Quiet Community. I like to live here. Very good staff. Always ready to help. Outdoor spaces always clean. Very good neighbors. Gardens always fixed and beautiful

Its a good place to live and safe Its a good place to live and safe Its a good place to live and safe Its a good place to live and safe! close to everything

Good experience, safe for the kids, good location, the apartments are nice and spacious, they always respond when you have a problem at your apartment.

My experience here has been fine. I’m satisfied with how things are with the community and the office staff has been fine. This community is a place to check out.

Love the place been here 10 years and still don’t want to move great location good staff, safe and quiet. Schools nearby and the pool is nice.

I've lived here 7 years, I love the area how close it is to my boys school and feel safe with my kids here. My kids and I love it here and wouldn't leave unless we are moving into a house of our own.

Noah's Landing is a beautiful well manicured grounds, and offer inspired future and amenities to all of us residents, a great clubhouse, a refreshing swimming pool and a fitness center. Noah's Landing offers and ideal location, that put us close to the city of Naples, that put us in reach of even more fun and excitement. There is something for every member of the family to enjoy and help make everyday life relaxing and fun. Noh's Landing have the best professional Maintenance Department- The best professional staff, that treat us all with respect and they are fantastic and prompt to answer any issues that arise. In Noah's Landing "We Matter" To me Edward Hunter and my wife Lucy and many other residents Noah's Landing is a "Beautiful Place To Live" In Noah's Landing we have rules for each resident - Dogs most wear a leash at all time, and be sure to pick up waste and put it in Dog Station. We have Recycle Stations. We need to have sticker in each vehicle that park in the premises of Noah's Landing "If not will be towed" The Pool is free to swim BUT no alcohol aloud inside the pool - "Please shower before you enter in the pool" 10 is the "Speed Limit" in the premises of Noah's Landing. Noah's Landing hace a god Neighborhood Watch and protection by our police officers that surround our place every night, we all residents are aware of it and we can go to sleep peacefully. We are loyal and truly residents here at Noah's Landing as residents if we see anyone or someone that is suspicious we will report it immediate or call 911 - We care for Noah's Landing This is Our Home - We love it here. And we protect each other. God Bless Noah', Landing Always. We Thank You So Very Much Noah's Landing. Because Renting must have a "Value" and Noah's Landing: Location, Premises, Amenities, Professional Administrative Staff, Professional Maintenance Staff, Great Club House, Fantastic Swimming Pool, The Community Always is invited for a fun day! Every month we have games, lunch, grill by the pool etc.. We have beautiful buildings, apartments with all the commodities, beautiful land to walk and enjoy the water ponds, ducks, turtles, and birds. It is Beautiful here at Noah's Landing. The Hunters #707

En los últimos 5 años,he tenido la dicha de vivir en esta comunidad,han habido muchos cambios pero siempre para mejorar gracias por escuchar y mejorar ....

We moved I. When we were desperate to find a place as we moved far for a job. The office was wonderful in trying hard to accommodate us as quickly as they could.

Very nice place,It is a very quiet and quiet placePerfect in relation to the schools because they have them next door and with very well maintenance service

Muy tranquila, buen servicio de mantenimiento, la administracion con muy buena gestión, suficiente espacio para el parqueo de los carros, buen ambiente en el área de la piscina

Nice place to live, good location for families with children. Very affordable, close to stores and highway. Good maintenance people as week as office.

Every thing is perfect Inlove my resident and the people in the office are very nice and helpfully. The service is perfect and the activities

I love my apartment. Its view. It's quiet here. The Community is clean. I like it. I love to walk around the eleven buildings and work out at the gym. But what I love more is the pool.

Love the peacefulness. Very understanding. There is no other community like this one. It feels safe to be around. Kid friendly. Parking is still a little problem.

super well I love this is my 6th year in this community very kind everyone for any concern thank you for everything the super attentive staff never had any problem

Very nice place to live, since I’m here everything’s ok, maintenance, attention, there’s no complain at all. Neighbors are ok and nice and it’s very close to locals stores.

I love my apartment, everything is very comfortable and nice, the neighbors are very friendly and the condo is very safe. the condo has a very good location, the common areas are always clean, the staff is very attentive and friendly

Noah's Landing is a safe and quiet community. The management and maintenance staff are attentive and understanding they really care about their residents. It is great for seniors and what I love most is it is pet friendly.

Good place to live peaceful, good staff, great location, near schools and interstate. Clean and plenty of parking. Nice pool and fitness room.

I Been Leaving Here For 8 Year Very Nice, Clean And Quiet Comunity. Maintenance Very Friendly And Funny Love NOAHS Apart❤️ Number #1 In Naples Fl.

great place super clean environment and friendly. has a great pool area super convenient locations next to 75 has a shopping lest than a mile away

clean environment with very friendly people. Maintenance does there best. Individual parking helps a lot since it does get pretty full. Very informative when something is going to be done

It is a very very quiet neighborhood. It is tucked back from the main roads, but hidden right in plain site. Close proximity to Golden Gate High School and Mike Davis Elementary.

Buen lugar para vivir, la administracion muy eficiente igual que los trabajadores de mantenimiento, toda el area del condominio se mantiene muy limpia y la vecindad es bien tranquila y amigable