Great place to live at. Not badly price. They have recently renovated it so it’s all cute and what not. 10 pout of 10 would recommend to anyone interest.

Its very convinient as far as being 10 minutes away from campus and publix. They are fairly nice as well. The only issue I have is that there are spiders everywhere.

The community is wonderful. The staff is very friendly and always helpful. Maintenance is always on top of things. I've really enjoyed living here.

Construction schedule has seemed a bit disorganized with workers moving onto the next buildings too soon and causing a lot of trouble with parking.

Northgate has a location that's impossible to beat - one of the greatest features about the place. During my time, however, I've had a few different issues: Work orders can take anywhere between a few days, and an entire month to get progress on (I've had to wait a month for major plumbing issues to be fixed). Wi-Fi isn't the most reliable nor the fastest. Amenities are cool and not used too often, and the community is organized in a very convenient way.

The apartments are spacious and the roommate match is exceedingly accurate. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a resident at Northgate Lakes. -AM

Really like the place. My roomates are nice, the facilities are plentiful, and its within bike riding distance of ucf. My only complaint is that there are no elevators.

I'm still enjoying my time in Northgate. I haven't gotten to do as many events with the community like in the past, but I still enjoy the time I spend with everyone.

I’ve been living at Northgate lakes for 2 years and i just renewed the lease this year! I love living here, everyone is very helpful and they always have events every week. love it

I really enjoy the amenities such as the cyber cafe, the billiards table and the pools. I also like that there are events hosted by the staff fairly frequently.

The activities and food arrangements are nice way to meet people and who doesn’t love free food, right? Not a big fan of the mold problem. Also don’t like how the front office, club house, front landscaping, basically everything someone taking a tour would see were taken care of before the hurricane damages on the buildings were.

Events and staff in office are very fun and welcoming. Only issue has been maintenance when it comes to fixing some stuff in the apartment I've waited from a week to a whole month on important repairs in my apartment.

The grounds are always cleans. I wish the main office was always clearer when communicating with the residents. Once I almost got my car towed because I was parked somewhere o couldn't be. When I asked where they had said I couldn't park there, they showed me a flier they had posted on the first floor of the building (on the staircase I don't use to go to my apartment.) They have no problem spamming me about renewing my lease, but they couldn't bother sending one email about this.

The apartment is nice and close to campus. Bedrooms are comfortable and they do a good job with roommate matching. The staff here are resourceful.

Northgate in general is a great community. The staff is super friendly, and the website is pretty easy to use. Sometimes the wifi works fine, although it tends to have a lot of issues at night.

I love Northgate Lakes so much. The location is perfect because it is right behind the University of Central Florida and only requires a short drive. The staff is incredibly friendly and always helpful if you need anything.

Northgate Lakes is super close to campus. I walked to all of the football games! Rooms aren’t as big as some other places, but they are definitely still nice for the cheap price!

The local staff is great. The apartments are overpriced, but I guess you're really just paying for the proximity to UCF. Overall, my experience was fine.

The staff members are really nice and the environment feels as if I never left home. I definetly recommend living here. A good perk is it is a 15minute walk to campus

Apartments are minimally maintained and mamagment seems too lax on issues. I'm glad that they fully renovated the office and the club house but I feel that fixing the damage from Hurricane Irma (from about 8 months ago) would be much more beneficial for all parties.

Great place to live, would recommend. Construction for the new clubhouse and cybercafe took a while but it was definitely worth the wait. Looks amazing.

I love all the CAs and events! It's a bit costly but very nice. My favorite events are waffle Wednesday, and honestly all of the events with free food.

super nice staff. always reasonable have no troubles when something is broken or needs fixing. all renovations added a nice classy homey touch to the community.

Love the community. My service requests are always answered to in a timely manner. The CAs at the office are always helpful. -0.5 star because I had hoped that the new clubhouse and cyber cafe renovations would have finished earlier.

The community is nice, and I’ve enjoyed living in my apartment, but the wifi is absolutely terrible. There have been times where I’ve had to leave my apartment, and go somewhere else just because none of the wifi networks were working. Also the Gaming wifi never works for me and it’s the only one with an automated password on it so I haven’t been able to use my smart tv or google home the entire time I’ve lived here; actually I haven’t been able to connect anything other than my phone and laptop to the wifi. In today’s society, having good wifi (especially for a college student) is essential, and I’ve heavily contemplated moving due to this.