centrally located to downtown and the airport. Kitchens are outdated and old. Pools are not always open due to frequent repairs. Front desk staff are friendly but never return phone calls or emails.

Great! Very quiet and close to everything! Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of traffic. The pools are opening soon, and we are ready! The grounds are well maintained and price of rent is just right

No real issues, when things are broken, maintenance comes to fix it up right away. My only issue is with communication from the office. Love them though!

I love it, it’s quite nice and comfortable area to relax and invite guests to come over to walk around or to chill out on the patio with a nice glass of ice tea

The apartment itself is spacious. For the most part the area I live in is quiet. The only problem I have is the kids that seem to congregate by the mailboxes and leave their trash everywhere.

Living here was probably my biggest mistake but if you’re looking for a place as a first time renter then this is the place. Otherwise, push on.

Just here out of convenience. The school is close, the job is close and all of the local stores. It's an ok environment the school is fine just waiting until it's the right time to move.

Other than loud neighbors, people driving way to fast in parking lots and the roads through here I have enjoyed living in Nashboro Village...

PROs: Great location, nice neighbors, great office & maintenance staff. Love the Pools. CONs: Noisy people driving through at night, and early morning.

I’m just lost for words after being here for a year...wish I could of had just a little better experience for the price. I would never recommend now.

Love it here so quiet and the staff is very friendly! Can’t wait to see what the summer has in store. Looking forward to much needed relaxation at the pool!

Been living here for 3 months and I love it so far. Friendly neighbors don't hear lots of noise. I'll recommend this place to anyone glad to be apart of the community

I have the options most important to me. Two bathrooms and on the floor I requested. There are several pet stations throughout the property.

Have lived here for over five years! I have enjoyed the apartment so much and the staff are always helpful after hours. I like the access to the pool and so close to the grocery store.

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Great looking community, but the tenants of this community bring down its attractiveness. I havent had any issue with management or amenities yet.

Living here has been good. The office staff is nice. Overall the experience is pretty nice. The apartment is spacious and if I have an issue then they are all over it now and I can appreciate that.

Other then the parking I really enjoy staying in this community very quite. Maintenance is usually pretty prompt. Hopefully the pool will be opened soon!

I like living in Nashboro village. I just wish that there were more parking and office staff. The maintenance crew are always punctual whenever I have a problem.

Wouldn’t recommend this apartment community because apartment badly needs updates in bathrooms, gutters are about to fall off of my building & rent is constantly being raised everytime you renew a lease....not worth the money you pay for rent

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Live my spacious apartment. The area is clean quite up kept Neighbors seem to be peaceful waiting for the gyms to open to enjoy more of the property

The apartment is beautiful, and the people living here have been very kind. My only concern thus far has been the difficulty in getting into contact with the office staff.

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I like the location of Nashboro Village above all. They have decent layouts in Doubletree and Deerfield. I wish there was valet trash pick up and better countertops and flooring like some of the newer communities. Overall it's a decent place to live.

Living at nashboro village has been peaceful and overall comfortable. The only amenity missing is a gym for residents to go to and enjoy rather than having to go to planet fitness for a quick workout.

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Poor communication between residents and Nashboro Village. Our oven still has yet to be fix and it’s been 2 weeks. We also have complaining neighbors who reported us twice because we had to move furniture in at 10 p.m