I have almost too many to list. Teach staff to treat everyone equally and not single out any person/people and make them feel almost too uncomfortable to come back to the office. The amount of times I have felt personally hated by members of the office staff are alarmingly high. Teach maitenance to communicate better with the residents and explain what they need to do, what they are going to do, and what had been done. A perfect example of this was a busted pipe on the faucet that soaked through the cabinet, destroying it. When I asked for the cabinet to be replaced and worked on, I come home to a piece of shelf lining placed right over the mess to "disguise" it, not even installed in... just placed there. A phone call explaining the reason for this would have been great. Better communication with residents on all ends would improve this place generally, from staff to management to matienece and so on. The other day there was a small "mess" of confetti on the floor so they charged every person in the building 25$ until someone admitted they were guilty, rather than just leaving a friendlier note/email explaining the problem to us and asking the vandal to clean the mess then warning of the possible consequences if not completed. Our building takes pride in cleanliness, if the vandal did not come forward I know myself or others here would have cleaned it with no problem. Probably the best suggestion here would be to follow your own lease agreements. We as residents are always threatened to follow our agreements, however I've found many being broken on the other end. We were promised either an officer or some other official here ensuring quietness after-hours yet calls to the late night Northgate Lakes line prove almost more troubling than the nose itself, and I am usually berated and told to do something about it myself or call the police, and I am almost never "allowed" to be put in contact with a CA. I was made to understand that the whole point of the line was to fix the problem themselves. I'm also upset because a bike that I had chained up outside was vandalized and had most parts of it stolen, rendering it useless and broken. In asking about looking through the camera feed directly above it to catch the thief, I was told that it "wasn't working". I have heard similar stories of "broken" cameras from other residents, current and past. Honestly the problems I've encountered here are too much to handle, and have really taken a toll on me both physically, mentally, and financially. I hope these polls/comments help improve the quality of Northgate Lakes because I think it has great potential, it just needs to change - and fast, as most of the community is catching on and realizing the wrongs that are being done here. Please bring change to Northgate Lakes.

Terrible experience. The amenities are made to seem much better than they actually are. Rooms they show on tours are upgraded unlike the one you will live in. Make unimportant renovations before fixing things that affect how you live. (My building has had support beams and have been told that its going to be fixed since I moved in but they chose to do office renovations instead.) Have had multiple work orders that were reported as fixed but they were not. Very difficult to speak with management as the CAs will try and answer everything but cant take action on any issues. Would not recommend anyone to live here and most definitely will not be resigning.

Stinky poopy poop poo I hate this dumb place but please give me money for review lol xhshsbsbsbsbeisbe I just want money lnaoooo sansbdbskwk

The apartment wasn't what I expected from the pictures and video. It's a pretty crappy apartment, especially for the price. Walls are paper thin so you can hear your roommates when they're being noisy. Also work orders take forever to get fixed if EVER. The only good thing about this place is that the staff for the most part is super friendly.

Staff is nice and helpful when it comes to menial tasks. Tasks that require corporate approval, don’t get done. I have a light fixture outside of my window that I have never had in the year and a half that I’ve lived here until just a week ago and it has kept me up at night ever since. I talked to the office about it being an issue and they were not aware that any light was even put in. They then said that only maintenance could turn it off but they refused to talk to them, as if they were disjointed or wanted out of extra work to do. There is no reason why that light is out there, not even a safety issue to take care of when there are only trees and a lake. The light doesn’t cover the ground area because of the tree in the way. Bad placement. Bad service. Bad maintenance. But nice staff. All this place has to offer.

No WiFi for over a month, A/C constantly breaks, huge ants everywhere, rent is over $700 a month despite all the problems. If it wasn't for the convenient location by UCF, I'd give this place 0.5 stars.

Not really friendly always a hassle to get anything done. Matience walks in with no real warning. Had an issue with a pet and then they disregarded all of it for my roommate.

The only good things about Northgate would be the location and the shuttle to campus... but you can find many locations like this. Nothing special here. Lots of bugs and noise from construction which was promised to be over with yet still wakes me up every morning.

Maintenance sucks, so do my roommates. The place stinks. The walls are paper thin. Staff is super snobby, though there's some nice ones. Overall pretty disappointed here.

i want to earn points for renewing my lease, but it says I already renewed and gave me zero points. I checked my email and nothing was sent regarding the renew either. I also liked the Facebook page and it didn't award me points for that either. There isn't too many reward to choose from. The page's presentation looks clean though.

Overall, you guys are doing great. I get my mail On time, parties are great. I love waffle Wednesday's. The office does a bad job at keeping people quit during the night.

They come in when ever they want, not reasonable time frame. WE have trash in the parking lot thats been there for months, and i got my bike stole which Northgate did nothing to help fix.

There were a lot of problems with the room when we first moved in. The whole neighborhood had construction going on the whole time we were living there so it made it hard to find parking and use any of the amenities. I would not recommend this complex to anyone.

Not thrilled. Very subpar. The best things about it are the proximity to UCF and the fact that there is a shuttle. I also like that there are deer nearby.

Northgate is the nicer of the off campus communities, but it still has some problems with cleanliness and noise from construction and neighbors. The wifi is so spotty and doesn't work sometimes.

We've had a lot of experiences that have made my roommates and I not want to come back. If Northgate was more renovated (kitchen appliances, laundry, actually having seats for room desks) and the staff was friendlier, I would have considered living here another year. Too bad.

North gate lakes is located right by spectrum stadium so you'll never have to worry about driving to games! There's a shuttle that takes you to and from campus. The apartments need renovations but once that gets fixed, these apartments will be okay.

You should've paved the visitor parking lot instead of the entire rest of the Parking lit since it already is paved. It's too loud here and the people living around me have no care as to how loud they are

Things keep breaking apart inside the unit and around the amenities. The activities are fun though. The staff are pleasant and really friendly.

We had a horrible move in experience. There was mold in our apartment and we were not able to move into our place that we were excited about living. But it was handled well in the end.

Maintenance responds quickly to all requests but they are a bit rude. Also when my roommate and I moved in there was a problem that staff never fixed, they don't care about residents

The construction has been an absolute nightmare and I can't believe the rent I pay for these conditions. If this was $100/mo less, I wouldn't be complaining, but this isn't about $700/mo quality. Very glad I didn't renew.

The wifi connection really sucks and we are not allowed to have our own routers even though the previous year we were allowed to. Place was dirty and unclean on move in day. It took awhile to get my keys for the room and the staff was not entirely friendly. At least on move in day. The front office was different. Too expensive and not sure why. Pool is oily and warm and the amenities are incomplete like the paddles for the ping pong table were destroyed and missing.

Great location, good shuttle service to campus. Never had a problem with individual office or maintenance workers, who are generally very friendly. Amenities are old and worn out; printers/computers/gym equipment often broken. Maintenance requests inside the apartment usually get done quickly, but upkeep of the complex itself is horrible. Still have holes in the ceiling of our first floor hallway and wooden posts (holding up walls?? still not sure what they were for) from July/August lying about, not to mention all the siding and shingles that were ripped off by Hurricane Irma and never fixed. Really ridiculous. Much smaller than Plaza or Knight's Circle, so it's generally quieter, and there's always guest parking available. Just hope you don't get a bad neighbor, because Northgate won't do anything. They have NEVER followed up on a noise complaint that I've called in, and the noise has never stopped after I called. Really don't know what the point is. Their only advice is to call the police, which is just a ridiculous amount of trouble for what it's worth. Overall not an awful place to live, but the consistent problems become very frustrating over time.

the management could be better, it's obvious that everyone in the office is told to say anything to the resident that will make them content even if it's a lie. I'm always told I'm at "the top of the list" and things I need to be done won't be accomplished for a while. Waffle Wednesday's are probably the only thing I really like about livin here. If it wasn't for the close proximity to campus I would live somewhere else.