I've already renewed my lease, I've been here 2 years now. For many residents, this is temporary living, and they call somewhere else home. For me, this is my permanent living space. I'm 24 years old, and I'll admit it would be nice to have more space to myself, a little faster internet, And a larger room. We as current, and even future residents have to understand that this isn't what Northpointe is about, and that's totally okay. This is mainly a place for students to have the resources they need while working for a better future for themselves. The staff are friendly, helpful, and vary in age/experience. The grounds are well kept, work orders fulfilled quickly and efficiently, and community updates posted as events or issues arise. As for amenities, I have everything I need here; free Internet that works decently well, 24-hour gym, a shuttle, and a washer/dryer in my unit. Also, being by myself, northpointe has done a pretty good job with roommate matching these last two-years. For the price, and location, I don't mind the little things that aren't perfect. I think northpointe is a great place to live

North Pointe has gotten better since I moved in last year and it's a good place to live. Such a good price for so many amenities. The maintenance staff are all really nice

NorthPointe is a great place to live. It's the perfect college vibe and is in a great location. There is always something fun and exciting going on.

This is my second year living at Northpointe Apartments . I have really enjoyed living here. The only problem is that the gates never work..

Jus so so, I don't have much communication with office, we made appointment for fixing my bathroom, but they didn't show up yet. Apartment is nice. Quiet environment.

My experience at NorthPointe has been great. Everyone has been helpful and the apartment complex feels like a resort. I've never had any problems.

It's nice when maintenance shows up and they actually tell us what the shuttles are doing. Other than that, there's a pool, a decent enough gym, and they have free candy in the office.

3 years at this apartment has been an experience of a life time. I like the changes that has been made throughout the years and I can see progress for the future

Really nice apartments! The management was a little unorganized when I first signed a year ago but it has improved significantly. Everyone is really nice and welcoming!

I have been relatively satisfied with NorthPointe this year. I am, however, disappointed that the gate is constantly on the fritz. Although it is a minor inconvenience it is still annoying and should have been fixed a long time ago.

Northpointe has treated me fairly for the two years that I have lived here. It has events for residents which is a plus. Maintenance works hard to keep your apartment running the way it should. I would recommend that you do purchase a bus pass for those days when the shuttles aren't running properly.

Too noisy here I can't believe no one is willing to help when the neighbor is blasting their music on a weekday until 3 am. I've tried to call about it and very one tells me they can't do anything about it

Couldn't have picked a better complex to stay at through my Junior and Senior year! NorthPointe has an awesome gym and beautiful pool, and is at a great, convenient location.

I have lived here for a year now, and everything here is awesome! The management team are the best, the apartment makes me feel safe and secure, super fast WI-FI and reasonable rent price. I would recommend this place to any one of my friends.

NP is a good place, so I living here three years and will living here next year; one comment is about improve the shuttles schedule , the shuttles sometimes not running on time.

You guys are doing great I love this place I am on the newsfeed video! This place has been a blasted I can't even right now. The buses always work my car is always safe. We get new and friendly staff each week its amazing!

NorthPointe is amazing. The washer and dryer in my unit are amazing and a lifesaver. The complex ground are very well maintained. And my roommates are a gift from god.

There has been a lot of problems this year with regards to communication from the office to the residents as well as an unreliable shuttle as we lost 2 drivers with no new ones in sight.

Good yard keeping and personal student working staff. Location close to lots of restaurants and the shuttle is nice to not have to drive. The pool is also nice.

Management has gotten a lot better over time. When you put work order in, they still tend to take a large amount of time to get things fixed. Also late in the year, me and my roommates got a new roommate without permission and with one day notification.

I really like how the apartment complex community is kept cleaned. The people working and cleaning are really friendly and say good morning to me every day. I think the new workers should have know more before starting to work.

Friendly and great place to live. Awesome, newly updated amenities, and happy atmosphere. Pet friendly and other great residents to meet and hang out with.

Nice apartments, well furnished, and nice gym. The only thing that becomes difficult for me is the lack of consistency when it comes to the shuttles.

I have to say northpointe is a good place for someone to start out living in student apartments. They have a free shuttle that takes you to campus!

The atmosphere is nice, but there are some management issues. The renovations were very nice. There are times that it takes much longer than I would like for maintenance to get done, but once the maintenance is here, they fix the problem well.