great place and affordable with a perfect location. Wishing there wasnt any music blasting at 6 am from the front office so we could sleep more

Love it here. I've only been her for a while but everyone is so friendly and so nice and the place is beautiful and clean and it is really like living at a resort.

I have not moved in yet but so far the service has been amazing. They have always kept me updated on what's going on through email. As well as contacted me when there was something that needed to be taken care of. I can't wait to move in I know I will love it!!

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So far the front desk has been nothing but helpful in the process of signing the lease as well as answering any questions about future dates and processes.

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All requests are handled right away. Really enjoy living here and signed up for another year lease. Keep up the great job. Staff is very friendly

Really great place to be! Very friendly people, very quite the apartments, clean areas for animals to play around. awesome amenities. Nice place to relax and get to know people.

Awesome Apartment! Fantastic people, fantastic staff, and a fantastic pool! Every aspect of this apartment feels like a college town and there is a sense of community that is amazing.

Great place with reasonable rental fee. And the reliable shuttle service is Gudd!! This is my second renewal at North Pointe Apartment! Overall, nothing to complain so far.

Overall I am really pleased with NP. It's a great student apartment and provides a great community environment. The management listens to opinions and requests from students which helps make it better.

Northpointe is a great location for any college student to live. The amenities are great and it's close to a lot of grocery stores, restaurants, and even the mall. The staff is fantastic as well and they do a great job to make sure each resident has a great experience at Northpointe

pretty good on everything, just like usual, love to live at here l, best apartment in Tucson, pretty friendly officer, good service, pretty cool place

generally good,the mantainance is kind of slow, took them 4 days to take care of a small issue. The stuff are friendly, I am friends with some of them.

So far a great experience! I've been here for a year and half now and I've had a bad Great time and the service has been getting better and better .

I would like to say the community is pretty awesome, in some cases they are, but their lack of concern about their loud music is annoying and unrespectful. Everyone seems pretty nice, but sometimes is really difficult to have a good night sleep with all the noises the other residents make.

Pricing is okay, although I will caution all my friends on renewing their leases here. Overall it's very affordable and a good location but, like most student apartments or anything school related, some of the fees / gigs that lure people into renewing need to be taken with caution.

Northpointe is overall a good apartment. I am resigning my lease for next year because the price is relatively low for a 4x4 and my friends are staying here.

The apartment is decent, but there have been a few issues with broken furniture and communication with the front desk. I've had lost packages and wifi issues among other things, but the apartment itself is decent and the shuttle is nice (when it's running).

Amazing apartment complex, I love living here. Always great activities for residents and they have amazing amenities! The staff is also very friendly. 😀

The apartments are okay, it is mostly quiet, and the amenities are nice. Management could do a better job at addressing issues such as noise complaints.

I have lived at Northpointe for 3 years. Staff members to me have been great. They have shuttle bus to go to University of Arizona and shuttle for grocery shopping to save on gas. Great community and you should have no problems finding friends and studying for success.

This place is really amazing. NorthPointe Apartments is by far one the greatest apartments that I have seen. The places are fully furnished with a good amount of stores nearby.

The best ever apartment in Tucson where your AC unit can't be lower than 75. If you want to stay over the summer with this cold AC, this is a place for you!

North pointe is a really cool place to live. It has a good gym, a nice pool and a tennis court. It's near to the mall and the supermarkets. There is one thing that called my attention, they have a guy working in the reception, Bryan i believe, weird guy.

I love working and living at northpointe. Although it is far from campus, it is a great location. Thre mall is near and a lot of food places too.

The apartment community is always inviting whether it is the staff or the residents. The environment is always kept clean and tidy. The maintenance team responds fast and does great work. It is easy to gain information from the front office as well due to the friendly workers.