It's been great so far! Moved in last weekend and it was an easy and pain-free experience. Although I have been bombarded with emails, it has been great.

Nice apartments that’s are fairly well maintained. I didn’t like how residents aren’t given a choice in upgrades (new door locks), especially when it is already overpriced with extra fees for having an apartment with a view of the street and farm.

The apartment is nice and I like the amount of space in my room. The rent is at a good price point for my budget and despite some minor problems that were fixed within my first week, I am enjoying my time here.

Great staff and good looking outside of apartments. Furniture wasn't that great and I don't like the location. If you prefer a quiet place, then this is the place

Everyone I’ve worked with at north has been really great! It’s a great place to live. Only complaint is last minute notifications or no notification on roommate’s or people entering my apartment! A heads up would be nice!

North 38 is amazing as far as quality of apartments, the bus system, clubhouse, and events, but they placed me with the wrong roommates! The issue has not been resolved.

Really nice community that is very peaceful. Has many cool amenities to enjoy from such as the pool, study room, and club room. The room is very spacious and the living room has great furniture

Everyone in the admissions office has been super nice and helpful. Love that I can have my dog here. I also think the apartments are beautiful and I can’t wait to move in!

I have really enjoyed living here! this complex offers such great amenities and i love foodie fridays, no other place has anything like it. The staff here are so kind and always willing to help!

So far so good . I'm an year in and I absolutely love it here . They great amenities. The staff are loving and kind . They have a great size dog park .it is also close to everything you will need

Great location, maintenance, and staff. I used the pool a lot this summer and when friends visit, they almost always mention how nice the apartment is! Love the amenities and I'm happy I'm here another year

I love the value for everything you get at North 38! Great location and the office staff is very helpful. The amenities are really nice and I like how some Fridays they have food provided in the clubhouse.

Great maintenance staff, great leasing office staff, I love North 38 so much and will be so sad to leave when I graduate! The apartments are beautiful and I love how secluded it is from the craziness of harrisonburg

Living here is great, I've spent 4 years here and every year they have newer and better upgrades/amenities I'm happy that this is where I chose to live!

Ggez so far. Was a struggle at first when yall switched us to a four person after we said we were going back to a third person. Somehow it worked out but was highkey angry for a while. Dope place thoe.

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So loverly living here. The staff are sweet and easy to get ahold of. They also fix apartment issues really quickly and keep you updated about the requests and post visit. They also keep the community together by doing little food event in the club house which is very ice.

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It was amazing the staff are great. I would definitely recommend anyone to stay here. It’s very clean and a Safe’s place to live. The pool it great!

Everyone is always so kind and friendly and always meets the needs of the residents! I feel so welcomed and at home when away from my family!

Great amenities and staff that are always willing to help solve issues. The apartments are great as well just the bedrooms are a bit small.overall it’s been a good experience

It has been really nice living here! Sadly, there has been issues with noise in quiet buildings and people not cleaning up after pets, but I still couldn't imagine living somewhere else

Love the apartment, the location and the facilities (pool, gym etc)!! But I had a couple of problems to fix with my bathroom when I moved in, it's all good now!

The amenities are great and the maintenance staff are super helpful. Wish there was more communication between the staff and the residents though. A lot of notifications seem like after thoughts.

The community at North 38 is so helpful! They are understanding and efficient. They are so prompt with any issue I may have! It’s so great to be surrounded by this community!

Communication is lacking between office staff and residents a times. Other than that it is a great quiet place to live! The amenities and everything that comes with the apartment is good quality for the price that we pay.

Excited to live here next school year, the staff has been extremely helpful so far and I cannot wait to enjoy all of the amenities when I move in!