Nice community, quiet, there when needed. Overall really good area, accessible to other local stores, very dog friendly, closed community. Really good.

Good apartment to live during the school year. Offers bus shuttle everyday and apartment is located near grocery stores. Have no problem going anywhere with the shuttle

My experience with NorthPointe has been overall positive. Maintenance has been prompt. Noise levels have been acceptable. The shuttle service has been useful. No major complaints.

The apartments are really nice, everyone is really helpful in the front office and nobody really bothers you. The shuttles are easy to use and have a very constant schedule. It's a great place for students.

Northpointe is a great place to live. It’s affordable and the staff and amenities are great. I love living here! It’s also close to the mall and plenty of grocery stores

This apartment complex isn’t bad for the price but it took them forever to fix problem in my apartment. Otherwise apartment is super nice and cute and around a lot of different shops.

My experience here has been ok it gets pretty load at times like people yelling and the people below me smoke so i cant really enjoy my balcony.

I have been very satisfied with my experience living here at Northpointe. Having transportation to school and back is very convenient. Everything around the apartment for example walmart and sprouts are nice to have close by.

personally really like the apartment and having the option of my own bathroom. Nice surroundings within the complex as well as convenient location in regards to stores

I've been living here for about 3 months now and it is so great! There are many activities the staff provides and it's a great environment for college students!

Northpointe has been great. I like that the gates are closed and it makes the resident feel for exclusive and special. I also love the events and food that Northpointe make to get the residents more involve in this community.

GREAT! The office has wonderful energy, they’re always helping me with anything I need! I feel really welcomed and appreciated as a resident

Really good. The Environment is noiseless and very peaceful. The gym is neat and good. The management is super attentive to the needs of the residents. My only negative experience was, the shuttle services do not operate in saturdays to the university. Other than that, everything is good.

Things are great around here. The community makes it easy to make friends and have a good time. Management is strict on the things we do but still can’t seem to keep random people from wandering in and using our pool (without a resident) or seem to close the gates

pretty good. But I hope there is 2b2b, so that more people could choose this to live. And the spa is not work, and the window shield need to fix

Love the apartments amenities!! Greats apartments for student with so much things to do. Will definetly recommend to friends and family!!!!!

Pool is 10/10. Noise level really isn't that bad for a college apartment. Units are spacious and updated. Staff and maintenance have always helped me with any issues.

The apartment itself is a little bit old and furnitures are okay, I filed quite a few maintenance requests after I moved in. The community is quiet, convenient. Office staff are nice and helpful. Overall it's pretty nice.

My experience here is great so far. Overall, i like the location of the apartment because it is close to practically everything and not too far away from school. I love the location a lot. Plus the staff are really helpful and nice.

A good apartment, just make sure to clean up after yourself and for more serious things like leaks or malfunctioning amenities tell maintenance.

Excellent résidence for students, the life is really cool here ! Swimming pool, gym room, volleyball, basket, very good facilities ! And the staff is very kind !

Best part about living at Northpointe Apartments is being so close to many things like, U of A, Pima downtown, Tucson Mall, and many different places to eat and it is very convenient.

I love living here! All the amenities are great, location is great, and the overall environment is amazing. Docked off one star just for the maintenance, pretty slow.

Love all the staff, and everything they give uss and all the fun activities they do, 100% recommended to everyone who is looking for a fun environment!

The apartment itself is nice, with good furnishings. While the community can occasionally be loud into odd hours, that’s offset by the responsive and caring staff. I was worried when I first moved here because of all the negative reviews I saw, but as far as I can tell that’s all been addressed. Further, the one time I needed maintainance, they took care of my issue in under 3 hours from the time of report.