This apartment complex has great amenities and even though it's far from campus it's in a great social location. I enjoy the surrounding area and I am forever grateful for the roommates I was matched with.

Really appreciate the shuttle service, especially during holidays when you still need to go to campus. Rent is reasonable and the complex is well maintained

- i wasn't satisfied with NP service when i first moved in, there were many mistakes NP made. Like poor conditions when i moved in, lost a few of my packages, the swimming pool wasn't ready and the gates were broken - but NP had changed their staffs at the office. and i am hoping better mgmt would be coming up.

Northpointe has treated me fairly for the two years that I have lived here. It has events for residents which is a plus. Maintenance works hard to keep your apartment running the way it should. I would recommend that you do purchase a bus pass for those days when the shuttles aren't running properly.

Doing pretty well. Need to fix package scanning if not already. Got a notification for a packaged that arrived in New York. And wasn't at the office.

Northpointe has had its ups and downs but a new leasing year means a new start. I'm looking forward to what the future brings as the kinks are smoothed out.

The atmosphere is nice, but there are some management issues. The renovations were very nice. There are times that it takes much longer than I would like for maintenance to get done, but once the maintenance is here, they fix the problem well.

it has the nice environment, and good basketball pool. staying there is cool, but I still hope the price can be a little cheap, considering the location, especially for the old residents.

I really like how the apartment complex community is kept cleaned. The people working and cleaning are really friendly and say good morning to me every day. I think the new workers should have know more before starting to work.

There has been a lot of problems this year with regards to communication from the office to the residents as well as an unreliable shuttle as we lost 2 drivers with no new ones in sight.

Mostly no issues since I've moved in 2 years ago. The only thing I get annoyed by is the front office not checking ID's for packages, and the parking lots are not well lit (some of the lights are broken and haven't been fixed). I hope they install cameras in the complex as well as make sure both gates close so non-residents won't be roaming around.

WiFi is awful, sometimes it cuts out completely, or is slow even if I plug into the wall. But the staff is always helpful, and work orders get done eventually.

Northpointe has definitely improved over the years I have lived here. The biggest issues I have always had is maintenance and shuttle problems.

the apartments are small, sometimes not clean when entered. There are apparent mistake and the maintenance requests take forever to get done. Nice amenities though.

It's nice when maintenance shows up and they actually tell us what the shuttles are doing. Other than that, there's a pool, a decent enough gym, and they have free candy in the office.

Not too bad! But also not the best. The pool is the coolest part of the whole place . Maintenance isnt fast nor do they get back to you in rim

My apartment was dirty and missing furniture upon move in but after necessary repairs for the past two weeks, my apartment is almost all set up!

Could be better, the maintenance situation is very sucky. We've had issues since the day we moved in and maintence has only come to fix one problem. The community is nice.

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At the Northpointe apartment I've had some trouble with management and accounting due too late fees and payment that I previously pay for but they use it as credit instead of the full payment that I told them.

Nice apartments, well furnished, and nice gym. The only thing that becomes difficult for me is the lack of consistency when it comes to the shuttles.

Roommate matching worked out great! The pool and other amenities are awesome too! My issues are that my packages say they get delivered but for some reason are never actually in the office when they deliver? Also my roommates and I submitted work orders when we moved in and they still haven't attempted to help us fix our issues or even contact us.

Staff in the office have been great and very helpful. They have gotten to most of my request very quickly. The workout area is always clean.

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I really like the apartment complex, although it takes a little too long to get something fixed when there is a problem. I would recommend becoming a little bit more organized.

Noethpointe needs a little work. Luckily I have great roommates otherwise my experience here would have been much worse. Maintenance needs to answer more requests, for some reason maintenance requests simply disappear in the computer.

Too noisy here I can't believe no one is willing to help when the neighbor is blasting their music on a weekday until 3 am. I've tried to call about it and very one tells me they can't do anything about it