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Great location, nice environment, friendly RAs and maintenance workers. Lots of guest parking. Two major complaints- big maintenance problems take FOREVER to get done. If you need something minor fixed it'll be no problem, but actual structural maintenance will have caution tape up for weeks at a time. Also amenities are not very good-- gym equipment is incredibly old and in sub-par condition. Printer almost never works.

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Great staff. Friendly and helpful. Beautiful lakes and trees. The fact that it is walking distance from the university of central Florida's campus is great.

I love northgate it is so much fun living here, I feel safe in my home, the staff is amazing, my apartment is beautiful, the location is good and the shuttles are helpful.

Been living here for over two weeks, no problems so far. Maintenance and staff are friendly. Community events and amenities have been nice. Apartment quality is fairly old but livable. Overall, a decent place to live.

Northgate is just average. The positives are it is safe, close to campus, not a loud partying complex. The cons are that the apartments are not kept up and they are super dirty and need repairs. You basically have to beg the office to fix anything (our AC has been broken for 2 weeks)

Great place so far! Enjoying everything as is - plenty of events to attend, everything has been functional and looks nice, and the community is kept well.

Always friendly and very helpful with anything. The only thing is every time I go in the office it's always a lot going on and usually have to wait to get whatever I need.

The leasing office staff are quick, efficient, and nice. Also the resident around here are nice especially at the community center with the pool table.

The overal experience so far has been pretty good. I don’t have anything important to complain about. The only thing is that In my room I didn’t get a chair and am still waiting on it.

The apartments look a bit worn from the outside (broken siding and jimmied up floors) but the interior is nice and homie. The counters and some of the appliances could use some updating and on first arrival there were some issues with the apartments. The office staff and maintenance works have been happy to help with anything we've needed however.

Northgate Lakes has been great so far. The living space is the best part for sure: the carpet and furniture seem new. The bedrooms are a bit small, but big enough to be comfortable. Staff is enthusiastic and events can be a lot of fun!

Love this apartment building!! Moved in super fast , super nice when I walked in and they cater to all my work order needs ! Super friendly environment

Northgate Lakes' environemnt is great as it is very peaceful and quiet. The staff is very friendly and overall the experience is very home like!

The community is very nice, there's been a ton of opportunities to be involved. All staff members I've met have been very nice and helpful. My only complaint is with my apartment itself. At the moment, the kitchen has ants in it and the desk chair that came in my room was broken. The shower drain was also clogged until I fixed, but these are all very minor things.

This is my first year here and I love it. The office staff and general staff are really friendly and very helpful. The property is very quiet and peaceful. My apartment is very clean and nice. My roommates are cool people. Move in was super easy. Love it here.

You're service is good.You're service is fine.You're service is great.You're service is amazing.You're service is cool.You're service is ok.You're service is meh.

You're doing great sweetie. I really enjoy living here. If This weren't my last year, I would move here again. This will be a great year because of this wonderful living space.

The Northgate community is doing great! I moved in with my three friends this past semester and we all love it here. It feels cozy and well maintained.

Love the feeling of community thay you recieve at NorthGate Lakes. The staff knows how to be welcoming without being overwhelming. Only con would be that it's run down a bit.

The community is very close to campus! It feels very safe and the staff is nice. Rooms are a tad small but the community has a lot going on!

The apartment has been great so far. The roommate matching system worked so well and everyone I have talked to has been super friendly. The complex provides so many opportunities to meet people.

In the two weeks I've stayed at this facility, I have enjoyed the general environment and feel of the complex. I do however have a problem with the maintenance around the area.

Great service and maintenance is working hard to fix anything major or minor. Best non-UCF housing available to students. They make you fill out a maintenance form after getting your keys. This helps ensure one actually reports anything wrong with the apartment. Anything reported goes into a report, and you get a copy via email that lets you know of the record made. Another is sent when maintenance has fixed the problem. Great housing option that's cheaper than other competitors.