I absolutely love North 38!! Being pet friendly and cheaper for the amount of things that are available is amazing! The only downside is neighbors are kinda noisy.. but other than that an amazing place to live.

Quiet area with spacious bedroom and bathroom. While the kitchen could hold a bit more space, it is made up for by the apartment coming with a television

I have had very poor experiences with the management and professionalism of the entire staff. My interactions with them have been extremely uncomfortable.

The amenities and quality of living at North 38 has been great. The staff, overall, are kind and try to help in whatever way they can. However, there have been several times where I was given incorrect information by an employee. It would be more helpful to say "I am not sure, let me get back to you", than to give someone false information and apologizing later. As a resident, it makes me leery to talk to the management because of this issue. To be more specific, I had trouble acquiring a garage and I got different information about he SMART Locks three different times.

So far, my personal experience living at 38 has been pretty chill. My roommates are down to earth for the most part and there’s a good relationship between us and our home...

Great place to live! Very trendy and up to date on all things. Friendly staff and a very helpful maintenance team that responds very quickly

The apartments are great, the only problem I've had is the upkeep of the clubhouse coffee machine or the gym wipes being empty. Other than that, it's great!

The people are super nice and the community is very quiet! The view is also really great! The staff is also super friendly and are always willing to help you!

For the most part I am happy with my North 38 experience. It has gone down hill in quality a little into this school year, but it is okay. I like how quiet the location is.

Overall it has pretty great, just a few issues here and there so far! I really like the atmosphere and the location related to campus. The apartments themselves are pretty nice.

I have enjoyed my experience here and am pleased with the amenities available to residents. The move in process was very easy and everyone has been super helpful.

I've lived at North 38 for a year and I just started my second year here. The maintenance staff is super efficient and is always readily available to take care of any problems my roommates and I have. The front office is not as great. They don't tell residents about food Friday meals until all their friends have already eaten the food. The lawns are always tidy and parking hasn't been terrible like it is at JMU which is nice. Love it here overall!

North 38 has a lot of amenities that also come with the really nice living space. The apartments themselves are really modern on the inside.

Great apartment. Nice size room and bathroom. Common spaces are nice but the furniture could be better (all scratch up and is glass that isn’t sturdy. I wish rent didn’t go up from previous years and that the management now would be better because I’ve ran into multiple issues on property and it didn’t seem like they cared about my safety or well being.

Love it here, the rooms are spacious, the amenities are so convenient, free coffee ☕️ all the time is so nice, price is so fair for what you you’re getting, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for housing!

Third year living here! A nice apartment with a nice location that is close enough to retail spots but far enough away from the busyness of the college campus

I have been here for almost 2 1/2 years. I love North 38. I wouldn't of stayed here if I didn't. I do think that there could be improvement with communication with the office. I also think that sometimes the front office treats you like you are bothering them whether that be in person or on the phone.

Nice apartment overall! The staff are friendly and professional, and the walls in the apartment are actually not paper thin! I can't hear my roommates when we're in our rooms, which is wonderful. Only major drawback is that the buildings around the pool get a lot of extra noise from the pool near weekends. Wish they'd at least not play music so loud; we're so far out that it isn't exactly convenient to go to the library for quiet.

I have absolutely loved living at North 38! Every staff member is super helpful, and the amenities are great. I also enjoy how quiet the atmosphere is

My experience here has been mostly good some problems but over all I like living in north 38 good staff I love the pool an food on Friday’s.

I love the community here. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. There is always people to talk to and never a mean person. The amenities are great.

Nice community, very well organized and clean. Landscaping always looks good, great internet, good roommates, and welcoming environment. Overall good experience

I really enjoy living here, especially the pool and fitness center. The staff are always kind, helpful and friendly. The maintenance staff is also excellent and always come fast!

I love living at North 38. it is in a perfect location and not too far from any food spots or campus. I love having the privacy of my own bathroom as well as being in a fully furnished unit.

This is a great place to live in and nearby open area so it feels open and unrestrained. The maintenance works fast and can be done in two or three business days, and they get the job done.