It has been a real transition but neighbors seem nice. The staff have been accommodating. We needed a couple of things taken care of and was done promptly.

It's a joy to live here. It's nice and quite, everybody minds there own business, and the staff members are easy to talk to and help you in any way possible.

Fast help with maintenance and very nice. Also the office lady helped my guest who was visiting when she locked herself out and was really kind

I've never had an issue with the staff, they have always been awesome to me and very helpful, Jessica, Sherry and Peyton are great! I love the response time of maintenance when I put my request in online as well! I am renewing my lease and moving into a 3 bedroom and Jessica made that transformation effortless and we have our neighbors great friends!

It started out rely great. maintenance response in a reasonable timeframe. The only issue is that we must’ve gotten a bad batch of new tenants because we went from not have crime to being a victim of the raise in crime.

Very nice apartments, lovely neighbors, and everyone who works int the office and always happy to help. I’ve never lived in a place where the help anytime with anything

Living here has been a Blessing to me in my time of need,NO issues getting an apartment with great courteous customer service anything you need is addressed immediately and the grounds are beautifully kept and very inviting!!

Enjoy my stay here! I have been here 3 years and i have no problem. My neighbors are the absolute best! And its so close to my nearest kroger.

Apartment fine maintenance t as kes 5 yes to come and front office I believe is slow they dont communicate with each other and each one will tell you something different

So far my experience has been satisfactory. Initially I was a little worried about the customer service and the willingness of the leasing office to fulfill their promises on getting this resolved originally regarding my move in date, etc. The leasing agent I worked with was very helpful and she went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of regardless of miscommunication with others in the office. I believe so far I made a great decision in becoming a resident of Nashboro Village.

I was very ecstatic to move in to Nashboro Village because they worked with me when no one else would. The community is great and staff friendly. My only issue was the poor communication between Sherry, my lease consultant and I. I had to reach out to her constantly rather than her keeping contact with me, a future resident.

No complaints so far. Neighbors are friendly . We also like that we don’t have to fight over parking spot. Are area is clean and neat. Really enjoying the apt.

Been here for 2 weeks and I love it!! Great staff!! Great apartment!! Clean everywhere I look and go!! Not meet a lot of neighbors but I will in time.

Even though I haven't lived here long I am very happy living neighbors and office staff have been great. I should have moved here a long time ago.

Its been great so far. I'm on my second lease. I work from home and it's nice and quiet in the daytime. Looking forward to the nice cool weather coming up

Overall the community is great! Most people seem very friendly and respectful. The office does not seem to have it’s act fully together, but they do their best. They are friendly and helpful. The area seems to be increasing in criminal activity however and that is something to be aware of.

All is well. We had a few items that needed attention. They we quickly resolved without hassle. Glad there is an office staff willing to assist.

Been decent so far. Didn’t get the apartment I originally looked at, due to a pipe busting. Was told I’d be getting the same apartment so I went through with it. When I came to move in, the apartment was not the same. My first unit was a corner unit, with updated appliances, corner unit, fireplace, and back porch. The unit I got was lacking a fireplace, upgraded appliances, and no back porch. Was never shown all the amenities that are offered here, so I have to find find them myself.

It's been an alright experience. Nothing exceptional, but the staff do what they can to make things as right as possible as long as you stay on top of them.

Lived here for almost 8 years. Nice community, well kept grounds. Wish there was a bigger security presence though. Will still renew my lease when the time comes.

Nice place just need a few things fixed. Very loud humming sound coming from water pipes. Staff is friendly and the area is good. Close to the airport.

So far my apartment is nice and the area of Deerfield I'm in is very peaceful. There's also more amenities here than most places so that's cool too.

Staff is really friendly. The process started out a little bumpy. However, the other staff member jumped in a smooth things out. I really appreciate the team work.

Very nice , peaceful & quiet community staff is very friendly it’s not a lot of noise very big spacious apartments I fell In love when I moved in

My master bedroom window still doesn't lock. The trash areas are still always a mess. I am over charged every month for water consumption. It's more expensive here than it was at my last place, where there were two other people living with me... and one took 3 showers a day.