Love the community. My service requests are always answered to in a timely manner. The CAs at the office are always helpful. -0.5 star because I had hoped that the new clubhouse and cyber cafe renovations would have finished earlier.

The community is nice, and I’ve enjoyed living in my apartment, but the wifi is absolutely terrible. There have been times where I’ve had to leave my apartment, and go somewhere else just because none of the wifi networks were working. Also the Gaming wifi never works for me and it’s the only one with an automated password on it so I haven’t been able to use my smart tv or google home the entire time I’ve lived here; actually I haven’t been able to connect anything other than my phone and laptop to the wifi. In today’s society, having good wifi (especially for a college student) is essential, and I’ve heavily contemplated moving due to this.

I wish you guys recycled all year round. The renovations are looking nice but I don't see why we're paying full rent when we've had limited access to amenities all semester.

no complaints. it's alright. it's great. i'm strapped for cash and i'm filling this out to get points on this community rewards thingy. so thanks for that.

My actual apartment is nice, but the outside has been ruined from Irma for months, and the repair people trash the stairwell + are rude are loud at all hours of the day. The gym has been under construction for well over 5 months + its ridiculous, I just wish the amenities were fixed, then I might have renewed, but loved the location, but lots of broken things to repair Northgate !

The community is very convenient and the staff is nice however sometimes either I or my roommates receive attitude from the office personnel

Nothing to complain about. A little pricey but that’s to be expected since I’m walking distance from the school. The community is currently doing renovations so it should look nicer as well.

Solid place to live at, but has issues finding parking especially during renovation. Maintenance can take awhile to respond. Great location.

I love living here! It is super close to campus and I'm able to have my cat with me as well! The staff are super nice and helpful. I also enjoy the communication from management to renters.

I like living here and my roommates are great but there is a lot of noise. Most of the time I can hear my roommates in their rooms and the people above me and beside me. Construction has been going on lately and it's kind of a pain in the ass. The guest parking lot sucks because the gravel is hard to drive on and can damage some low riding cars.

Great community. Only con is that this was the semester they decided to renovate everything and change the roofs. But that still didn’t ruin my experience

Northgate has the perfect location, being right across the street from the UCF Football Stadium. They are undergoing major renovations, giving new residents brand new floors, furniture, and utilities.

The amenities are very nice, and the location is most definitely the best part about the community. However, there has a lot of construction in the area recently and many unfinished projects that make the community look unappealing. Also, the apartments are very dated and dirty and a proper cleaning would be necessary if someone new were to move in. Aside from that, very nice staff and my overall community experience is okay.

Still love Northgate. The staff are always friendly. The location is very convenient. The scenery is great! Amazing community to be apart of.

This community is always under construction, at least in the 2 years I've lived here. Also they have no problem spamming your email to renew your lease, but when they're constructing they can't send one email to tell you where not to park so you won't get your car towed at your own expense. They just post one flyer on the first floor where you probably won't see it if you live on another floor.

Northgate genuinely cares about its residents. There are lots of amenities, quick maintenance, great staff members, and plenty of activities. Neighbors can get a bit noisy, but that's typically out of staff's reach. A quick office call can solve this though.

Though a safe and engaging community, I've had some issues with the apartment. There has been flooding and more recently ants. Maintenance was quick to fix the flooding (30 minute response time in the middle of the night) but the ant problem has been ongoing. Sometimes it is hard to get maintenance requests taken seriously.

Community is great with really nice office and maintenance staff. My room is a little small but being able to have my dog with me is a plus.

It's pretty standard as far as these kinds of places to live go. They've got amenities, they've got activities (albeit they're all kind of messed up now due to the renovations) and they're a decent place to have a bed.

I loved living here! Friendly staff and great residents! Always have some fun events going on around the community. Highly recommend to all my friends.

Northgate Lakes is awesome! I love living here! Northgate has awesome spacious apartments and all of the amenities are included. All of the staff are also very friendly and helpful!

Spring semester has been great so far. We got a new washer and dryer that work very well. Always receive my packages quick and have been laying at the pool

Northgate is super conveniently located right next to UCF. It takes me 3 minutes to get to school and the community is very safe. I haven’t heard of any incidents since I lived here.

I like Northgate Lakes and I think it’s safe and well managed but it’s wifi is terrible and residents aren’t allowed to have their own router, also I think the office should allow our packages to be accessed 24/7

Love the space and amenities. Excited to see the renovations. Moving in was a breeze, the apartment was clean and maintenance responded in a timely manner.