I’ve been here 6 months. Although I have only attended one events. I like that there’s always something going on in Club house. Keep sending text messages, I need the reminders.

Neighborhood is fun and interesting, Apartments are quiet at night and grounds are well kept. Need to try out the fitness center soon, and the rent is average for this part of town

I loved it as soon as I rode through the gate, the apartment is so nice and elegantly put together. The Amenities we have is what I really like....

Quick fixes. Awesome community events. Two pool, great amenities. Free stuff. Complaint comes from thin walls I can smell my neighbors smoking in my closest & my other neighborhood lets her dog poop in front of my front windows near the walkway... eye sore, gosh i hope i never trip & fall. Last its be nice if the redid our sidewalk at the building entrance, b/c the mud gets in the building easy.

I enjoy the people I have met and enjoy sitting on the porch in good weather. The maintenance crew is responsive to issues and friendly. There isn't a question that someone will not answer or get an answer for.

Love my apartment , cozy , and quiet! I’d recommend this place to anybody that is needing to live close to an area with a lot of places to go. And it’s 10 to 15 minute drive to downtown .

Everyone has been very polite and super helpful. The grounds are always kept clean and up to par. Maintenance has always been on point and super fast

I love it here so far .. they need to actually check apartments for pest and cleanliness cause these people are nasty and with me having a clean house I don expect to see any bugs 🕷

It was difficult at first because there was a huge issue with pest control in my building. I didn't know of the previous existing issue. Wish someone could have been forthcoming and just outright told me about the issue that way I could have still made a decision to move in or not. But it has been ok for the most part. The post control us being managed pretty well between the maintenance/pest control and mysel8

Nice community,everything is clean and well maintained,the leasing staff are very helpful,they solve immediately any problem you could have I think I will love to live here.

Great place. People are friendly and courteous. The place is well kept and managed. They have great events every month for the residentsto enjoy.

Its a great location for my husbands and I job. We got a good deal when we moved in to the apartment in December. Very easy to travel because its near I24

The apartments are clean, neighbors are friendly, security is always at the main gate, making us feel very safe. We love the new appliances and close proximity to the interstate.

I've been living here for 5 months and haven't had a problem that hasn't been fixed within a week of putting in the work order. Totally recommend Nob Hill!

This place is fantastic! My neighbors are all very friendly, we all keep an eye out for each other. It feels like a tight knit community. The grounds are very well maintained. And the individual apartments are very comfortable. Living here, you’re home.

I have had no issue staying at this apartments. The maintenance is quick, however the gate never worked for almost a year now, which is a security hazard

The apartments are beautiful and very quiet and peaceful. The only thing that I don't like is maintenance and the exterminator that comes monthly walks into your apartment if you don't answer the door quick enough. I talked to the office manager about it. Nothing has changed. Other than that I love the apartments. Maintenance is good about finding things on time.

I live here for 7 years,and never have problem,nice neighbors the place is fantastic and the people working in the office there are great.I invited a my friends visiting this apartment

I’ve been here now 3 months. I came from Memphis and I LOVE it here. The apartments are so active within the community. I’ve never lived in an apartment complex that hosts so many fun family events. ME AND MY FAMILY LOVE NOB HILL! Feels just like home.

I have just moved in and have been nothing but pleased. Location is quiet, spacious and already feels like a home. Can’t wait to get completely situated!

Over all,. I really like the the place... some things could be better, like a laundry facility in every apartment or either washer and dryer hook up in every apartment.

Only been here for a few month so far everything is going good but, they do have a bit of a bug issue which is being handle by pest control. I guess its do to the renovation that's going on

Amazing place. Great location. Awesome price. They had us moved in in just a few days. We can especially recommend Sean. He showed us the property and has been our advocate the whole way through.

I really like most things about living here. The card swiper in the laundry room nearest me has been broken for a while. Besides that everything is great.

I have been here less than a week and have had the most attentive care from all staff, especially maintainence. On the walk through they noticed a slat on one of the blinds was damaged and 2 bat tub tiles were missing less than 12 hours later they were replaced and a service repair note was placed on the table to let me know these were repaired. The next day the kitchen sink was clogged and I asked if they could increase my temperature on the hot water heater...in 5 minutes they were at the door and so friendly. They all get an excellent for customer service. The office staff always smile and are equally friendly. So far so good.