Great people, good staff and good neighbors. Could do better at maintenance but overall good experience and lovely staff to go along with this place.

Overall great experience. Friendly staff. Few minor problems with apartment and move in issues. Enjoyed the organization with getting texts for packages.

A nice living experience, you really feel welcomed when living here. The office staff is always coming up with ways to make your time here more memorable and interactive.

Love the community and really have felt at home here at Northpointe. Also the pool and basketball courts are such good additions to the landscape of this cool place to live.

Northpointe has been very good to me. I enjoy how active the community is and how convient everything is. Definitely considering renewing my lease.

Service needs to be better, sometimes they are not very helpful. Also they take forever to get back on maintenance request and the maintenance guy is weird and rude

North Pointe Apartment is better than I have thought. The view here is awesome and I get to enjoy it everyday. Facilities are good, but there is only one functional treadmill at the gym. Sometimes I have to wait a long time.

Could be better, the rooms weren’t clean or maintained and the front desk assistance is really lazy . However it’s cheap and you can rely on the shuttles

Got a nice size apartment at an amazing deal, able to live comfortably with my two awesome roommates! the employees here at the front office are super nice.

very cool environment. lots a parties so thats a plus. college kids make the experience fun cause they dont really mind loudness after hours.

So far I'm loving it here. Great community, great work staff and the location is perfect. The whole apartment complex is just great to live in.

It’s a great place for student to live, but the maintence is kind of slow and they are kind of rude. The staff will try their best to help you but usually it’s not much.

Staff really cares about their residents and address any concerns as best as possible. I've been living here for 6 years now and I honestly can't think of a better place to live than here. I wish there was more punishment for people who park at cover parking when they don't have the sticker. I had my cover parking spot taken very frequently. There was a car that parked on that spot over night so I had to park my car in visitor's. I told the front office but all they did was give the car a orange paper as a warning but it is a little frustrating since I'm paying for that car to park there overnight. It is not a huge deal but would like more regulations.

This is a great place for student like me, affordable and convenient. The living quality is great for what u pay for. I highly recommend this place for everyone.

NP is a very nice apartment complex. Good environment and amenities, maintenance is usually always fast. The shuttle is very convenient and always well on schedule. Friendly staff as well!

I honestly have nothing to say, i mean i like living here, but honestly I couldn't put random letters because apparently that is spam. So yea i guess this is my review, dueces

A very pleasant place to live despite it s far from the UA The shuttle is pretty well scheduled but there should be few of them on the weekend. Like 2 in the morning 2 in the afternoon 1 on the evening to allow people to still move around in the weekend. There could be some organization around sport like volleyball or basket ball tournaments or even hikes :)

The apartment complex is nice because the cost is low. However, the bus breaks down frequently causing inconvenience for residents and the front desk can be unhelpful at times

It’s super nice, but the bus drivers are not that nice. Amenities are amazing, but it usually takes forever for the office to respond when you need something to be fixed.

You are definitely getting what you’re paying for. Some things are a little cheap but everything so far has worked pretty well. My only real complaint would be other residents being loud.

There’s been a lot of problems in my apartment including missing furniture and various other problems such as our fridge. Still though for the price it’s great

Love everyone here they make a students life fun. The community is always looking great! And the office works are always willing to help when help is needed

This apartment is preaty good. It has swimming pool, gym, basketball court. And the apartment is great itself. The furniture is completed, we won't buy anything else.

Living in North Ponite Apartment is a good experience when considering the swimming pool, the tennis court and gym. However, the apartment is a little far away from campus.

The service of the office is nice. The swimming pool is good, however, there are too many dog wastes there on the road that nobody wanted to clean them.