so far so good. just recently moved in. the apartment was up to par and feels very homey. wish we had more private balcony space but its ok so far. the maintenance around here can be a little more helpful in getting things done.

Need upgrades(Bathroom and Kitchen caulking is very old and tiles on the bathroom walls) , Pool need to be attended, a playground for all the kids that play in the parking lot, Camaras need to be put up due to my car was stolen recently. Assigned parking ASAP! Tenents have 4-5 cars for 1 apartment.

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Maintenance requests are handled much better now than in the past. Communication with the office is lacking at times. Pools are not always open.

I have had an issue with bugs, and my drier taking an extremely long time to dry clothing. I also had a few occasions where I had to called 2-3 times for maintenance to come fix something. That being said, the front desk has always been nice and helpful and I like how easy it is to make payments.

There are birds abd squirrels in my walls and ceiling. A squirrel almost got into my apartment through my ceiling. Other than that and the dog poop everywhere its a great place to stay. Fair rent and easy way to pay. Quiet neighborhood and friendly residents.

When i first moved in the, apartment smelled weird and it would have been nice to at least change the toilet seat and maintain the cabinets.

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There’s a lot of bugs in our apartment. And there’s tons of people moving in and out everyday, which isn’t too safe. Need more play areas for kids.

Over the 4yrs I've lived in this community, I've enjoy my stay. I do wish the staff was more attentive and they definitely need more maintenance workers

Its alright for the price, it will do for now. Walls are thin, you can hear neighbors pretty well. I work weird and loong hours so its not the best

It's all that I thought it would be and some. Me and my wife really enjoy where we are at right now. We would not give this one up not right now anyway. I thank God for just giving you all the heart for giving us a chance. Thank you

Really love the size of apartment for the price. All around a nice apartment. My favorite part is the big deck. There where just some thing on move in day that I felt should have been fixed and taken care of before we got here. Like a broken mirror and toilet handle in one of the bathrooms. Only been here a little over a week. So far like it but move in day was a little unhappy with.

Nashboro has a great array of healthy lifestyle choices when it comes to amenities. Care and Maintenance are of importance to Nashboro if it is to you...

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I think there have been changes in staffing because service has really improved since we moved in. The biggest issue we have faced, lately, is a lack of parking.

I am grateful and pleased that the buildings have been painted and fixed up externally this fall. It is a breath of fresh air for what it cost to live here it now looks at least presentable. They are getting it together slowly but surely. The trash receptacles need to be addressed. As their is not enough containers for the amount of residents

Nice location to many spots. However the apartments at Doubletree are outdated and increasingly expensive. Won't be renewing. Dumpsters overflow often and parking lot needs paving. Other than that this place is compatible to other nearby communities.

I like where I live. The neighbors are friendly, the apartment is nice, and I like the location of where I live. The only thing I don’t really care for is the staff. They’re not really that friendly or inviting. They are sometimes rude. But overall, the apartments are good for what you pay.

It was a disaster when I first moved in with somethings never being taken care of. Since then I really hadn't called for maintenance to do anything because my faith in that is null and void. So I typically research how to do things myself or have someone analyze/repair it.

For it to be my first apartment. It’s nice and quiet. I haven’t had any problems living here. They are old apartments. Need a little update on some appliances

2nd night I lived here some one broke into my car. Complex should invest in cameras. My apartment is quiet and quaint. I like my view of trees.

i used to live in a one bedroom had no problems until I moved into a two bedroom and all it’s been is problems in this apartment sense the day we moved in.

My apartment is great. I like the layout and the updated features. It’s just the person above me is always very noisy. They walk very heavily and their dog is always running.

needs upgrades needs upgrades needs up needs upgrades grades needs upgrades. Real time clues fillers, again. fish drink. There rule this. finished.

The neighborhood of Nashboro Village is subpar. The property mammagment have improved the property aestically however it’s the residents that make the experience sub par. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this area to anyone.

I have lived here 4.5 years and my experience here has improved a lot over the years. But the workout facility has still been under repair far too long. Please reopen soon. And keep up the good work!

Still waiting on response for referral bonus not being applied. Great on service with technicians Generally friendly staff Clean complexes. Good value

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