Couldn’t ask for a better place . Great location and I’m only 3min away from work and it’s near everything I need store wise. I would recommend others

It’s All About the Guest” is an interesting, albeit slightly flawed read. Steve includes the good and the bad. The flaw is including crude stories including one where a waitress flashes him her chest only covered with whipped cream. That simply serves no purpose besides shock value. A strength is his inclusion of specifics about the restaurant business. Most authors do not include hard operating numbers and advice in a narrative book. He does and it is extremely useful information. I found those details are comparable in less words to books I have read devoted entirely to running the business.

I really like the apartment complex. It is very quiet and I love that it already come with great amenities such as a dishwasher, washer and dryer! It is very hard to find great apartment with great appliances. You could either get a sunroom or a patio and I think that is great. I have a sunroom and it gives me such a large living room. It’s very safe so if you are living alone that’s okay because the area and the apartment is safe. I LOVE IT! 💕

It has been a pleasurable experience so far! Looking forward to more activities especially for the children. The apartment is comfortable too!

I have just moved in. I have never lived in an apartment before and was quite nervous. It has been a great experience. Everyone has been wonderful and I am quite pleased living here.

I am new in West Tennessee. Looking for making new friends. I love cricket, watching documentaries and cooking. Feel free to swing by my apartment.

I use to live here before and loved it. When I came back to inquire about renting again they welcomed me with kindness and even the residents in the office were kind to me.

I enjoy the apartment but I don’t enjoy my upstairs neighbor stomping so late when he comes in. I’ve also noticed that people are leaving their dog poop in the grass near my building & that’s disgusting

It’s been awesome!!! I haven’t had any issues with management. They’re always super friendly when I go into the office. Very private and well secured community.

Very good and amazing place. Good destination, near kroger. Very amazing people and a lot of very amazing neighbors. In spite of all the negatives there’s always a good one.

The staff was very helpful and not to mention friendly. They were very knowledgeable and made the rental process easier. I love the apartment as it is surprisingly spacious and maintained.

So far my experience at the apartment has been ok. Its been a long time since the wife and I have rented. I notice that the people are friendly, and are very nice. The wife and I are looking forward to a great stay.

Very good place, We’ve met a lot of new friends and made a lot of new memories. This place has a good environment and a very welcoming staff.

Very good place and highly suggested. Good surroundings and good staff. The place is quiet and also have a very friendly neighborhood. Highly suggested place here.

My resident experience has been wonderful. Anytime I have had an issue with maintenance, it was seen about right away. The office managers are very friendly, and are great with communication.

The staff are very friendly , and They were able to accommodate my every need . So far so GREAT 😃 happy that I chose Northridge as my very first apartment.

Northridge is a very nice place to live. There’s a dog park if you have any pets. The apartments have plenty of space for any possessions that you may have. Also it is a very convenient place in town to live.

Management is professional and helpful, apartments are well maintained and nice. Changes to improve the community are being added regularly, making this a progressive area to live.

I’ve stayed at Northridge in the past and loved my experience. So far, my experience has been excellent this time around. The staff are extremely nice and helpful.

Absolutely love it here. I’m home. The staff is more like family and I could not imagine living anywhere else. My neighbors are friends and safety is not a concern

The place is good, the place is quiet. The rooms are big. I enjoy the place and the neighbors, they’re friendly. What I most like like is the staffs they’re kind and good.

I have been living at Northridge for a few months, No complaints. Very clean and quiet community. Adequate parking every day, so never any issues.

Very responsive to request. Anything that I have needed has been taken care of. Would highly recommend them. Maintenance personnel are the best

Verry good place. Child friendly and people are nice especially the staffs. I Recommend this place 10/10. The neighborhood is quiet and the trick or treating was fun.

Great Apartment. However, noise level can be loud sometimes. Located in convenient area. Apartment is great since for newlyweds. Good price .