The community is very quiet. Both staff and residents are very friendly. The Nine also hosts a lot of community social events so it is easy to get to know people.

Great apartment experience. The amenities are amazing, the staff is very helpful and quick to respond, and the apartments are really nice. Love this place.

Nice apartment complex! Staff is pretty friendly, just wish there was more insulation i hear my neighbors all the time! (Downstairs neighbors too)

I really enjoy the Nine. Very good service and help with any problems. I wish speed bumps were added to the drive way because some people drive through the two buildings very loudly. Also door dampeners since people who live next to the door hear is slam shut every time. Also not sure why on our lease the pool it open later at night but we get kicked out at sundown.

Since living at the Nine I have been so impressed by the clear communication with all residents. If there is ever an issue a text and email will be sent notifying the problem. It’s a good feeling knowing you’re cared about.

My resident experience at The Nine has been great. I get to live in a beautiful apartment complex that is only a short walk from campus. My only complaint is that parking costs were raised, even for residents renewing their lease.

Great location, with amazing staff. The community focused events usually center around food which I am definitely a big fan of. The only complaint I would have is in the construction of the building. It is wood frame with barely anything to stop sound from flowing through the walls so you hear everything... everything. But good luck finding a modern apartment in Gainesville that doesn't feature this construction style. Just invest in a good set of noise cancelling headphones and you will love your experience.

The nine is the best building complex in Gainesville. They are very careful with details and to make you feel comfortable. If you are thinking on moving, this is defenitely the place.

The Nine has great amenities and a good location. The staff is quick about getting packages out when they arrive and is friendly every time I walk into the office.

Great location and amenities, at first fire alarms were really annoying but they solved that problem. Security can be a bit too strict sometimes

I love living here. The amenitites are aawesome, it's clean, and in a good location. I wish it was a safer location and had less fire alarms pulls/water pipe bursts, though.

Really good experience so far. Already renewed my lease for next year. Amenities are always in good condition and the building is always clean.

I live on the second floor facing the pool. The view is really pretty, but it's a very loud location since people usually play music. In addition, the lights from the pool are so bright at night and the blinds barely help keep the light out. The jumbotron is sometimes left on, too, which is even worse since I'm facing it. I think I'm even getting charged $10 extra for a "pool view". Sure the pool is pretty, but I don't see any sense in an extra charge. In fact, it would make more sense to charge $10 less given the amount of disturbance we get. Also, the 2nd floor hallway usually smells really bad. Other than that, everything is really nice.

I have loved living at the nine so far this year and I cannot wait to again next year. Recently they have been overing more opportunities and fun things like food and stuff which is cool!

I have not started living at the Nine yet, but I will start living there in the fall semester. I am so excited to be a part of this great community!

The Nine is a great place to live with staff who really care about its residents. They host nice events for the community and keep the grounds clean. The location is also great; I don’t have a car on campus, but I can easily get around!

The living experience has been great so far. Minimal complaints...I think what needs to be managed better is the parking for the complex. If you do not sign for parking, there is basically no backup options. I feel parking should be included, considered the amount of annual revenue the complex pulls in.

2018 best apartments hands down, the new appliances and amenities that the nine offers are amazing, modern and a clean look. I am a student living here and it feels so safe, security is around 24/7 and the location is still great.

So far I’ve loved living here at the nine! The only issue that sometimes really bothers me is the guest parking situation. It is always a hassle if I want to have my friends over to just simply watch a movie because there is not parking

Great amenities! Love the pool and the gym! Very modern in general. Need to fix fire alarm issues. It went off multiple times in early morning hours.

I really like my apartment. It is really pretty and close to campus. The frequent bus stops are super convenient. Sometimes I feel like maintenance takes a while to get things done though. And the fire alarms aren't great but I don't know who's fault that is.

Awesome apartment complex I’ve had a great year so far living here I find all of the amenities a blast. Also everyone in the complex are friendly

This place is awesome. I went on two tours with my roommates to convince them to sign a lease at the nine with me. Can’t wait to move in and enjoy the apartment.

Surrounding area is nice and location is great for students like myself. Management responded reasonably quickly. Expensive, but amenities are nice

I really love all of the ammenities that the Nine has to offer. It is a beautiful apartment complex with an amazing staff. My complaints lie within some of the construction of the apartments, such as thin walls which do not block any sound from upstairs or the hallway. Other than that, it is a great place to live!