The apartment complex is quiet and peaceful. The location is close to major highways and locations, yet is not in a busy area. There are a few problems with my apartment that I requested maintenance to fix almost a week ago. The maintenance man looked at the problems, but has yet to come fix the issues.

this place is quiet and great. i can not imagine a better place to live. can’t wait for summer time so we can jump in the always up kept pool

Oak Run Manor is s a GREAT community to live in. It's in a very convenient area, Close to grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, hospital, and library, its right by the Beltway, Over all, GREAT location!

Quiet area , clean grounds area, no dogs roaming around, everyone keeps to themself even on weekends,. Onky flaw no parking area on weekends

maintenance is very quick to fix things. the property is kept up pretty well, by the maintenance staff and other workers. the property is gated and now working which is great. dislike the stray cats in the property

no nosy neighbors, it’s quite and easy ways to pay for rent, front office is very nice . Enjoy livening here!!!....not a spam message just trying to get to 140

This place has gotten louder and louder as the years go by with residents and people's cars. The only things I like about this place is the fireplace, fulk washer and dryer (however, outdated), and balcony.

We have lived here for many years and it’s very quiet! Good location and good maintenance! The community and pool is also very clean! I just might renew my lease !

This complex is nicely kept and has security gates for one way in and out. The office staff are very accommodating. Maintenance was prompt and courteous. No issues with noise.

I think the apartment units could use some renovations. I would like the carpet removed and updated appliances. Overall, I love the small size and quiet of this complex. Never loud music or a need to complain to management about other tenants.

Good experience! Always attentive to our needs! Janitorial services are quick as well to whatever we need in the apt. Gated community is always a plus

So peaceful, we love how friendly everyone is, and how safe we feel. Apartment is cozy, feels like home and we’ve only been here less than 2 months.

We love it here! The experience here has been wonderful. The front office is very helpful. I would most definitely recommend this place to my friends and family.

We absolutely love the leasing agent. She has made our experience a breeze with her friendly demeanor and can do attitude. We are very grateful for all her help.

compared to my previous apartment I have had no problems here. I love that the apartments are close to my work. Dislike the constantly broken or open gates.

Great, small apartment complex. A very nice place to live. Staff is always quick to help with any maintenance issues. Very nice, inside and out.

I have been a resident here for 7 years and I only good reviews about this place. First the staff is very friendly, helpful , decent and nice. This residence is quiet, that's why I love it so much, it's kids and pet friendly, but it's quiet and peaceful. Would live here over and over. Best place to live in Pasadena

My experience with this community has been fantastic. The staff and employees are all courteous, and the grounds are almost always tidy and clean. Whenever they aren't or whenever there is a problem, which usually there isn't, the staff and maintenance are always on top of it

I am very pleased with the whole leaseing staff and the apartment is in very good condition it is very quiet and family oriented I would recommend anyone to check it out

I haven't lived in an apartment complex since 1982. Oak Run has been a nice surprise to me and my family. Very quiet and clean which most complexes aren't. My 6 to 8 month stay will be alot easier.

We have lived here about 10 years.....thats gotta say something good. We have not had any problems with any of our neighbors. Nice quiet community.

Nice and calm place nobody mess with nobody everyone is respectful with each other, that have good house keeping ,a cleaned pooland respectful management

Beautiful, quiet and friendly complex to live in. When we were looking for an apartment to rent, we came across Oak Run Manor and knew we had found the perfect place to live!

Quiet and well kept. Like that there are security gates, only one way in and one way out. Nice pool. Girls in office have been very helpful.

I’ve been living here for 5 years and have never had any issues. I love it here! Maintenance guy Alex is amazing and super truthworthy!!!!!!