I really enjoyed staying here at Northpointe. It is extremely safe and it is also quite. The staff members are helpful as well. It’s also super close to grocery stores

A good place to live, roomates are friendly, low noise during night time, all equpiment are good, have pool and BBQ place, which is awsome. I will recommond to my friend

The amenities are much nicer compared to other apartments. Maintenance is very efficient. It would be convenient for e code offered to residents and visitors to enter the gate.

The living experience could have been better if some of the appliances and amenities in the apartments were nicer and did not fall apart all the time.

I like the complex a lot. The issues I have is with the apartment I have there are a lot of thing that’s need fixing other then that everything else is great

Maintenance request take long but I like my room. My roomates are pretty great as well. I love the pool and I am so happy that I have a gym I can go to whenever I want.

I do like living here. It is a very good experience. The staff is always very helpful and nice. Amenities are good, although I think it would be good to change the washing machine for a new one. There should also be some kind of punishment for residents that don't pick after their dogs. That is something that really annoys me.

It is good. Very clean and nice. Office people are very nice. Roomemate also very good. I will keep living in there. Also, they do have shuttle to go to the campus

Northpointe is great in general. Good price, great space. The maintenance takes forever to do anything though. I lived with a broken desk drawer for two semesters after giving up on anyone coming. It's also liable for the bus schedule to change at any moment; very worth it to have a car just in case. But still a good place to live and everything else is functional/workable.

Northpointe is a really great place to live, the neighbors are all friendly and they don't get in your business much. The office staff are all really helpful and friendly

Very nice place and is close to a lot of very convenient stores. There’s a lot of room for parking and the outer area is kept clean. Haven’t had any problems with other members of the apartment complex

It was pretty good for the most part. Everyone in the office is nice and supportive. Sometimes it’s not the best service but wife the price it’s amazing.

A better job could be done with pairing roommates. Have not had the best experience with my assigned roommates. Great service as far as maintenance, neighborhood is somewhat secure, okay amenities.

The community it quite quiet. The bud drivers have a tendency to leave early if the bus is filled, so make sure you get to the bus stop early. The amenities are ok, maintenance comes quickly to fix things. Overall the experience has been good and the location is definitely a plus bc of how close we are to sprouts and the mall.

This place is really nice, there are many amenities that are offered. Overall, the community is trustworthy and the front office is very helpful. Maintenance is very prompt in overseeing apartment issues.

The outside envirnment in the aprtment is good. But the inner is not as i expect. I have already live in there 2years and my sofa is too poor but noone can help me to get a new one

Northpointe is a pretty good apartment complex. They have their issues with some of the staff members, but overall I have enjoyed my time living here for the last 2 years.

My first year living here I had a lot of problems with my apartment and the office staff not knowing what was going on. This year I haven’t had many issues but the office staff has been better informed and helpful.

The staff is nice and the apartments are mostly quiet. The facilities are nice but they could use some cleaning and the hot tub isn’t hot. The rooms are good sized but maintenance always takes a long time.

Northpointe apartments, is very cozy and relaxing, not to far from campus and close to shopping centers/ grocery stores! NP also has FREE COFFEE

This is a great Student Apartment to live in. You can have a great time and it is in a great area in terms stores around the place. You can to various stores including a mall only a few minutes away.

It's an ok place to live for the price. Full of puppies, which is cute, but dog owners suck at cleaning up after their animals and therefore you can't walk anywhere without stepping in someone's dog poop

I love Northpointe because everything is always so neat and quiet here. Maintenance always came within a day or two to fix anything. Also the location is by so many stores and restaurants.

The amenities that are offered are so awesome! The People in the office are awesome. Just an awesome environment and experience for college based students!

I lived here since my sophomore year in college and loved it. I just graduated so it’s time for me to move out. Renewed twice and don’t regret it.