I like the style of the apartment. I also enjoy the little activities held at the office; it really brings the community together. Good job guys!

Something was misunderstood between the resident director and I which caused a great deal of stress for me. Also if a person has a ESA then the pet rent should be waved for them because they NEED this animal.

I just moved in a few weeks ago and love it more than the past places I've lived! The community is great and the front office workers are so chill and wonderful! There are always events and specials going on and it makes you feel like they really want you to feel at home here.

Friendly staff, lots of activities every month, and the rooms are comfortable. The floor was recently renovated to wood flooring and that was very nice.

The place is a bit out dated. When I moved in my bathroom was disgusting. The room itself of fine. Staff is friendly. The gym is super old and most of the machines don't work.

Northgate Lakes is such a nice place to live! Everything here is so well taken care of and every member of the staff, that I've had the pleasure of meeting, has been so kind and helpful. Also, the proximity to campus is my absolute favorite.

Northgate lakes is a great little community. It's much less busy than others communities near by that are in the same price range. Parking is not a hassle, like it has been in other living communities. The only thing is that if you're on ground floor by parking lots you should expect quite a bit of noise.

The community events have thoroughly impressed me this year! My favorite has to be waffle Wednesday. I go up there as much as I can with my roommates.

Northgate is great! Employees are responsive, and the overall atmosphere is a great place to live. Sometimes there is loud music outside, especially at night, but I can call the office and they will take care of it.

Great location with UCF shuttle system. Furniture and hardwood flooring are great quality. The appliances we had when we moved in were incredibly old and worn down, but we got all new ones within about 6 months, and the quality is great. Mostly took points off because the amenities a severely lacking compared to what is advertised/described during the tour-- gym equipment is old and some is slightly broken; the pools tend to be quite dirty; the printer in the study room hasn't worked the entire 8+ months I've lived here; the movie room projector has been broken several times.

Great experience. Usually timely on mail and relatively helpful. I like the location because it is right across from campus and it is quiet. The internet could improve, it's always off and on and it's a struggle when needing internet for homework all the time

Living here is great! It's quiet and safe. Everyone that works in the office or maintenance is really nice and are very helpful. Any maintenance requests are met quickly.

I love this complex, it's the smallest on campus which means I don't have to worry about parking or crazy parties at night. They involve us in events all the time!!

I really don't have any complaints. Though you guys really should have a recycling bin. I know you had one and then got rid of it because people were throwing trash in it, but honestly it was really hard to see that it was JUST for recycling.

The staff is very friendly. Staff also helps with any questions I have and with my financial situation. My roommates are also very mindful and a lot of fun to live with.

I enjoy the community events and the atmosphere. It is awesome being able to park anywhere on property, for free, without the fear of being towed.

I've had a rough time dealing with fleas in my apartment and trying to get the office to put in a work order was kind of rough but besides that it's okay

Northgate is doing great, very quick with work orders, and very good about holding interesting, fun activities throughout the months. I love living here!

Northgate Lakes does a great job with student/tenant involvement. Plenty of nights hosted by the community staff with free food, activities, and social events. The two pools are a great amenity and the office and maintenance staff is very responsive. The only thing that has bothered me about the community is that the staff may walk into your apartment at anytime without warning. Besides that, it's great.

The community is really great, although I wish that all of the units were in some sort of upgraded condition. It wouldn't be that expensive to replace the stove and microwave in all of the apartments, and would dramatically change the overall living quality in the apartments.

Great place to live. The staff is super friendly and is always very helpful to me. Sometimes its a little loud but other than that its pretty nice here.

I love this neighborhood! Everyone is so friendly and I really enjoy all of the events that the staff puts up so more people can be involved.

Northgate Lakes is a pretty nice place to live. My only problem is that the pet fees are exorbitant and the recycling has been put on permanent hold.

Northgate Lakes is in the perfect location. Right across the street of the stadium, off the busy roads. Area is much safer than other student housing and relatively quiet. There is a fire department a few blocks down as well. While this is not the most modern student housing, it is still clean and has all the amenities you would get anywhere else. If you want the full college experience, definitely come here.

Great community that really makes you feel at home. A very safe apartment complex compared to others around campus. It also has great staff.